Cyclist Tyler Hamilton announces retirement38-year old American cyclist Tyler Hamilton tested positive for the steroid DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone, during a surprise out-of-competition test last February 9 at the hotel where the whole team stayed. As a result, he would be facing suspension for a minimum of eight years to life.

This was his second doping offense in his whole cycling career. He initially tested positive for homologous blood transfusion in 2004. Anti-doping test in Tour de Spain found him to have another person’s blood in his system. He served the mandatory two-year suspension due to this offense.

Consequently, he decided to announce his retirement last Friday, August 28.

He admitted that he was aware of taking DHEA, which was found in one of the supplements he bought. It was called Mitamins, an over-the-counter herbal anti-depressant.

His decision to retire finally was also due to his battling with clinical depression, which started in 2003. He said that he would want to focus more in treating his illness.

The cyclist previously took the antidepressant Celexa prescribed by his doctor, but he stopped the medication due to its side effects.

According to the cyclist, he consciously took DHEA but it was not in any way for performance enhancement.