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Thursday 03, Sep 2009

  A-Rod gave anti-steroid speech at Baltimore

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A-Rod gave anti-steroid speech at BaltimoreAlex Rodriguez or A-rod, who admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs in the past, gave a talk against steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs in a school in Baltimore.

Maryland congressional representative Elijah Cummings and state school Chief Dr. Nancy Grasmick, recently established an anti-steroid program called Powered by Me!.

According to Cong. Cummings, it was Alex Rodriguez himself who contacted him to offer his support for the anti-steroid program.

Rodriguez made his speech at the Milford Mill Academy in front of 500 student athletes last Tuesday.

In his speech, he acknowledged his mistake of taking a performance-enhancing drug. According to him, one of his missions in life is to turn a negative into a positive. He added that telling the truth felt liberating and good. Learning from our mistakes is something that we should be proud of, said Rodriguez.

The 12-time All star admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs from 2001 to 2003, while still with the Texas Rangers.

He recounted his steroids use and advised the students to avoid using similar drugs.

Cummings was pleased that Rodriguez supported the program by giving a speech. He expects that a speech coming from such a high profile person could make a strong impact on the youth on playing fair and healthy.

Tuesday 17, Feb 2009


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mlb-players-who-admitted-to-steroid-use-may-help-influence-the-youth-against-steroids“Powered by ME!” is a conference held as part of a program that seeks to inspire the public to participate in making the youth aware of the dangers of using performance enhancing drugs both to their health and to their outlook as people. Just recently, Maryland Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings asked the young baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez to be a speaker in the said event. Other players who had also admitted to steroid used had already participated in the said conference. One of these is Brian Roberts of the Baltimore Orioles who gladly took the invitation after the Mitchell Report was released. As for Rodriguez, Cummings is still waiting for a response from the athlete or his spokesperson.

Cummings is an active endorser and honorary co-chairs of “Powered by ME!”. He is also one of the more vocal personalities against the use of performance enhancing drugs and steroids. Cummings has been known to be rather hard on athletes who face the Congress. If Rodriguez is worried that he would be grilled the same as Roger Clemens was, he shouldn’t. According to Cummings’ spokeswoman, that is not what the congressman is after and that they haven’t planned on anything that involves Rodriguez facing the House Committee for Oversight and Government Reform which Cummings is also a member of.

Tuesday 03, Feb 2009


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roid_busters-steroidsDifferent states have different ways of trying to inform the youth of the dangers of using anabolic steroids and indirectly, to teach them not to take the “easy” way in order to perform better in sports. The adults of Baltimore had already started its campaign aimed at this cause last year as part of the Powered by Me! program of St. Joseph Medical Center. The first phase was labeled as “Physician Awareness of Steroids and Supplements” or PASS, and made use of doctors to efficiently determine whether a student is using steroids. Physicians were given a list of what to look for during checkups.

The second phase of the program has just recently been launched and yes, it also made use of the abbreviation PASS. This time though, the P stands for parents. The program’s director, Mike Gimbel, believes that parents have a critical role in spreading the message and inspiring their children not to use steroids. They have already set various paraphernalia to help parents reach out to high school athletes and other high-risk youth.