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Wednesday 16, Mar 2011

  Conte says Jones injected drugs in front of me

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Conte says Jones injected drugs in front of meVictor Conte, the founder of the designer drugs pharmacy BALCO, has revealed that Marion Jones, the greatest female athlete of her generation, was provided with insulin, growth hormone, EPO, and ‘The Clear’ (users’ slang for THG) as well as nutritional supplements.

Conte also said Jones was on a cocktail of drugs including insulin, growth hormone, EPO, and THG when she won three gold medals and two bronze at the Sydney Olympics.

Conte also said, “Soon I was working with their (Jones and Montgomery’s) rivals,” he says. It is here that Dwain Chambers, of Great Britain, enters the story, another who, despite being banned, continues to profess his innocence. Conte says he gave Chambers “the full enchilada”: ‘The Clear,’ insulin, EPO, growth hormone, modafinil and a testosterone cream.

Friday 11, Mar 2011

  Pettigrew admits to performance enhancing drugs

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Pettigrew admits to performance enhancing drugsOlympic 4x400m relay gold medalist, Antonio Pettigrew, recently admitted to using performance enhancing drugs.

Pettigrew is presently an assistant track coach at the University of North Carolina. He never tested positive during a track career that also earned him World Championship gold over 400m in 1991 and world relay gold in 1997, 1999, and 2001.

During three hours of testimony for the prosecution, Heredia recalled one instance when Graham asked him to send by overnight mail a cocktail of EPO, human growth hormone, and insulin for Marion Jones.

Tuesday 08, Mar 2011

  Jones tests positive for EPO

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Jones tests positive for EPOThe triple Olympics champion in 2000, Marion Jones, who is yet to recover from accusations of drug use, faced another crisis of her life after a positive test for erythropoietin taken at the US championships in Indianapolis.

Jones faces a two-year ban from athletics if the B sample confirms the A sample as revealed in the test conducted by the International Association of Athletics Federations.

The American sprinter left the hotel where the athletes were staying at 6am, reportedly “for personal reasons”.

Friday 11, Feb 2011

  Blood doping goes viral as cheats take the Internet way

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Blood doping goes viral as cheats take the Internet wayTwo decades ago, the world witnessed Ben Johnson fall to disgrace, yellow-eyed, shame-faced and seemingly faster than light, The Canadian set the image for the public perception of a drug cheat but the Johnson model is close to obsolete today.

Today, anti-doping officials share unanimity about what the cheats are using. Blood-doping, erythropoietin (EPO) and its variants, growth hormone, testosterone and designer steroids are manipulated for avoiding detection.

It is believed that these modern doping techniques and products will be powering some athletes to glory in the Olympics.

Monday 31, Jan 2011

  Duane Ross banned by USADA

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Duane Ross banned by USADAHurdler Duane Ross has been banned for a period of two years by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) after evidence of drug use was uncovered.

The results of Ross since November 2, 2001 will be scratched from the records after new information emerged from the ongoing investigation into the BALCO scandal.

The ban means that Ross will keep his 1999 World Championship bronze medal, won in a personal best of 13.12 seconds in Seville.

Wednesday 12, Jan 2011

  Marion Jones under suspicion since Sydney Olympics

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Marion Jones under suspicion since Sydney OlympicsA senior athletics official has revealed that Marion Jones was under suspicion for using performance enhancing drugs from 2000 onwards.

This statement was made by the officer after the sprinter was sentenced to six months in prison for perjury.

It was during the Olympics in Sydney that her shot-putter husband, had tested positive for record levels of testosterone. Jones acknowledged in October 2006 that she took the steroid THG and admitted that she lied to federal investigators in November 2003.

Wednesday 08, Dec 2010

  Seven US sprinters win back medals

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Seven US sprinters win back medalsSeven members of the US relay team that won medals at the Sydney Olympics have won back the relay medals. The athletes were stripped of their medals after their team-mate Marion Jones was caught doping at the time.

The IOC decision to strip athletes from medals was overruled by the Court of arbitration for sport.

It seems that luck was on side of the athletes truly because they were innocent and didn’t indulge into cheating like Jones.

Wednesday 01, Dec 2010

  Trevor Graham guilty of lying to agents

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Trevor Graham guilty of lying to agentsThe controversial US-based coach, Trevor Graham, was recently found on one of three charges of lying to federal investigators about his association with a steroids dealer. Graham could face a retrial after the jury was unable to reach a verdict on the other two counts.

Graham, who guided the careers of the sprinters Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery, had been charged over false claims about his relationship with Angel Heredia who admitted supplying performance enhancing drugs.

William Keane, the court-appointed attorney of Graham, said he would probably file a motion for an acquittal on the one charge that was found proved.

Monday 01, Nov 2010

  IOC president wants loopholes to close

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IOC president wants loopholes to closeJacques Rogge, the IOC president, recently told Reuters that IOC will be looking at ways for closing any legal loopholes after seven teammates of disgraced U.S. sprinter Marion Jones won an appeal allowing them to keep their medals from the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The IOC wants to introduce stricter new rules to prevent athletes from keeping their medals when one of their teammates is found committing a doping offence.

Rogge said the IOC respects the judgment but will study the consequences to see how it can improve its actions.

Friday 22, Oct 2010

  Coach linked to steroids dies at 61

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Coach linked to steroids dies at 61The Canadian coach, Charlie Francis, whose star sprinter, Ben Johnson, was the first Olympic champion to be stripped of a gold medal after testing positive for anabolic steroids died in Toronto at the age of 61 years.

Francis received worldwide criticism after he made an unapologetic admission that his athletes used performance enhancing drugs.

Richard Pound, a former vice president of the I.O.C., said Francis became increasingly frustrated in the late 1970s and ’80s with what he felt was a lack of response from international track officials to punish athletes using performance enhancing drugs.

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