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Sunday 23, Mar 2008

  Operation “paranoid steroid users”

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It seems the “steroid community” has gone wild with speculation as to how British Dragon and Redicat were busted.  There is no government conspiracy nor major drug stings.  Everyone needs to learn the Occam’s razor principle.   So, what’s Occam’s razor?

“All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.” In other words, when multiple competing theories are equal in other respects, the principle recommends selecting the theory that introduces the fewest assumptions and postulates the fewest entities.

There was not secret DEA sting or steroids bust, simple answer is: British Dragon and Redicat were ratted out.  The list of possible rats is so long, we are not sure where to start.  Think of it this way, any one of the 100s of clients could have known who BD and RC were and how they ran their steroid operation.  Let’s face it, on the 10000000+1 steroid forums, everyone always mentioned that British Dragon and Redicat were British citizens living in thailand, on top of that it was known in the OPEN that they were in pattaya.   This is not some amazing secret, this is fairly well known information, and would take any newbie bodybuilder about 2hours to find out via the search function.

Obvious answer on this steroid bust: British Dragon and Redicat were snitched out , done and done!

How? Doesn’t necessarily matter, the point is as steroid wholesalers they were set up to be doomed at some point.  At one point, one of their sellers would get busted, and they would be ratted out.  Steroids are like this, it’s not like coke dealers.  Rat out a steroid dealer, nothing happens to you; you get an easy out of jail card.  Rat out a coke dealer, your family gets executed by some low life thugs.   That’s the big difference.  Steroids aren’t really drugs, they are just aids.

Saturday 22, Mar 2008

  British Dragon + Redicat busted – Steroid Lab Closed

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british-dragon-redicat-steroidsIt seems the curtain has finally settled on the guys from the old era of British Dragon and Redicat (paper anabolics). Of course, it was only a matter of time. Like anything in life, all good things come to an end, no matter what they are. In the case of British Dragon steroids, it seemed the last entrenched owners, Redicat and Ox kept their operation going way past it’s due date. In general, the US government tries to go after big dealers, wholesalers, since they are much easier to catch then retailers. Come now, try catching a guy sending steroids from Bosnia or Moldova, maybe a few hundred USD per order, how you going to pick him up? just too complex. Plus, it’s not worth the effort unless they are selling steroids in the USA, like a lab.

Now, in the case of, Redicat and British Dragon (no need to put their names since we’ll post them a little later via news story), they were busted based on a strong DEA sting. From the news reports, it was clear that Redicat and British Dragon sold their anabolic steroids via company they set up: Nutri Med. Co. Ltd. No, we DO NOT have insider information, this was just in the news story. More likely then not, as wholesalers they accepted large amounts of cash from distributors. It’s possible that a large intercepted package stateside, 200-500 vials (just a guess here) got caught up by customs, they set up the buyer (obviously a dealer) and the buyer told the DEA all the payment information and such for the steroids he got from British Dragon. That seems to be the most logical explanation from the news story.

In reality, operational safety was their real problem. We’ve heard from sources, including Anthony, that Redicat and British Dragon owners have met people in Thailand who they just built “trust” with over the internet. This was for possible business dealing. Would you think this is a safe thing to do? you can’t even get DVD bootleggers in China to meet you for a 5min lunch over some Mission Impossible DVD, how the hell do steroid king pins allow this?

Of course, we don’t know the whole story to a T, but we can deduct that the FEDs are going after steroids because the real “drug war” is a failure. More and more cocaine is entering the USA and heroin from Afghanistan has reached record levels, don’t forget the worst drug in the world, methamphetamine. Meth use is not down, and with the economic depression, it will only keep going up. So, instead of coming after the real problems, we’ll just come after the easy problems like anabolic steroids.

The truth, in the end of the day, of all these busts, is that steroids will go underground to the hardcore black market. What the US government (DEA) is doing, is pushing steroids into a more deep hole, where it will not recover. At some point, they will wipe out so much steroid stock, that the industry will be taken over by crime syndicates. We are talking about running steroids along with coke and other drugs, where it becomes a hardcore blackmarket – with no brakes! Right now, all steroids are provided by just regular bodybuilders and weightlifters, who are generally white collar workers before they get into steroids or bodybuilding. They don’t commit crimes, they don’t do recreational drugs, they are just ordinary citizens trying to look good via anabolics, and help out other bodybuilders. Now, once you drive all the legit white collar guys out, you’ll get the 50 gangster thugs with AK-47s and Mac-10s blasting at you when you’re trying to enter and bribing all government officials so they can disappear! Keep this in mind, the next steroid providers wont be the guys who help the local disabled weightlifting team and work with charities, it’ll be the corner gangsters with AK-47s because there is no other way. The industry is there, and once the legitimate channels are shut down, it’s only a matter of time until someone comes in to fill the void. There is no ways around it!

100 Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.) officers, equipped with arrest warrants, in co-operation with Thai police, today arrested a British gang selling steroids illegally in Soi Chaiyapreuk, Pattaya and seized assets worth over Bt 20 million
At 8.00 am, 21 March, 2008, Police Major General, Amaresrit Wattanawiboon, Commander of Office of the Narcotics Control Board,(ONCB) who had been co-ordinating with Mr.Andre Kellum, an officer of the D.E.A, acknowledged that there was a gang of foreigners who were running a network selling steroid in Pattaya.

The police and D.E.A. officers, acting on arrest warrant no. 98/255, searched a two-storey house in Pattaya New City Village, Soi Chaiyapreuk , Jomtien Beach Road. The police later arrested Mr.Edwin Richard Crawley (44) a British national who lives in the house, which he had used as the centre of operations for his business. According to the police report, Mr. Edwin Richard Crawley originally opened a company called” Nutri Med. Co. Ltd.” registered as an import-export company. However, police did not find any illegal items or incriminating evidence, only documents relating to the import and export of goods.

Another police team also searched a single house opposite and found Mr. Graisorn Tongrak (31) the son- in-law of Mr.Edwin Richard Crawley, who was looking after the house for his father- in-law. Once again, police did not find any illegal items.

After that, the police took both suspects to search another building in the same soi, registered as a company called” Vincent Centre Service Co. Ltd. operating a postal and utility bill payment service. Here, however, police found several empty bags of drugs, called “British Dragon” and 2,500 copies of steroid instruction sheets.

The D.E.A. officers took the steroids away for evidence. They also searched a warehouse behind the Nutri Med. company office, where they found and confiscated two machines used to pack steroids and also seized two land deed papers relating to the two houses, a Toyota car, a BMW R1200 RT motorbike, and 13 bank books which contained millions of baht; in total property worth about Bt 20 million

A third group of police later arrested Mr.Ashley Vincent Livingston (45) British, and Mrs. Jirawan Livingston(38) , his wife, living at a house in Moo. 10, Soi Kow Noi, Pattaya Hill 1. According to the information police had received, they all belonged to the same gang, whose big boss was Edwin Richard Crawley. At this house, the police did not find any evidence, but seized a land deed paper, a Honda and a Toyota car, jewellery, Bt 100,000 in cash, and six bank books, which had many tens of millions of baht in the accounts. Police Major General, Amaresrit Wattanawiboon, revealed that Thai police were originally notified by the D.E.A. that they had intercepted steroids, which had been delivered to America in plain envelopes and on investigation, discovered that the biggest operation was in Pattaya . Mr. Edwin (the big boss) had been importing steroids from China through the Internet and then forwarding them to USA and Europe. On receipt, customers would send money to his account in Thailand. Some of the goods were sent to Pattaya and repacked in dolls or fruit, to be sent to Europe by parcel or in plain envelopes. Mr. Ashley had been worked with Mr. Edwin as his assistant, finding customers for him. This operation had been running since 1999. It made him a millionaire, being able to afford to buy property in Pattaya worth Bt 20 million. Mr. Edwin was also a volunteer, helping charities in Pattaya, so he was well known among the high-society set. He is also the coach of a disabled weight lifting team, which has won many trophies.

Despite Mr. Edwin’s other good works, police arrested him and the other gang members, committing them for trial on charges of having imported, possessed and exported illegal drugs as well as not having paid tax. After a Thai trial, they will all be sent to America for further processing.