TONY MANDARICH IN RETROSPECTKory Kozak, producer of ESPN writes about Tony Mandarich’s history with steroids. Most of his career in the NFL was driven by steroids. He was the biggest player college football back in 1984. He was unnaturally big at 308 pounds. Everyone of the field was afraid of him and every aspiring football player idolized him. When he was out on the field, he was dangerous. He would maim, flatten, and handled two players at a time. A regular football player could not do that even if he had an all-natural 260pounds of muscle.

Mandarich was high on steroids at that time. He downed the juiced every chance he got. He was the icon of steroids. He was into every kind of compound in the market, especially those that were meant for race horses: equipoise, Winstrol, Anavar.

By 1989, he had gained enough power to call the shots. He got the highest rating than any other NFL player. When he decided to get off steroids, he replaced them with painkillers. The steroids had numbed him from the pain during training and every game. Without them he became almost too sensitive to the muscle soreness. He would inject himself with all kinds of painkillers and eventually take oral pills. This went on until he got drowned in drugs and he became a recluse.

However, in 1995 Tony Mandarich changed for the better. He checked himself in a rehab and vowed never to return to being a junkie. From that point on he was going to do everything clean.

A year after he joined the Indianapolis Colts and he played – 320lbs of pure, all natural muscle. He tells the story of his steroid addiction in the book “My Dirty Little Secrets.” He had disposed any reminder of his past as a junkie except the cover of Sports Illustrated that did a story on him entitled “The Incredible Bulk.”