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Friday 10, Apr 2009


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METS SIGNS SHEFFIELDAfter being urged by his uncle Dwight Gordon to sign in with the Mets, Gary Sheffield has a home team at last. Now there are questions if the Mets did the right thing of taking him in despite the knowledge that he has been linked to steroids. Though he claims he didn’t know that the cream he was using contained steroids.

With a new ballpark and a younger team the Mets are giving the impression that they are moving towards a fresh start. It is quite odd that they take in Sheffield when he is almost retirable, with a career going towards a decline, and a tarnished reputation.

The number of runs Sheffield makes or his good conduct will improve the Mets standing in the games. Trying to win the championships is a poor excuse. Mets sound desperate. Even if they can easily let him go at $400,000 once the Mitchell report is released to the public they will definitely lose the wholesome, family oriented image they are known for.

Sunday 08, Mar 2009


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STRAWBERRY WISHED HE USED STEROIDSOutspoken Mets rightfielder Darryl Strawberry did not have to think twice when he said that he wished he took steroids back in the ‘80s. A bold statement at the height of Alex Rodriguez’s steroid scandal. In an interview Strawberry reasoned that the intense competition in their field would have driven him to use performance enhancing drugs if they had been offered to him. And if he wouldn’t even deny using it.

He also praised Rodriguez for coming out and admitting that he was into steroids. This speaks so much about the younger star’s character. And he wouldn’t even need the drug to be man enough to confess to the deed.

Darryl’s word of advice for Rodriguez after everything has been said and done: Get up, dust himself off and help somebody else.