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Thursday 25, Dec 2008

  Deceased MMA fighter Justin Levens was addicted to painkillers not steroids

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levens-steroidsUFC mixed martial arts fighter Justin Levens was found dead along with his wife in their Laguna Niguel condominium in California. Authorities believed it was a case of murder-suicide although investigation is still ongoing to determine exactly the nature of the crime.

“Nothing has been ruled out,” said Orange Country Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino.

The bodies of Levens, 28 and his wife Sara McLean-Levens, 25, were discovered around 2:30 pm Wednesday by the mother of McLean-Levens, saying she got worried when she had not heard from her daughter for five days. When she saw the bodies, the woman dialed 911 for help. The bodies were believed to be in the home for at least a few days.

Orange County Superior Court records indicated that Levens was convicted in 2003 of spousal injury.

His last fight was scheduled July this year, but he was banned before the fight for testing positive for oxymorphone, an opioid analgesic.

This case has spawned suspicions that the crime was caused by roid rage, a term used to refer to aggressive and violent behavior of anabolic steroid users. However, there has been no concrete indication that Levens was abusing steroids.

According to the report of LA Times, no suicide note was found but authorities recovered a handgun at the scene. Police also found huge amounts of pain killers and anti-depressants at the condo but not anabolic steroids.

It has been compared with the Chris Benoit double murder-suicide which was alleged to have been caused also by roid rage. However, people who are involved in the case, including Benoit’s father, linked the wrestler’s murderous behavior to dementia which was believed to be caused by repetitive head concussions

Tuesday 05, Aug 2008

  MMA’s James Irvin tested positive – no, not for steroids – but for opioid analgesics

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james-irvin-steroidsMixed martial arts is a kind of sport that requires a high tolerance for pain and maybe James Irvin has a relatively lowered pain threshold than most MMA fighters. So, he opted to use painkillers. Bad, bad idea. Methadone and oxymorphone are scheduled, dude!

And the fact that the Nevada State Athletic Commission conducts post-fight doping screening of athletes under its jurisdiction, Irvin’s intake of these banned compounds screams for the question: What were you thinking, dude?!

Irvin apparently threw caution to the wind when he grabbed the opportunity to fight Anderson Silva on UFC Fight Night on July 19. This despite a recent injury he sustained while he was training for his bout against Rashad Evans on UFC 85: Bedlam. The match-up with Evans did not push through and Irvin lost to Silva. So, all those painkillers he took to speed up recovery of his injury were all for nothing.

Now, Irvin is under temporary suspension pending a disciplinary hearing with the NSAC. His hearing with the NSAC could result to cancellation of his license and/or pecuniary fine for his alleged violations. Bad, bad news for Irvin.

Sherdog.com has the details:

Getting the opportunity to face the world’s top pound-for-pound fighter might not have been worth it to James Irvin in the end.

After getting squashed by Anderson Silva in a minute and one second during their July 19 UFC light heavyweight tilt on Spike TV, the Sacramento native has allegedly tested positive for the non-approved analgesic painkillers Methadone and Oxymorphone according to a post-fight urinalysis conducted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Irvin’s manager, Mike Roberts, told Sherdog.com Tuesday afternoon that he had not been aware of the allegations and had not been in contact with his client about them yet. Irvin could not be immediately reached for comment.

Irvin, 29, took the Silva bout on the heels of recovery from a broken foot, after the UFC had swiftly organized the July 19 event to counter-program a pay-per-view hosted by the rival Affliction promotion on the same night.

A former star on the central California’s WEC circuit prior to the promotion’s purchase by Zuffa LLC. in 2006, the heavy-handed Irvin had posted back-to-back wins over Luis Arthur Cane and Houston Alexander before his one-sided loss to UFC middleweight champion Silva.

Methadone is a synthetic opioid used as analgesic to treat chronic and severe pain. It is also used to abate withdrawal symptoms of former drug dependents. Oxymorphone is also classified as a narcotic pain reliever.