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Saturday 09, Apr 2011

  Palmeiro Said He Never Used Steroids

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Palmeiro Said He Never Used SteroidsRafael Palmeiro, who is accused of using steroids, said he has never used performance enhancing drugs in his amazing career.

Palmeiro hopes that his statement would be enough for the Hall of Fame voters to ignore the error and honor him for his 3020 hits and 569 homeruns.

Palmeiro told Sports Illustrated that he has never used performance-enhancing drugs.

Friday 25, Mar 2011

  Failed drug test was a mistake, says Palmeiro

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Failed drug test was a mistake, says PalmeiroRafael Palmeiro is sticking to his story that a tainted vitamin shot resulted in a failed drug test five years ago and is hopeful that Hall of Fame voters will overlook the mistake and honor him for his 3,020 hits and 569 home runs.

“I was telling the truth then and I am telling the truth now,” Palmeiro said.

Baseball voters have earlier denied Mark McGwire and the once certain election of Palmeiro to the Hall is in jeopardy.

Friday 25, Feb 2011

  Palmeiro says he never used steroids

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Palmeiro says he never used steroidsRafael Palmeiro, who is accused of using steroids, has said that he never made use of performance enhancing drugs in his illustrious career.

Palmeiro is hoping that his statement will be enough for Hall of Fame voters to overlook the mistake and honor him for his 3,020 hits and 569 homers.

Palmeiro told Sports Illustrated he never used performance enhancing drugs.

Tuesday 31, Mar 2009

  Star player Tejada charged for misleading Congress

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star-player-tejada-charged-for-misleading-congressEnded in a typical justified manner, the federal court on Thursday charged star player Miguel Tejada with a fine of $5,000 and a sentence of probation, 100 hours of community service for misleading Congress. Though, U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan Kay didn’t put any restriction on the player’s travel.

In a 23-minute hearing, Tejada admitted that he mislead the Congress about the use of steroids by his collegues. He confessed that he withheld information about an ex-teammate’s use of performance-enhancing drugs during questionaire in 2005 by congressional investigators. He told Alan Kay that he took full responsibility for not answering the question.

Tejada apologized to Congress, to the court and to baseball fans and said, “I learned a very important lesson.” He also admitted that he himself bought human growth hormone while playing for the Oakland Athletics but didn’t use them.

In a strict sense, Steven Durham, Assistant U.S. Attorney, told the court that “People have to know that when Congress asks questions, it is serious business.” He also said, “And if you don’t tell the truth, we can prove you haven’t told the truth — then there will be accountability.”

Tejada is the first high-profile player from baseball whose name appeared with a steroid issue. A warning messgae was also given to another baseball star, Roger Clemens.

Tejada’s controversial steroid case had its roots in the March 17, 2005 during congressional hearings on use of steroids in baseball. At that time, Rafael Palmeiro, a teammate of Tejada denied his role in using drugs but pointed the doubt fingers towards Tejada. Though, Palmeiro was suspended after failing a drug test later that year only. During his investigation he said that the positive test must have been caused by a tainted B-12 vitamin injection given to him by Tejada. And this led investigators to look for Tejada.

In a statement issued by the Astros team, general manager Ed Wade said, “We’re happy that this issue is resolved.” He also said, “Miguel can now focus on baseball and direct all of his energy toward being a key member of the Astros. It was resolved the way Miguel and his representatives believed it would be, and we can now all move forward.”

Sunday 29, Mar 2009


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JUDGE KAY RULED TEJADA TO GET PROBATIONThe verdict is in. U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan Kay rules that Miguel Tejada gets probation for giving a false statement when he was asked if he knew of other players in the Major League Baseball who were using steroids. He was also asked to pay $5,000 fine and complete 100 hours of community service. Tejada, who is a starting shortstop for the Astros, apologized to his fans for his misconduct.

Tejada is included in the line of baseball players who were reported to have been involved with performance enhancing drugs. The most talked about is Alex Rodriguez who admitted to steroids use. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are both facing perjury raps.

The 34-year-old native of Dominican Republic says he takes full responsibility for his actions. He said he has learned his lesson and that the situation really humbled him. This was part of the appeal of Prosecutor Steve Durham to Judge Kay. The judge’s ruling in fact was fair because Tejada is remorseful and regretted doing what he did. Tejada hopes that his probation will not affect his immigrant application. He is not restricted to travel and he does not need to submit to any drug testing.

Miguel Tejada was voted as the Most Valuable Player in the American League in 2002.

Saturday 28, Mar 2009


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DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FACES STEROIDS ISSUEA fertile scouting ground for future baseball pros, Dominican Republic has been dragged into the steroids controversy when former Sen. George Mitchell’s report revealed that human growth hormones have been used illegally in Major League Baseball. The FBI’s investigation produced two Dominicans who were involved in the use of performance enhancing drugs. The most celebrated baseball star is Yankees baseman, Alex Rodriguez who became (in) famous for stepping forward and admitting he used steroids in 2001-2003, now recovering from a hip surgery in Aspen. The other one is Miguel Tejada, starting shortstop for the Houston Astros and 2002 MVP in the American League, who was recently sentenced 100 hours community service and under probation for lying about his knowledge of steroid use of other MLB players.

Dominican baseball commissioner Porfirio Veras said that the country’s reputation is on the line because of the number of Dominicans who are being investigated for steroid use. It would give some people the impression that the country is a breeding ground for roids users.

By giving training, food and housing, the buscones fill in the lack in return for a fraction of the player’s signing bonus once they get into the pros. Buscones have discovered baseball greats like Vladimir Guerrero, Miguel Tejada, David Ortiz and Hanley Ramirez. However, some of these scouts are bad news. They exploit young players of their bonus money taking advantage that they depend on the scouts to provide their needs. Most of the time in desperation to get their wards into the MLB they give the players steroids or performance enhancing drugs. Hopefully when the MLB would begin to implement the sports law this would protect the teens from abusive buscones.

Monday 23, Mar 2009


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TEJADA REMORSEFUL FOR LYING TO CONGRESSMiguel Tejada, shortstop for the Houston Astros, is being charged with perjury for lying to the Congress of his knowledge whether Rafael Palmeiro used performance enhancing drugs or not. But an official from the Justice Department filed a statement that defended Tejada, saying he should not face jail term for lying during a hearing in the House of Representatives. On March 26 will be receiving his sentence. Instead of incarceration, according to Jeffery Taylor, the baseball player should receive probation. Taylor is a US attorney in the District of Columbia.

According to Taylor, Tejada has expressed that he was remorseful and contrite for giving a false statement. The counsel said the baseball player is not likely to repeat his offense saying that he understood the gravity of what he did.

The charges against Tejada was not about his falsified statements for personally using steroids rather he was being charged for his discussions with Adam Piatt, another baseball player who was allegedly used steroids and human growth hormones. Piatt opposed Tejada’s claims saying that he bought PED’s for Tejada from Randomski.

Sunday 15, Feb 2009


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miguel-tejada-pleads-guilty-to-lyingFrom the news of Alex Rodriguez taking performance enhancing drugs, the spotlight now moves on to Miguel Tejada of the Houston Astros. Tejada is not a stranger to steroid-related headlines. Back in 2005, he was named by Rafael Palmeiro as the guy who supplied him with supplements that could probably explain why he had failed the drug test that season. Tejada has also been named by several other athletes and eventually became the subject of investigations and allegations. In 2005, Tejada testified in front of the Congress. Just a few days ago, right after A-Rod had admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs, Tejada was charged of lying under oath, and just yesterday, he finally admitted to these charges.

The teary-eyed Tejada apologized to the United States, to his family and friends, and all those who had supported him. He says that he owns the country so much for taking him in and giving him the chance to play. As you can recall, Tejada is not a U.S. citizen just yet. He is still in the process of filing citizenship and a judge admitted that this incident might affect the outcome of that process. Other than that, Tejada is aware that he will be facing penalties such as serving a year in jail and paying a fine of $1000.

Wednesday 21, Jan 2009


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amd_tejada-steroidsAfter Kirk Radomski, a steroid supplier, appears and gives his statement in front of the federal grand jury, Roger Clemens might not be the only Major League Baseball celebrity in the hotseat. According to a source close to the investigation, Houston Astros star Miguel Tejada might face the same fate as Clemens. Tejada is one of the athletes identified in the Mitchell Report which gave out names of players who had been tested positive or had been reported to use anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. Tejada has been investigated by the FBI last January 2008 at the request of Rep. Henry Waxman amidst the athlete’s statement that he did not use any steroids. According to the Mitchell Report, however, a former teammate was able to purchase performance enhancing drugs from Tejada which the later got from Radomski.

It is common for grand juries to deliver charges when asked by prosecutors and the bad news for Tejada, his defense lawyer won’t even be present in the proceedings. The grand jury for Clemens’ and possibly Tejada’s cases were hand picked by the court to investigate steroid use in various sports. They had been looking over the evidences for some time now and are definitely knowledgeable in this field.