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Friday 20, Aug 2010

  Dutch researchers find stress delays puberty

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Dutch researchers find stress delays pubertyDevelopment of genital organs of carp can be delayed when subjected to stress in such a manner that puberty is delayed, according to NWO research at Utrecht University. It is believed that cortisol, the stress hormone, plays an important role in delaying puberty.

It was assumed by the researchers that the stress hormone is responsibly for causing delays in puberty.

The finding is expected to have implications for medical practitioners in this segment.

Thursday 22, Jul 2010

  Gene causing puberty complications identified by researchers

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Gene causing puberty complications identified by researchersResearchers from the Medical College of Georgia have been able to discover chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 7 or CHD7, a gene, which is responsible for many of the puberty-related complications.

The research team discovered that the gene is able to get mutated in a multi-system complication characterized by complications such as mental retardation and loss of hearing, which is known as the CHARGE syndrome.

The syndrome has an impairment effect on the sense of smell and can prevent production of hormones and sex steroids.

Friday 14, May 2010

  Hormone activity possibly explains mood swings in adolescents

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Hormone activity possibly explains mood swings in adolescentsMost teenagers experience mood swings and stress during the puberty stages, making it difficult to cope with this stage of life. Till now, no certain causes of puberty-associated anxiety were identified that added to the woes and struggle.

However, recent findings suggest that a hormone that gets released in response to stress, THP, can actually reverse its puberty effects when the level of anxiety is increased.

These findings were reported by researchers led by Sheryl S. Smith, PhD, professor of physiology and pharmacology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and were published in an edition of the journal Nature Neuroscience.