Resistance of smoker’s lung to Steroid Treatment methodologiesScientists from the Imperial College, London have claimed that they are just one the verge of finding an amicable solution to one of the most common and fatal diseases in the UK – smokers lung – in relation to difficulties in treating it with a steroid treatment. In this regard, clinical trials of a potential therapy have already begun.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – chronic bronchitis and emphysema, or ‘smoker’s lung’ – is responsible for affecting approximately 6 percent of UK’s population.

Professor Peter Barnes and his colleagues found that steroids act a ‘molecular bridge’ in the recruitment of HDAC2 to the concerned genes where it can possibly act to switch them off. It was further found that low doses of theophylline can raise the levels of HDAC2 and break the resistance of steroids.