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Monday 12, Jul 2010

  Proteins and sport drinks not a great combination

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Proteins and sport drinks not a great combinationRecent findings from researchers at the McMaster University have suggested that there is no point of adding proteins to sport drinks, which is a common practice with some sportsmen.

Martin Gibala, an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at McMaster, presented findings of the study that disclosed that addition of protein to a carbohydrate-electrolyte sport drink is not useful for enhancing cycling time trial performance when compared to the sport drink alone.

It was also disclosed by this study that sport drink can be useful only because of carbohydrates, which provides the fuel required to work muscles, and sodium that is effective to maintain fluid balance.

Thursday 06, May 2010

  Pulsed steroids not effective for treating Kawasaki disease

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Pulsed steroids not effective for treating Kawasaki diseaseDuring a multicenter US trial representing the first randomized & placebo-controlled evaluation of the addition of pulsed steroids to the standard regimen to treat Kawasaki disease (KD), it was found by the authors that there is no benefit in terms of improvements of coronary artery results by going for primary therapy with a pulse of methylprednisolone among children with Kawasaki’s disease.

It was, however, noted during the study that subjects in the group of steroids experienced reduced sedimentation rates and were discharged early from hospitals besides having lower C-reactive protein levels when compared to usual care subjects.

The primary interest outcome was the z score of coronary artery diameter at five weeks post-treatment after use of larger of the values for the left anterior descending or the right coronary artery.

Thursday 28, Jan 2010

  Androgen receptor suppressing protein can improve diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer

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prostate_cancerAccording to researchers from the Medical College of Georgia, a protein that is helpful in regulating expression of androgen receptors may prove to be a new focal point for staging and treating testosterone-fueled prostate cancer.

It was noted that levels of the protein, βarrestin2, were lower in certain prostate cancer cells than in normal prostate cells. It was also noted that the expression of testosterone-fed androgen receptors is higher in such cases.

The findings were reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Online Early Edition.

The study’s corresponding author, Dr. Yehia Daaka, Distinguished Chair in Oncologic Pathology in the MCG School of Medicine, said that an increase in the volume of androgen receptors is considered to be behind prostate cancer progression in men with advanced complication.