survey-suggests-other-indirect-side-effects-of-steroid-useA recent survey done on the use of anabolic steroids in the athletes of the National Football League revealed that the drugs are correlated with various injuries and medical problems later on in life. The survey was sent to 3,693 members of the NFL Retired Players Association and about 20.3% of the players from the 1980′s admitted to having used steroids during their careers. That time, it was still accepted to take steroids since testing for performance enhancing drugs in the NFL started only in 1987. Most of those who used steroids were offensive linemen and defensive linemen, and they also registered with the highest rate of injuries including problems with joint ligaments and cartilage.

While there is no information on the type, duration and dosage of steroids these athletes used, researchers claim the finding to be a “snowball effect”. This means that after the joint problems have occurred, other disease entities developed directly or indirectly due to the injuries. These include inactivity, osteoarthritis, depression, obesity and diabetes. Indeed, if you look at the natural history of these diseases, they are related to one another. Many respondents claimed that they have also suffered from these effects after they had been injured due to steroid use.