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Wednesday 25, Jan 2012

  Columnist called out for remarking Ovechkin used PEDs

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One Pennsylvania columnist thinks he has figured out why Alex Ovechkin is not the same as he was in the past years, as the Capitals continue to find their footing after recent changes to the coaching staff.

According to the Pennsylvania Observer-Reporter’s John Steigerwald, Ovechkin is now off the juice.

The chiropractor Stigerwald refers to is Douglas Nagel, who was arrested in 2010 for purchasing anabolic steroids from a Florida dealer.

Friday 30, Oct 2009

  An epidemic happening in this NHL season

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An epidemic happening in this NHL seasonThere seems to be an epidemic happening at the NHL this season. More than a handful of NHL stars are taking a break due to broken bones.

This week, Atlanta’s Ilya Kovalchuk broke his bone in his right foot. He will be missing  on the next three to five weeks this season.

Two of Boston Bruins top forwards, Marc Savard and Milan Lucic will miss four to six weeks. Savard suffered a broken foot while Lucic had his finger broken.

Joining the list are Carolina forward Erik Cole with a broken leg, Vancouver winger Daniel Sedin with a broken foot, New Jersey defenseman Paul Martin with a broken arm and Pittsburgh blueliner Sergei Gonchar with a broken wrist.

With the rampant use of steroids use in the world of sports, it would be impossible not to suspect steroids as the main culprit for all these bones breaking. Many people, especially those in the medical field know that steroids can lead to brittle bones, which can increase chances of broken bones.

One thing good about NHL is that the league always subjects their players to drug testing before competing in international games such as the Olympics. Bryan Berard was previously caught positive forPEDs use by this particular NHL system before the Torino Games.

Sunday 06, Sep 2009

  TNA encouraged to have a wellness policy

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TNA encouraged to have a wellness policyTotal Non-stop Action Wrestling, the second largest wrestling promotion, behind WWE is noted not to have a wellness policy.

TNA must seriously consider establishing a wellness policy as media would normally turn to WWE every time a wrestler gets busted for steroids or drug use.

There are number of reasons why TNA should have a wellness policy. It includes getting the message across that steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are not tolerated in professional wrestling.

TNA gives the impression of offering an open door for anyone using steroids, PEDs and painkillers.

Ex-WWE wrestlers involved in steroids issue usually enter TNA after being released from WWE. This creates a very negative impression on TNA.

Having a wellness policy improves TNA’s credibility, as more viewers become attracted to the company. Many wrestlers also prefer to work in a company with a clean and honest reputation to avoid their reputation from being tarnished in return.

A wellness policy is also one means to control future “accidents” or deaths in the future. Several wrestlers have wasted their life over drugs, stars such as the late Andrew “Test” Martin or Curt “Mr. Perfect” Henning.

Finally, media would less likely criticize pro wrestling if wrestlers come out clean. Nobody wants pro wrestling destroyed just because of controversies such as wrestlers getting caught from using steroids.

Thursday 03, Sep 2009

  The many misconceptions of HGH

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The many misconceptions of HGHMany people would refer to Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as steroids. Actually, it’s not. Human growth hormone is a synthetic hormone.

For years, HGH has been promoted to increase healing following an injury or trauma, enhance athletic performance and increase cardiac output. Some even take HGH, which is believed to have anti-aging properties.

Professor John T. Wendt, Associate Professor in the Ethics and Business Law Department of the University of St. Thomas, a specialist in Sports Law and Olympics policies and business, explained the real effects of HGH, its side effects, and its impact in sports.

The major effect of HGH in the body is to stimulate the production and secretion of insulin. As insulin levels increases production of cartilage cells is stimulated. This results in bone growth and in organ growth.

Among the side effects of HGH include diabetes, muscle, joint and bone pain, abnormality in organ growth, hypertension, cardiac deficiency, accelerated osteoarthritis and worsening of cardiovascular diseases.

HGH is never permitted in and out of the competition, based on the World Anti-doping Authority rules.

There are cases, however, that steroids or PEDs use is permitted. A medical condition such as asthma is allowed by WADA to be treated with steroids such as Symbicort.

Monday 17, Aug 2009

  Medical aspects to steroids use

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Medical aspects to steroids useSteroids are commonly associated with bodybuilding. However, most people are not aware that common drug treatments used in various medical conditions are also a form of steroids.

Take for example in bone marrow stimulation. Anabolic steroids are used to increase red blood cell count. They are particularly useful in treating hypoplastic anemia, a type of anemia commonly seen among leukemia or kidney patients.

Another use of anabolic steroids is appetite stimulation. This effect may be attributed to the increase in metabolism rate of a person. Anabolic steroids are also useful in improving muscle mass. Patients with chronic diseases like cancer or AIDS usually experience loss of appetite and subsequent weight loss. They may also experience muscle wasting due to immobilization. There are numerous studies showing that these patients were given anabolic steroids and they showed positive results. Anabolic steroids work in these conditions by increasing the energy consumption through increase food intake.

In cases where there is stunned growth due to some pituitary disorders, testosterone works best by promoting signs of puberty.

Testosterone is also beneficial as a male contraceptive. Testosterone enanthate is given to decrease normal production of testosterone in a male’s body. It is slowly gaining popularity in the field of family planning. It is also proven reliable and is a reversible type of contraceptive method.

From Knol:

Steroids are meant for different purposes and are prescribed by doctors with several intentions. In the aspect of body building, they are used for muscle development. On the other hand, there are those steroids which are used in pain relieving when exercising. Medical use of steroids is very relative and there are different approaches in which it is adopted.

Thursday 12, Mar 2009


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FEHR SAYS HIS PIECETo each his own. Things get hotter in the Major Leagues now that MBPA Executive Director Donald Fehr counters Commissioner Bob Selig’s statements that the union refused the drug testing of players. He said if he had only known that a significant number of players were using the performance enhancing drugs the union might have consented to the drug testing. He says though that the program was working very well.

One of those tested positive for steroid use in 2003 was Alex Rodriguez the results were leaked which forced him to admit to using the PEDs. As damage control and, perhaps, self preservation Selig issues a statement that the owners made a proposal in 1994-95 that drug testing should be part of the labor talks. He accuses the union of declining the proposal. To which Fehr rebuts, that they weren’t serious.

It seems that everytime a new personality is brought upfront to be allegedly involved in the steroids scandal, he forms another link to the blame game. The public and the media turns to Selig for answers since he’s the commissioner, he points a finger at Fehr, Fehr pitches the issue to the team owners. Rodriguez should be commended for owning up to his deed.

Tuesday 10, Mar 2009


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SELIG CRITICIZED OVER STEROIDS ISSUEAnyone can bet that the steroids controversy will not die down anytime soon. New players are brought into the game and the recent one placed on the grilling is Bob Selig, Major League Baseball’s Commissioner. He had been accused of neglecting to address the issue of steroid use in the MLB. Rumors of steroid use among baseball players have been circulating for more than 10 years already and now people wonder why no one made a big deal about it until now when Yankees baseball star, Alex Rodriguez came forward to admit that he was using performance enhancing drugs. Also implicated was trainer Angel Presinal, who allegedly supplied the players with the banned substance.

Selig continued to defend himself over the criticisms saying he did all he could in curbing the use of PEDs. But the stringent laws of the MLBPA have kept him from doing so.

Being a top honcho in the MLB, Selig should have known about the use of steroids in the teams. However, he maintains that he had given recommendations that drug testing should have been done as far back as 1995 but he said that the players union had always fought against it. Some say he could have used his authority to impose it or condemn the use of the drugs.

Monday 09, Mar 2009


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mlb-gets-bullied-over-steroid-scandalAnd NFL’s big burly guys don’t get slammed at all when it is so obvious that their quarterbacks reek with PEDs. One would wonder why the media isn’t cutting the Major League Baseball some slack when the NFL is equally guilty of having players on dope.

According to statistics in an anonymous survey 16% offensive linemen and 15% defensive linemen have admitted to using performance enhancing drugs. If the NFL officials rounded up the players that represented the numbers it would cost the sports industry its business.

The nature of both games make the big difference. NFL is a contact sport where you see tackles and muscled creatures wrestling each other on the field. Their use of the steroids seems valid. With baseball, players hardly need the brawn to be able to pitch or bat. The extra muscle could hamper their performance in the game.

NFL at least had tested their players to find out who’s on the “juice.” Major League Baseball had to wait til a big story like Alex Rodriguez leaks out to the press.

Monday 09, Mar 2009


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A-ROD’S CYST CAUSED BY STEROID USE?The Rodriguez saga might not end in such a happy note as everyone might expect. The baseball star, who had been the center of attention for admitting that he used performance enhancing drugs in 2001 through 2003, may have another problem in his hands. A cyst had been discovered at his right hip that some speculate may have been caused his steroid use.

Internist and anti-doping expert Gary Wadler of the World Anti Doping Agency say it wasn’t likely. However, the presence of the cyst might jeopardize Rodriguez’s chances to play in the World Baseball Classics under the Dominican Republic Team.

A-Rod recently join the D.R. team, a decision he might have hoped quiet down the steroid scandal and help him put the past behind.

Thursday 05, Mar 2009

  Rodriguez to Join Dominican Republic Team for WBC

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Rodriguez to Join Dominican Republic Team for WBCEver since New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez admitted to using PEDs he’s been under the public’s microscopic eye. He’s been through analysed and scrutinized making him the most talked about major-league player.

As the World Baseball Classic looms, A-Rod should expect more attention especially since he decided to join the Dominican Republic team instead of playing for the United States. He will be the force to reckon with in this most anticipated baseball season. The steroid scandal would make him more interesting to spectators around the globe.

A-Rod was described as “cooperative” when he faced MLB officials last Sunday. He continues to focus on his game than dwell on the steroid issues.

The controversial trainer Alex Presinal will not be used by the Dominicans. He worked with them during the World Baseball Classics in 2006.

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