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Wednesday 09, Apr 2008

  Stupidest post fight MMA celebration award: Mark Coleman

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mark-coleman-steroidsMark Coleman who went from Hero to Zero has the stupidest celebration after winning the 2000 PrideFC Grand Prix. Mark “The Hammer” Coleman is acting more like an idiot then an fighter. Keep in mind, 2000 is really the last time Mark Coleman was effective, as his years of steroid abuse and poor training led to his eventual losing streak. Mark Coleman became a joke in MMA, calling him the old man on hormone replacement therapy, with him being literally ripped apart 2 times by Fedor Emelianenko. Mark “The Hammer” Coleman, we have some advice for you, retire! Take your ass to an HRT clinic, get yourself some testosterone, some HGH and some skin cream so you can lay back and relax. Don’t keep fighting as you’ll just make more of an ass of yourself, if that’s even possible.

After winning PRIDE’s 2000 Open-Weight Grand Prix, Mark “The Hammer” Coleman, seems to be coming down from a all time crack high and starts bouncing off the
ropes like he’s gone mentally retarded.

Sunday 06, Apr 2008

  Takanori Gomi beats Duane Ludwig at World Victory Road: Sengoku

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Takanori Gomi, the former PrideFC lightweight champion and holder of the 6second KO (an MMA record). Defeated Duane Ludwig at World Victory Road in Sengoku in the 1st round 2:28 via a KO (cut). Obviously, Takanori Gomi is off his steroid cycle since he seemed much fatter then usual.

Takanori Gomi vs. Duane Ludwig

Saturday 29, Mar 2008

  Takanori Gomi fastest MMA knockout in PrideFC history

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Takanori Gomi is the top lightweight MMA fighter in the world right now, and he’s about 10x more interesting then BJ Penn (or should we said Steroid-J Penn).  It turns out Takanori Gomi holds the current world record for the fastest MMA knockout in PrideFC or even MMA history.

A note on Takanori Gomi: although he’s never tested positive for steroids in the USA, it is widely believe the change in his bodyshape from a babyfat style to this nice and ripped physique of the later years is attributed to doctor supervised anabolic steroid use.  Also, human growth hormone (HGH) was probably used after one of his injuries.  Specifically doctor prescribed HGH use for his knee recovery.

Takanori Gomi vs Ralph Gracie (Fastest MMA knockout in history, 0:06 seconds)