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Tuesday 08, Mar 2011

  Jones tests positive for EPO

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Jones tests positive for EPOThe triple Olympics champion in 2000, Marion Jones, who is yet to recover from accusations of drug use, faced another crisis of her life after a positive test for erythropoietin taken at the US championships in Indianapolis.

Jones faces a two-year ban from athletics if the B sample confirms the A sample as revealed in the test conducted by the International Association of Athletics Federations.

The American sprinter left the hotel where the athletes were staying at 6am, reportedly “for personal reasons”.

Tuesday 25, Jan 2011

  Irish backpacker fined over smuggling steroids

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Irish backpacker fined over smuggling steroidsBrendan Carter, a 22-year-old Irishman on a working holiday in Australia, has been fined more than $5000 after being convicted of smuggling steroids.

Carter arrived in Cairns on a flight from Thailand on May 11 ticking “no” to all the questions on the incoming-passenger card, according to the Australian Customs Service.

Carter made an appearance in the Cairns Magistrates’ Court and was fined $4500, and was ordered to pay $1106 in court costs.