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Monday 15, Jun 2015

  UK Athletics Will Fully Support Mo Farah

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The chairman of UK Athletics, Ed Warner, has remarked Mo Farah will be fully supported if he decides to “disengage” from his coach Alberto Salazar, who has been accused of encouraging use of banned drugs.

Warner remarked we supported him when he wanted to go to Oregon in the first place. He added Farah is an iconic athlete and one of our great winners and Farah remains one of our greatest prospects and we do what we can to give all necessary support. The UK Athletics chairman added we would support him if he wants to disengage after listening to the answers to his questions. Farah flew back to his training camp in Portland to demand answers to doping allegations against his coach.

BBC’s Panorama documentary recently alleged that Salazar administered the banned steroid testosterone to Galen Rupp, the training partner of Farah, when he was 16 and broke or bent other anti-doping rules.

Salazar, one of the world’s best known athletics coaches, denied claims made by Steve Magness, who was his number two at the Oregon Project in 2011, suggesting the blood levels of Rupp revealed the athlete was on “testosterone medication”. In a statement to BBC, Salazar said the legal nutritional supplement Testoboost had been incorrectly recorded in the document as “testosterone medication”.

Rupp, who is one of the most drug tested athletes of America, has denied ever using testosterone or testosterone medication. The 29-year-old said he is completely against the use of performance enhancing drugs. Rupp commented he had not taken any banned substances and Alberto has never suggested that he should take a banned substance. A massage therapist at an altitude training camp in Utah in 2008 heard claims testosterone was seen on several occasions by athletes and staff and Salazar allegedly told the therapist the testosterone was for his own use for treatment of a heart condition. The BBC quizzed many cardiologists who said treating a heart condition with testosterone would be highly unusual.

In another stunning development, a former runner who trained under Salazar has backed the “full extent” of BBC investigation’s allegations. Josh Rohatinsky, who ran for Salazar’s Nike Oregon Project from 2007 to July 2009, said the improvement of Rupp from 2006 to 2012 was “highly suspicious”. Rohatinsky remarked there was always a wall of separation between Alberto and Galen with the rest of the group, the entire time he was with the group. He also remarked the level of secrecy and seclusion was definitely palpable and went on to remark that Alberto himself said back around the year 2000 that he believes it is near impossible to medal in a distance event clean. The runner also said Salazar asked him to take two supplements – Testoboost and Alpha Male – both of which were legal.

Previously, American distance runner Kara Goucher said she quit the Nike Oregeon Project in 2011 over the alleged willingness of Alberto Salazar to manipulate anti-doping rules. Goucher claimed Salazar suggested she should take Cytomel – a synthetic thyroid hormone given to people with underactive thyroids – even though she did not have a prescription for it.

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Wednesday 28, Sep 2011

  St. Louis Rams linebacker gets ultimate redemption

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David Vobora, the St. Louis Rams linebacker, has won a $5.4 million judgment from a Florida nutritional supplement company in U.S. federal court.

The linebacker could now move ahead as an athlete, a person and one day as a father with his name cleared.

Vobora was suspended for four games in 2009 for violating policy of the NFL on anabolic steroids and related substances after testing positive for methyltestosterone, an anabolic steroid.