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Tuesday 21, Jul 2009

  Which is better during pregnancy, oral or injectable?

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Which is better during pregnancy, oral or injectable?During pregnancy, using steroids as medication should be in such emergency cases wherein the child could be more affected by the medical illness rather than by the method of treatment.

Many cases have been reported wherein steroid injections or tablets were given during the time of pregnancy. One particular case is with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). SLE is an auto immune disease affecting mostly women in their child bearing age. Such a use definitely has effects to the unborn child but only in a mild way. If steroids really must be used, then a physician should be consulted, preferably a specialist handling your specific condition.

Usage of steroids to treat asthma during pregnancy has long been debated, although there have not been any harmful effects reported with the use of inhaled steroids or preventive inhalers during pregnancy. Experts have drawn a conclusion that it pays more to prevent asthma by using steroids during pregnancy and there has not been any side effects reported to stop such method of treatment.

The conclusion, steroids in tablet or injection contain the same composition and usage of either method is just the same. This stresses the fact that the aim is to avoid any condition which could be crucial during pregnancy. If it is possible to opt for a minimal dosage, do so or else discontinue any usage and ask your doctor for an alternative.

Thursday 11, Jun 2009

  Inhaled Steroids Safe On Pregnant Women

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Inhaled Steroids Safe On Pregnant WomenPregnant women who suffer from asthma need not to worry about taking inhaled steroids because these drugs do not affect the growth of the babies in their wombs. This was found in a US study wherein researchers compared the birth weights of around 400 babies whose mothers used a range of inhaled steroids for their asthma throughout pregnancy, including beclamethasone, fluticasone and budesonide.

The study proved that there were no differences between the range of birth weights of the children born to women who undergo treatment and those who are in healthy condition. Also, there were no differences in the numbers of pre-term births or the incidence of low birth weight children.

Dr Michael Schatz, who led the study, concluded that inhaled steroids do not lead to restriction in fetal growth. So, pregnant women should feel safe taking their medications, rather than being under treated.

Wednesday 13, May 2009


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TWO DOSES OF STEROID WORKS WONDERS FOR NEONATALStudies are developed to reduce in overall composite neonatal morbidity by 31 % if 2 doses of steroids were given to the pregnant women seven days before delivery. This was clearly stated by author Dr. James Kurtzman, an associate clinical professor in the division of maternal-fetal medicine in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California, Irvine. Giving steroids to babies in the womb reduced post birth respiratory problems and did not affect its growth in any aspect.

After these 2 doses of steroids, researchers came to the conclusion that after birth, fewer neonatals had respiratory distress syndrome, and fewer babies needed mechanical ventilation.

Kurtzman and his colleague, Dr. Thomas Garite, realized that the premature babies lacked in some potential benefits when provided with only 1 dose of steroid before birth.

So pregnant woman 2 weeks prior to the delivery date were given 1 dose of steroid and then received the other as the due date closer. There was found to be a significant decrease in the respiratory problems for babies. The above study was conducted on 437 women from 18 medical facilities.

This way the researchers and medicine specialists came up to alleviate any complications occurred to premature babies and neonatal morbidity.