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Thursday 12, Nov 2015

  Vitor Belfort Says He Is Ready To Move On

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Vitor Belfort, the Brazilian mixed martial artist and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, has remarked he is ready to move on in his life. The UFC 12 Heavyweight Tournament Champion also remarked he is not hiding anything and has always fought with the approval of a commission and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The 38-year-old Belfort has almost served as the de facto face of the testosterone replacement therapy argument. Belfort remarked fourteen men were in the treatment and twelve of them were Americans and the media kind of picked him up because of his success.

In 2013, the Brazilian knocked out Luke Rockhold, Dan Henderson, and Michael Bisping in a span of 10 months but with the help of TRT that is now banned but was completely legal at that time with a therapeutic use exemption. In September this year, it was reported by veteran reporter Josh Gross that testosterone levels of Belfort were significantly elevated before his light heavyweight title bid at UFC 152 against then-champ Jon Jones. In his defense, Belfort said he lives with a clean and clear conscience regarding his use of legally-administered performance enhancing substances. Belfort remarked he is one of the very few fighters who openly accepted they are on TRT and he is not like those who don’t come out and hide. The MMA fighter also remarked he was on TRT for medical reasons.

Belfort has passed five random drug tests ever since the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency took over the anti-doping efforts of the UFC this year. He passed four tests since October 1 and insisted he is at peace with his place in the world of mixed martial arts.

Belfort is not new to controversies. He tested positive for 4-hydroxytestosterone at Pride 32: The Real Deal on October 21, 2006. The MMA fighter argued that he bought an over the counter supplement that had the illegal substance and also explained that he could have received the drug because of rehabilitative injections given to him by Brazilian endocrinologist Dr. Rodrigo M. Greco. A statement from Dr. Greco was received by the Nevada State Athletic Commission that stated that he had given post-surgical injections containing testosterone to Vitor Belfort. NSAC remarked Belfort would still be guilty of a violation of the banned substances policy even if he was unaware that the medical practitioner did not inform him that injections contained anabolic steroids. Belfort was banned on December 21, 2006 for a period of nine months and was fined $10,000.

The Brazilian mixed martial artist is the #4 contender in official UFC middleweight rankings s of June 29, 2015 and was also the last Cage Rage World Light Heavyweight Champion. He was given the nickname The Phenom after he started competing in the UFC. At the age of 19, he became the youngest fighter to ever score a victory inside the Octagon. The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion is expected to face Dan Henderson, the American mixed martial artist and former Olympic wrestler, in a rubber match at UFC Fight Night 77 on November 7, 2015.

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Sunday 05, Jul 2015

  Ex-Bellator Champion Suspended And Fined For Positive Drug Test

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The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has suspended former Bellator MMA middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko for three years and fined him $10,000 at an appeal hearing in Downtown Los Angeles.

The ex-Bellator champion tested positive for anabolic steroids before he won his second-round knockout against Melvin Manhoef at Bellator 133 on February 13 in Fresno. The 30-year-old Russian showed elevated testosterone levels in his screening and was suspended indefinitely by the California Athletic Commission in March. The win of Alexander Shlemenko will be overturned into a no contest.

The testing of his urine sample that was screened at UCLA showed Shlemenko had a 50:1 testosterone/epitestosterone ratio. For MMA fighters and boxers in California, anything more than 4:1 is illegal. The steroid Oxandrolone and Oxandrolone metabolites also showed up in the system of Shlemenko and a second test on the sample confirmed the initial results.

News about positive drug test of the former Bellator MMA middleweight champion broke in March. On Tuesday, Shlemenko appealed and the fines and suspension were upheld. This was after Howard Jacobs, the lawyer of Shlemenko, argued that the disciplined could be wiped away as the California State Athletic Commission never collected a B sample from Alexander Shlemenko. Jacobs also said that the suspension of three years was only put on the table just five days before the hearing. During the hearing, Shlemenko denied making the use of banned performance enhancing drugs.

The commission upheld the discipline brought to the table by executive officer Andy Foster since taking a B sample is not a California State Athletic Commission requirement. It was testified by Anthony Butch, the director of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory, that he has never seen a B sample that didn’t confirm an A sample in a steroid test.

Alexei Zhernakov, Shlemenko’s manager, said they will take things to the next level. Zhernakov remarked we are extremely disappointed with the way this hearing went and went on to add that all the materials that we prepared, they didn’t bother listening to them or reading to them and also said we were not given even a slight chance to give our side of the story.

The Russian mixed martial artist is ranked as the #8 Middleweight in the world by Fight!Magazine. An expert in hand-to-hand combat and traditional Kickboxing, Shlemenko made his professional MMA debut at the age of 20 in 2004. He received the attention of Russian media and fans after he had an impressive 15-2 record after only one year of his professional MMA career.

Shlemenko (51-9, 1 NC) boasts an impressive record of 11-3 (1 NC) with Bellator. He won the Bellator middleweight title in February 2013 and held it until he lost to Brandon Halsey last September. Shlemenko is now thinking about suing the CSAC and said he believes every part of the drug test procedure was flawed from the start. The Russian fighter said he is not considering the opportunity to compete in Russia. Shlemenko is fully aware that taking a fight in Russia would permanently end his U.S. career.

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Saturday 21, Feb 2015

  Half Of MMA Fighters Could Be Doping, Says UFC Commentator

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UFC’s veteran commentator, Joe Rogan, has stunned all by saying that over half of MMA fighters are doping. Rogan made this comment in the wake of recent failed drug tests of star fighters Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz, and Hector Lombard.

Hector Lombard, the Cuban-Australian professional mixed martial artist and former Olympic judoka who competes as a Welterweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, tested positive for anabolic steroids following his UFC 182 victory over Josh Burkman on January 3 in Las Vegas.

Lombard tested positive for was Desoxymethyltestosterone, commonly known as Madol. Former middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva tested positive for two anabolic steroids: Drostanolone and Androstane. Silva’s competitor Nick Diaz failed a test for marijuana metabolites while UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones recently tested positive for cocaine metabolites.

The #1 contender in the official UFC middleweight rankings, Silva holds the longest title defense streak in UFC history and has 12 post-fight bonus awards. Silva claimed he has not taken any performance enhancing drugs and added he has been thoroughly tested many times and have never had a positive test.

Firas Zahabi, the coach of the semi-retired UFC star George St-Pierre who is a strong advocate of clean sports, remarked after Silva’s drug scandal that he wants the sport to be clean else a guy is going to die in the Octagon one day.

On the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan said the UFC and MMA in general is a steroid epidemic. The commentator added they have started this really stringent testing and everybody is getting popped left and right. Rogan said it is one of the things fighters have been saying for a long time, that everyone is on steroids or a huge percentage and added the number (is) 50 percent, 60 percent, whatever it is they are on anabolic steroids.

 A black belt in Taekwando and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Rogan cited the physical strain of intense training as the main reason behind athletes succumbing to steroid use. The veteran commentator said fighters will sometimes train three times a day and added maybe they’ll run, do sprints in the morning, and then they’ll do some kind of strength and conditioning in the afternoon and also remarked then they’ll do wrestling or jiu-jitsu at night. Rogan added then they’ll vary and the next day they might do kickboxing in the morning and running in the afternoon, then weight lifting at night.

The UFCs veteran commentator also remarked there’s not enough time in the day, and there’s not enough time to recover and so that’s when comes in Dr. Feelgood, he comes along, and bang. However, Rogan condemned use of banned drugs and brush aside claims that the supposed drug use case of Anderson Silva was to help him return from injury. Rogan said so if he’s 39 years old and he breaks his leg, you’re looking at a long-ass recovery period or you take steroids and you recover in nine months instead of 15 months or fill in the blank. He added that could be what’s going on, but the reality is it is illegal and said if it takes you 15 months, the excuse cannot be that someone is going to take some illegal drugs so he heals quicker as no one is ever allowed to take steroids.

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Wednesday 23, May 2012

  MMA star busted for steroids

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The California State Athletic Commission has handed over a suspension to MMA phenom Cris Santos after she failed to clear a test for anabolic steroids given before a bout with Hiroko Yamanaka on December 17, 2011.

This is the first time an official testing has confirmed those suspicions after questions about legitimacy of Cyborg’s bulky frame have been doing the rounds for years.

 The positive drug test has once again brought the relationship between steroids and professional sports to the public eye.

Monday 21, May 2012

  Mixed martial arts should abolish drug testing

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Known for his blunt honesty, UFC fighter Sean McCorkle recently said the MMA community should level the playing field by doing away with drug testing.

This remark from McCorkle came after Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal tested positive for steroids and a screening policy was announced by the UFC.

“There’s stuff at [nutrition store] GNC that will make you pee hot for a PED, and it’s not necessarily something that’s going to enhance your performance at all,” McCorkle said. “It’s just something that’s banned.”

Monday 13, Feb 2012

  MMA Should Do Away With Drug Testing

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UFC fighter Sean McCorkle, who has always been known for his blunt honesty, recently remarked he would level the playing field by doing away with drug testing completely.

McCorkle made the remark after former Strikeforce light-heavyweight Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal tested positive for steroids and the UFC announced the implementation of a performance-enhancing drugs screening for all new fighters about to sign a contract with the promotion.

“There’s stuff at [nutrition store] GNC that will make you pee hot for a PED, and it’s not necessarily something that’s going to enhance your performance at all,” McCorkle said. “It’s just something that’s banned.”

Monday 06, Feb 2012

  King Mo’s Manager explains failed test

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Mike Kogan, “King Mo” Lawal’s manager, hopes the MMA community can learn from their experience after Lawal tested positive for steroids.

“We were very transparent about all of this and the biggest reason was because we want to make sure people have a chance to do their own research,” Kogan explained to MMAWeekly.

“The problem is that these materials and this research and information usually becomes available retroactively, not proactively, not ahead of time,” said Kogan. “Can this be prevented? Yes, it can be prevented by regulation through the FDA. But then they have to take on the big lobbying group of the nutrition companies.”

Tuesday 31, Jan 2012

  Cyborg busted for steroids

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The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has suspended MMA phenom Cris “Cyborg” Santos for testing positive for anabolic steroids prior to her bout with Hiroko Yamanaka on Dec.17.2011.

The legitimacy of Cyborg’s bulky frame has been under questions for years but this is the first time an official testing has confirmed those suspicions.

The news has once again brought the connection between steroids and professional sports to the limelight.

Sunday 29, Jan 2012

  King Mo will not appeal positive steroid test

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Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Muhammed Lawal is not expected to file an appeal with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC).

Lawal tested positive for the anabolic steroid Drostanolone following a Jan. 7, 2012, win over Lorenz Larkin.

“When I went to Max Muscle, I figured you can’t buy steroids at a Max Muscle. It’s a chain store,” he said. “That’s like going to a grocery store and buying something illegal there. I guess that’s the mistake I made. When I looked at the bottle, it just had a bunch of numbers on it. It had the ingredients. I didn’t see anything that looked illegal on the bottle, to be honest with you,” Lawal said.

Thursday 25, Dec 2008

  Deceased MMA fighter Justin Levens was addicted to painkillers not steroids

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levens-steroidsUFC mixed martial arts fighter Justin Levens was found dead along with his wife in their Laguna Niguel condominium in California. Authorities believed it was a case of murder-suicide although investigation is still ongoing to determine exactly the nature of the crime.

“Nothing has been ruled out,” said Orange Country Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino.

The bodies of Levens, 28 and his wife Sara McLean-Levens, 25, were discovered around 2:30 pm Wednesday by the mother of McLean-Levens, saying she got worried when she had not heard from her daughter for five days. When she saw the bodies, the woman dialed 911 for help. The bodies were believed to be in the home for at least a few days.

Orange County Superior Court records indicated that Levens was convicted in 2003 of spousal injury.

His last fight was scheduled July this year, but he was banned before the fight for testing positive for oxymorphone, an opioid analgesic.

This case has spawned suspicions that the crime was caused by roid rage, a term used to refer to aggressive and violent behavior of anabolic steroid users. However, there has been no concrete indication that Levens was abusing steroids.

According to the report of LA Times, no suicide note was found but authorities recovered a handgun at the scene. Police also found huge amounts of pain killers and anti-depressants at the condo but not anabolic steroids.

It has been compared with the Chris Benoit double murder-suicide which was alleged to have been caused also by roid rage. However, people who are involved in the case, including Benoit’s father, linked the wrestler’s murderous behavior to dementia which was believed to be caused by repetitive head concussions

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