UFC flyweight title challenger Ali Bagautinov has been suspended for one year after failing his UFC 174 pre-fight drug test.

Bagautinov, who lost to champion Demetrious Johnson, tested positive for erythropoietin (EPO). The British Columbia Athletic Commission (BCAC) tested Bagautinov and seven other fighters using World Anti-Doping Agency standards in addition to their own anti-doping rules. In an official press release, BCAC disclosed that there were eight UFC 174 competitors tested on June 14, 2014, for the presence of banned substances, including the two flyweight title fighters and six random competitors and added that all competitors’ test results complied with World Anti-Doping Agency Standards subscribed to by the BC athletic commissioner, as well as our anti-doping policies.

The press release added Ali Bagautinov – one of the two flyweight title fighters – was tested out of competition on June 2, 2014 in addition to the June 14 tests and results received by this office from the June 2 tests on Bagautinov were positive for erythropoietin, or EPO – a substance banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. It was further remarked that these results were not available prior to the UFC 174 event due to lab processing times. It was also disclosed that the license of Bagautinov to compete in British Columbia has been suspended for a period of one year. The British Columbia Athletic Commission added the focus of the BC Athletic Commission is to ensure fighter safety and maintain the integrity of the sport so athletes are competing on a level playing field.

In the past, Bagautinov was banned from the International Sambo Federation for use of the performance-enhancing substance Methylhexaneamine.

The Avar Dagestani-born Russian mixed martial artist has been a professional MMA competitor since 2009. Bagautinov currently competes in the flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is #4 in official UFC flyweight rankings as of May 26, 2014. Bagautinov became a world combat sambo champion in 2012 World Sambo Championships. He defeated Belarusian Sambo fighter Novitski Vladislav via decision (15-0) in the quarterfinals and defeated Asset Sagyndykov via armbar submission at 0:35 in first round in the tournament final. However, Bagautinov was stripped of all awards of Sambo and suspended from competition for a period of two years after he tested positive for Methylhexaneamine. A veteran of the Russian MMA promotion Fight Nights, Bagautinov made his professional MMA debut in December 2009 and was listed as one of the top flyweight prospects in 2013.

An official statement by UFC on the alleged positive test of Bagautinov revealed that UFC 174 competitor Ali Bagautinov has been suspended by the British Columbia Athletic Commission for testing positive for erythropoietin (EPO). It was added that the fighter was also informed that his positive test violated the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy and Promotional Agreement with Zuffa, LLC. The UFC added it has a strict, consistent policy against the use of any illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs, stimulants or masking agents by our athletes and Bagautinov will serve a one-year suspension and must pass a drug test at the conclusion of his suspension before receiving clearance to compete in the UFC again.

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