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Tuesday 03, Nov 2009

  Steroids use among police more of a defensive tactic

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Steroids use among police more of a defensive tacticAccording to law enforcement experts, a growing number of incidents involving steroids use among police officers are being investigated. A typical steroids user usually wants to stay on top of a job or is looking for an edge.

However, steroids use in law enforcement is often associated with police brutalities such as the case of Haitian immigrant Abner Louima in New York City. Four police officers were charged of assault, brutality and forcible sodomy in 1997.

Anabolic steroids are prescribed legally to treat certain medical conditions such as growth problems, anemia and chronic infections such as HIV. They are also commonly used to promote muscle mass.

However, anabolic steroids are classified as a Schedule III substance; therefore, any use without a doctor’s prescription is considered illegal. They can be psychologically addictive and dangerous.

One common side effect is aggression and violent behavior. These, according to medical experts contribute to police brutality and poor sense of judgment.

Police psychologist Gene Sanders estimate that about 25% of police assigned in urban areas with high crime rates use steroids for defensive purposes.

Sanders explained that as steroids users bulk up, they tend to think, “More is better”. It becomes increasingly difficult for them to draw the line between use and abuse.

Thursday 04, Dec 2008

  Oklahoma cops to be tested for drugs but not for steroids

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Police_steroidsIn last month’s International Association of Chiefs of Police conference held in California, the overall sentiment was there’s now the prevalent use of anabolic steroids in the police. Phoenix police Cmdr. Kim Humphrey said it’s a problem that should be addressed immediately. Humphrey has become a resource person on the issue since his department is the first to implement steroid testing among its ranks.

The Oklahoma City Police Department Chief Bill Citty, however, was of the opinion that steroid use among police officers is not a “systemic problem”.

“I don’t think it is running rampant through law enforcement agencies,” Citty stated. “But I’m not going to sit here and deny … there are some officers are either using or have used in the past.”

The Citty’s department and its officers union are currently negotiating their drug testing program for 2009 and, according to NewsOk, anabolic steroids will not be among the banned compounds to be tested for.

This does not mean, however, the department is against measures that would discourage officers from using illegal substances. The police union vice president, Sgt. Ron Burks, said their union, the Fraternal Order of Police, supports random testing for all officers.

“We don’t want our officers using drugs,” he said. “We don’t have a problem with the drug testing policy for that reason.”

Burks stressed, however, that any drug testing should be “reasonable” and does not violate officers’ rights.

Thursday 24, Jul 2008

  Police officer suspended – steroids

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Police_steroidsInteresting how the federal and state police raided a local police department when only 1 police officer was suspected of using anabolic steroids.  Why exactly is this illegal? the guy is using anabolic steroids to help him be stronger and faster so his life is more secure, so is the life of people he’s trying to protect.  It seems he’s under investigation now for steroids without much proof.

A VICTORIAN policeman has been suspended after police raided a police station and a property over illegal steroid importation.

The senior constable from Heidelberg police station was interviewed by officers from the Ethical Standards Division and the Australian Federal Police last Friday, July 18 .

It is understood state and federal police raided a property in Ivanhoe.

Victoria Police confirmed the officer was suspended on full pay while the investigation is conducted.

The officer has not been charged.

It is not known if any items were seized at the time of the raid

Tuesday 08, Apr 2008

  Police using steroids

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fat-muscle-steroids-police-copsIt seems the witch hunt to find policemen on steroids is just starting. In TN, there have already been firings and resignations over alleged steroid use, along with suspensions. It seems police use anabolic steroids, and so do many other government agencies, why? because it helps them be better cops. Let’s look at the photo on this page, the policemen on the left didn’t use steroids, the one on the right could have used steroids. The cop on the right is what a policemen who used steroids would look like. Who would you like to protect your health and wellbeing from criminals? Anyone with any common sense would pick the fit, muscular guy. Believe us, you would pick him when your life is on the line and he has to chase or fight a criminal who is threatening your life.

But, let’s forget you for a second, let’s ask the cop, doesn’t he want to make sure he’s fully fit and recovered after training to protect his own life. Police have the right to use anabolic steroids to help them recover after workouts and get them into better shape. The better shape police is in, the more likely they are to help the community. Just look at the pictures, pictures say a thousand words!

Investigations into anabolic steroid use by police officers have led to resignations and terminations in at least two Middle Tennessee police agencies.

Officers from Metro police and Murfreesboro police have been implicated in the wide-reaching steroid bust and an accompanying federal investigation. At the same time, two officers from the Tennessee Highway Patrol were put on paid administrative leave as part of an unspecified internal investigation.

Murfreesboro Police Officer Phillip Hatcher was fired Wednesday after he was found to be using steroids, according to a press release. He was stripped of his police powers last week after police officials learned he was part of a federal investigation.

According to a letter from Murfreesboro Police Chief Glenn Chrisman to the city manager, Hatcher admitted he had been injecting steroids since high school.

Officers on leave from the THP are Sgt. Larry Hitchcock Jr., 36, and Trooper William D. Futrell, also 36. Hitchcock was assigned to the Nashville headquarters and worked previously at the THP training center. Futrell was most recently assigned to the THP training center.

THP officials confirmed early this month they were looking into allegations of steroid use among troopers. But THP spokesman Mike Browning said he could not confirm whether these suspensions are related.

He also said he didn’t know whether criminal charges were anticipated. “It’s still too early in the investigation, so it would be premature one way or another,” Browning said.

Friday 04, Apr 2008

  2 New York men caught with personal steroid amounts

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staten-island-steroidsThat’s the problem with the USA legal and justice system, the police searched these 2 cars for no reason other then them being in front of a bookstore after closing? how is this suspicious. The cops say the men were “acting furtively”, that’s why they decided to illegally search their car for drugs or weapons. The Acting furtively excuse is commonly used by authorities to remove civil rights from individuals. In the end, the 2 guys were caught with a whoooooping $800 of steroids, do you know how much $800 of anabolic steroids is? exactly 4 vials of steroids. That’s right 4 vials of steroids, something an individual bodybuilder would go through in about a 12 week cycle. Now these 2 will be faced with CRIMINAL possession of controlled substance for something they couldn’t even get a cycle out of. Let’s face it, they’d need at least 10 vials of steroids do run a steroid cycle for the 2 of them, so this means they barely had enough for 1 steroid cycle and both of them are being arrested.

Two Staten Island men caught hanging out in the Barnes & Noble parking lot after the New Springville store had closed Sunday had a stash of steroids in their car, police alleged.

Cops got wise to the car’s occupants — Scott J. Sceppe, 29, of the 700 block of Post Avenue in West Brighton, and Steven P. Parascondola, 29, of the 300 block of Kramer Avenue in Rossville — after they spotted the duo “acting furtively” in their car at about 9:00 p.m., a police source said.

The store was closed for the night, and the two men were parked next to a second, vacant car, the source alleged.

When police searched the car, they found about $800 worth of steroids — pills, bottles and a liquid capsule of testosterone and other substances, court papers allege.

Both men were charged with three counts each of fifth- and seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Wednesday 05, Mar 2008

  Anabolic Steroids in the Police force

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police badge steroidsDo police men use steroids? the obvious answer is yes. Why do they do steroids? obviously to protect the public and save citizens lives. Police put their neck out DAILY to protect and server, why shouldn’t they be able to enhance their performance and recovery at catching criminals? Imagine running after someone who can kill you, then having to take them down and arrest them, that’s a strain! Imagine the risk police put themselves into EVERY day. They should have the ability to do anything and take anything to help them with their recovery, speed and abilities. People should look up to the police to be the best they can be and help the people around them, and do so at 110% capacity. And, police do perform their jobs better when they are physically fit and ready; thus, use of anabolic steroids should be perfectly legal for police.  Any citizen would take a lean, buff, fast and smart cop that uses steroids over some fat slob stuck in front of Crispy Cream doing a “donut” steak out.  Police should be helped and admired for the work they do, not punished for trying to be better, and trying to be stronger, faster and better prepare – even if it means using steroids.

Experts say there are no reliable studies on steroid use in law enforcement, but there are signs cops are using them.

Wednesday 27, Feb 2008

  Steroid Abuse in police force

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Someone please explain why police officers aren’t being allowed to use anabolic steroids? isn’t it the duty of the police officer to be stronger, faster and smarter then the criminal; thereby, protecting the public.  A health police officer who works out and eats right, and takes steroids is going to be 1000% more effective then some donut eating slob.  Personally, I know a police officer who puts his life on the line daily fighting big guys to protect the public, and after his 12 hour shift he goes to the gym to stay in shape.  If it wasn’t for human growth hormone or anabolic steroids, he would not be able to recover from his injuries and would not be effective at protecting the public.  Whey are we so anti-steroids when the police force is protecting our lives?   Police should be treated with respect and certain amount of leeway because they put their head out on the line DAILY for each and every citizen.

On top of that, why is this being called steroid abuse? it’s steroid USE not ABUSE! big difference.

 A number of Jersey City police officers have been placed on administrative duties and some have had their guns taken away as a consequence of the internal affairs investigation into alleged steroids abuse among officers, officials revealed yesterday.

Thursday 07, Feb 2008

  Police on Steroids

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police steroidsPolice using anabolic steroids, does this surprise anyone? In the USA, policemen (and women) have one of the hardest policing jobs in the world, with low manpower, high hours and a variety of crimes – many policemen put their life on the like 60-70% of their work shift. I’ve heard of cops shooting up a Meth head or a PCP user and the guy kept coming at them, ending the situation with the policeman being hurt by some drug user. The problem is that police need the maximum protection they can get. That’s why anabolic steroids should be allowed in the police force. They make the police officer, stronger, faster and much lighter on his feet. More likely to save his life and the life of civilians around him if he’s strong and well prepared for anything.

The days of the fat cop eating doughnuts are over. These days police face huge drug gangs in the projects and offshoots on the streets. From crack runners to big cocaine pushers, the police need all the help they can get to take out the real drugs. That’s why allowing a policeman to use anabolic steroids to be strong, fast and protect his life, should NOT be a crime. After all, how many 150lbs. policemen can overpower a 250lbs. black guy on coke (this is not meant to be racial, just showing a real life Los Angeles example). For police officers, I can understand psychoactive drugs being illegal to use, they make you high and loop your judgment. ON the other hand, steroids help you be strong and recover from injuries and training workouts – they DO NOT get you high. Why are steroids considered so bad for people who are putting their life on the line daily to protect citizens? why not give them the tools they need to overcome anything that comes their way!

A Boston police narcotics detective was suspended after officials said he tested positive for steroids