Police_steroidsSix out of more than 3,600 random drug testing on city employees carried out at the Phoenix Police Department were positive for anabolic steroids.

The PPD is the first metro police agency in the United States to implement random anabolic steroid testing for sworn officers. The program was instituted two years ago in response to reported widespread use of these compounds among public safety-first responders, including police officers and firefighters.

Because it is a frontrunner in the fight against anabolic steroid use among public safety officers, PDD is now a source for other police departments in the country.

Phoenix police Cmdr. Kim Humphrey has been contacted by a number of police agencies, from the New York Police Department to smaller departments, for advice on how to handle testing.

“Steroids can be a life-safety issue, not only for the user, but for the public,” said Humphrey, who is speaking at a national conference in November alongside Dr. Gary Green, a UCLA sports medicine expert and adviser to Major League Baseball on anabolic steroids.

“We focused on those issues more than the punitive or legal aspects, though it is illegal,” Humphrey said.