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Thursday 31, Aug 2017

  NHL Grants Free Agency To KHL Suspended Player

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Danis Zaripov, the former Kontinental Hockey League player who was suspended for doping, has received approval from the NHL to continue his hockey career in North America.

In a statement through his agent Dan Milstein, Zaripov said he was grateful for the decision of NHL to let him pursue a contract. Zaripov said he looks forward to continuing his professional hockey playing career in North America, and he is very grateful to the NHL for its decision, which provides him the opportunity to do so. The former KHL player added he wants to assure all that throughout his career had had been extremely careful never to take prohibited substances, and he plans to continue his appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport to clear his name.

The 36-year-old winger tested positive for banned stimulants plus substances prohibited as diuretics and masking agents. Zaripov was suspended in July from participation in all competitions or activities authorized and organized by IIHF and IIHF Member National Associations.

In a statement, the NHL said Zaripov has been made an unrestricted free agent and said this was because its banned substances list is not the same as the one used by the World Anti-Doping Agency. It also cited procedural irregularities in the adjudication process that may have resulted in prejudicing case of the player and affecting decision of the IHF and the lengthy career in both professional and international hockey of Zaripov without ever testing positive for doping as reasons to approve his application. The NHL added the three-time world champion is deemed eligible to sign and play professional hockey in the NHL, effective immediately, and without imposition of any NHL-imposed suspension or penalty.

Zaripov even agreed to submit to additional testing beyond what is normally required for NHL players, if he signs with an NHL team.

There are rumors that the New York Rangers could opt for him as the team could use another scoring winger if they are moving J T Miller to full-time center. The Vegas Golden Knights may also express interest in Zaripov after they already added one KHL star this summer in Vadim Shipachyov and may decide to find room for another.

One of the most productive players in the KHL over the past few seasons, the Russian professional ice hockey left winger is likely to be approached by NHL teams that are looking for veteran help on the wing. He had a very strong 2017 postseason with 15 goals and seven assists in 18 games as his team reached finals of the KHL. Zaripov played for Team Russia at the 2010 Olympics. The winger has spent his entire professional career in Russia, including the last four years with Magnitogorsk Metallurg. An accomplished goal scorer and point producer in the KHL, Zaripov has scored 20 or more goals in three of his last four seasons with Magnitogorsk. A regular contributor at the World Championships, Zaripov however would not be eligible for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics as a result of his suspension.

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Monday 02, Jan 2017

  Spanish Midfielder Under Investigation

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Samir Nasri, the French professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Sevilla on loan from Manchester City, is under investigation by the Spanish Anti-Doping Agency.

Nasri recently had intravenous treatment at a Los Angeles clinic but got himself involved in a Twitter row over whether he romped with a medic who gave him an IV drip. This was after a series of his tweets claimed he bedded the woman in his hotel suite as part of a full sexual service.

The clinic, Drip Doctors, posted a photo of the midfielder and said it provided him with a drip to help keep him hydrated and in top health during his busy soccer season. The drip was defined by the clinic as an infusion for boosting the immune system. The clinic further added the drip contained high dose vitamin C, B vitamins, lysine, and zinc combined with specially formulated nutrients.

The Spanish Anti-Doping Agency is presently investigating whether Nasri may have received had steered clear of the list of prohibited substances.

Nasri primarily plays as an attacking midfielder and a winger though he is also deployed in central midfield. His dribbling, ball control, and passing ability make him many drawn comparisons to French legend Zinedine Zidane. At the age of nine, Nasri joined professional club Olympique de Marseille and made his professional debut in September 2004 at the age of 17 against Sochaux. He went on to win the National Union of Professional Footballers (UNFP) Young Player of the Year award in the 2006-07 campaign. Nasri joined Premier League club Arsenal in June 2008 and won the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) Fans’ Player of the Month award on three occasions.

In another development, Nasri’s ex-girlfriend has dismissed claims that she hijacked the Twitter account to embroil him in an alleged sex scandal. Model Antara Antanes was accused of sharing lewd messaging that suggested stunning medic Jamila Sozahdah provided a “full sexual service” to Nasri. Anara remarked she is no longer together with Nasri.

Nasri and Antara had reportedly spent time in Los Angeles where flu-stricken Nasri was booked in for treatment with the Drip Doctors that is known for its celebrity-styled treatments. The Los Angeles-based clinic is famed for administering vitamin therapy and vitamin booster shots to high-profile stars and celebrities including Adele, Chris Brown, and stars of the NBA and NFL.

Antara Antanes claimed physician’s assistant Jamila Sozahdah was taking off her skirt and drinking champagne. She also rubbished the claims of Jamila and insisted the pair instead had a shouting match through a window after assistant of the physician offered Nasri a ‘full sexual service’.

Anara has appeared in campaigns for ASOS, Ford, and DFS and she was the face of UK’s Next Top Model. She was just 15 when she had been scouted by top modeling agency Storm. Anara was recruited by Europe’s leading agency MOT Modeling when she was 19. She was the face of Pantene shampoo and has also been a Victoria’s Secret angel.

The Brighton-born beauty, 27, had been dating the former Manchester City midfielder for about four years but the pair have recently endured a turbulent time. Anara in the past has been linked to former Arsenal star Freddie Ljungberg in 2008 and former Premier League stars Darren Bent, Kieran Richardson and Jermaine Pennant.

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Saturday 01, Oct 2016

  UCI Lobbying WADA To Ban Tramadol

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UCI President Brian Cookson has expressed his disappointment over the fact that Tramadol, an opioid pain medication used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain, is still not added to the list of banned substances of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Cookson added we are pretty clear that this is something that is being abused. The UCI President said it is years now and it goes back before his time. Cookson said his predecessors asked WADA to look at this and it has been on the watch list for all these times and further commented that they looked at it again this year and have concluded that there is still not sufficient evidence to put it on the banned list.

A UCI spokesman said the world governing body of cycling is pushing WADA to tackle the issue. The spokesman added the UCI in March 2011 formally requested that WADA consider adding Tramadol to the List of Prohibited Substances. The UCI spokesman said the UCI expressly reiterated its request in 2015 to WADA to include Tramadol on the Prohibited List and added we have this year again reiterated our request to have Tramadol banned in-competition. It was further remarked by the spokesman that we along with Cycling Anti-Doping Federation are currently lobbying to have Tramadol included on the Prohibited List.

In November last year, Cycling Anti-Doping Commission director Francesca Rossi had claimed there would be around 675 positive tests if Tramadol was added to the WADA banned list. Used as a painkiller, Tramadol has side effects including drowsiness, nausea, and dizziness and the substance has been blamed by many for crashes within the peloton.

In 2014 former pro Michael Barry acknowledged in his autobiography that Tramadol was used by riders when he was part of Team Sky. Barry added he frequently saw them being administered it prior to his retirement in 2012. Team Sky then urged the opioid to be added to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned list. The Team called for Tramadol to be outlawed so its use can be regulated using therapeutic use exemption certificates (TUEs). A Team Sky spokesperson had then remarked none of our riders should ride whilst using Tramadol and added Team Sky do not give it to riders whilst racing or training, either as a pre-emptive measure or to manage existing pain. The spokesman went on to add then that we believe that its side effects, such as dizziness and drowsiness, could cause issues for the safety of all riders and added we also feel that if a rider has the level of severe pain for its appropriate use they should not be riding.

Barry was a witness in the United States Anti-doping Agency investigation into the United States Postal Service team that resulted in the downfall of Lance Armstrong after which he confessed to using performance-enhancing drugs at the end of his career. Barry also admitted he made use of Tramadol to treat legitimate complaints but got worried he researched about the drug on the internet.

Last month, a WADA spokesman confirmed nothing will change for next season. The spokesman added Tramadol is on the monitoring program, on the watch list and also remarked it was there for 2015, and it is remaining there in 2016 and so it would not be on the prohibited list.

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Tuesday 05, Jul 2016

  Former Anti-Doping Lab Chief Accused Of Being Doping Mastermind

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A Russian investigation has revealed that Grigory Rodchenkov, the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, established a doping scheme in which he engaged in the sale of prohibited substances to athletes.

In June, the committee opened criminal proceedings against Grigory Rodchenkov on charges of abuse of authority.

In a statement, Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the Russian Investigative Committee, remarked Rodchenkov also promised to help athletes obtain a clean doping record. The statement further reads that Rodchenkov purchased these substances in the United States according to preliminary investigation and promised to cover the fact that banned substances had been detected in their samples when selling them to clients. The Russian Investigative Committee spokesman also said the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory could have destroyed the samples to conceal the selling of prohibited substances and avoid criminal responsibility that would bring him a much stricter punishment, than that exists for violating World Anti-Doping Agency standards.

The investigation stated Rodchenkov deliberately decided in December 2014 to destroy 1,437 blood samples despite receiving a letter from the World Anti-Doping Agency requesting that he should keep the samples.

Markin said WADA sent a letter to him on December 9 demanding all probes in the organization, which had been taken over previous three months beginning from September 10, 2014, and those taken later on, were frozen and kept respectively till further instructions from WADA and added Grigory confirmed on December 10, 2014 assuring the samples were kept properly but issued an oral demand on December 12, 2014 to discard 1,437 probes, where 22 probes had been kept by then for less than three months and added the staff discarded the samples that very day.

It is also claimed by the investigation that Grigory Rodchenkov destroyed doping test samples of Russian athletes despite WADA forbidding it to hide his alleged trade in banned substances and avoid prosecution.

The Investigative Committee also revealed Rodchenkov’s sister Marina in 2012 was convicted for the illegal trafficking of substances that could have been used for doping. It was further added by the Investigative Committee that investigators have reasons to believe that Rodchenkov was not simply a perpetrator, but the mastermind and organizer of a number of such schemes. The spokesman for the Committee said there is a possibility that new suspects may emerge in the case of Rodchenkov.

The Investigations Committee has sent papers to the Prosecutor-General’s Office for questioning the ex-chief of the Russian anti-doping lab, who is currently living in the United States.

In Mid-May, the New York Times published an interview with Grigory Rodchenkov, who claimed that the sports authorities of Russia had allegedly prepared a special doping program for national athletes in order to win more medals at the home Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. Grigory added banned substances were taken by some Russian Olympic gold medalists. The former anti-doping official announced his readiness to offer evidence to WADA and the International Olympic Committee. He also remarked he can also share evidence about the need to re-check the doping samples from the 2014 Winter Olympics that are kept in Lausanne.

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Wednesday 01, Jun 2016

  Canadian Olympian Issues Emotional Statement After Wife Named In Doping Scandal

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Canadian shot putter Dylan Armstrong has issued an emotional statement after news emerged that his wife Russian Olympian Evgeniia Kolodko tested positive for a banned substance.

This was after Russia’s public sports channel Match TV reported that hammer throw gold medalist Tatyana Beloborodova and 2012 shot put silver medalist Kolodko tested positive for prohibited substances from their A samples. Evgeniia, the Russian shot putter, won the silver medal in the shot put competition at the 2012 Olympic Games in London and recorded her personal best of 20.48m. A few days back, the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) confirmed eight of its athletes have registered positive in doping retests for the 2012 London Games.

In the statement, Dylan said he learned earlier this week that Evgeniia whom he met in 2012 and married in a private civil ceremony in British Columbia Canada in September 2015 is among the eight Russian athletes recently named by the International Olympic Committee as testing positive for doping during the 2012 London Olympics. Dylan added news of athlete doping is very disheartening for competitive athletes who are committed to competing clean and added he has never condoned doping in sport.

The Canadian shot putter born and raised in Kamloops said he knows personally how disheartening it can be after waiting more than 6 years after the 2008 Beijing to receive his Olympic bronze medal because of the doping practices of a competitor. In 2008, Armstrong finished fourth back and was just a centimeter behind bronze medalist Andrei Mikhnevich of Belarus. Last August, the fourth-place finish was upgraded to third after Mikhnevich was banned for life for a second doping offence.

The two-time Pan American Games champion added he has been consistently outspoken about my position on doping which is zero tolerance. Dylan added the news of her wife getting implicated in the Olympic doping scandal is especially difficult as it affects both the Olympic Athletic Community he is part of and his wife whom he loves deeply.

The former Commonwealth Games champion said he is not only a dedicated Olympic athlete but also a patriotic Canadian and a committed husband. Dylan added he therefore would encourage his wife to cooperate fully with the International Olympic Committee and with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as they determine the appropriate actions to be taken. Dylan added he at the same time will offer his love, patience, and support to Evgeniia as she responds to the news of these doping test results in her home country of Russia and as she navigates her future as an elite athlete.

In the statement, Dylan further adds that any questions regarding the WADA testing, the investigative process and resulting decisions or determinations should be directed to the International Olympic Committee and/or the World Anti-Doping Agency. Dylan further commented that he will not be speaking on behalf of Evgeniia on this matter.

Dylan, who holds the Canadian national record and the Pan American Games record for shotput, currently trains with coach Anatoliy Bondarchuk in his home town of Kamloops, British Columbia.

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