Bolt Could Face Olympic Ban

According to Daily Telegraph, Jamaica’s athletes, including sprint star Usain Bolt, may be banned from major events such as the Olympics because of the island’s handling of recent drug scandals.

In an interview with Daily Telegraph, World Anti-Doping Agency president John Fahey accused the island country of “farcical” behavior in its efforts for deferring an extraordinary audit of its anti-doping program until next year. This followed an invitation to the anti-doping agency by the Prime Minister of Jamaica for investigating revelations from the former executive director of the Jamaican Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO), Renee Anne Shirley, that Jamaica conducted no drug tests in the five months leading up to London Olympics. To add salt to the wounds, anti-doping chiefs were infuriated by the suggestion of JADCO that they would talk to the World Anti-Doping Agency next year.

David Howman, director general at WADA, was all set to lead an audit of the Jamaican Anti-Doping Commission over allegations that JADCO conducted no drug tests in the months leading up to the 2012 Olympics. Fahey was “infuriated” as JADCO would have plenty of time to cover up whatever they need to cover up by avoiding an investigation until 2014. Fahey remarked the current position is unacceptable to WADA and we’re not going to take it lying down, their suggestion that they’ll talk to us next year. The WADA chief added that to suggest to WADA they’re not ready to meet with us to talk about their problem until sometime next year is unsatisfactory, it’s totally unacceptable to me and we shall act appropriately within an appropriate time frame. When asked if Jamaica would be declared ‘non-compliant’, Fahey said that there are a number of options. The WADA chief added one can read into that exactly what those words are likely to mean but he doesn’t want to flag it up.

If Jamaica is deemed to be non-compliant with the WADA code, athletes of the country could be banned from major competitions until the situation is resolved and the list of banned athletes may include Usain Bolt. Bolt has never even been linked to performance enhancing drugs. Fahey warned JADCO that it must fix up to meet international standards or see their athletes banned from the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Games. This would mean the exclusion of the likes of Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, and Yohan Blake from Rio 2016 and the ban would also include the 2015 Beijing IAAF World Championships.

In the last few months, some of the most reputed athletes from Jamaica have been accused of using banned drugs. Drug tests were failed by former world 100 meters record holder Asafa Powell, twice 200 meters Olympic champion Veronica Campbell-Brown, and London Games 4×100 relay silver medalist Sherone Simpson.

The international media is guilty of ‘sensationalizing’ the issue of doping in the country, said Glen Mills, who coaches Bolt and former world champion Yohan Blake. Mills added they target Jamaica because of its success and there is no doubt about it. He added nobody wants to see Jamaica continue its dominance of sprinting at the world level and added one has to question the balance of their reporting. The coach went on to add that he had read some terrible articles written about Jamaica and read some terrible articles trying to insinuate that Usain Bolt’s success is false because of all of this. Glen Mills also remarked that we have had some adverse analytical findings for stimulants and those other things, but there are so many cases of steroid use in other countries in the past couple of months, yet there is no sensationalizing around those countries or athletes.

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