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Saturday 14, Nov 2009

  Lakeland man confesses to being the biggest steroids provider in Florida

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Lakeland man confesses to being the biggest steroids provider in FloridaRichard Thomas, 36, of Lakeland, recently confessed to selling anabolic steroids to professional athletes. He pleaded guilty to federal charges last Tuesday.

According to authorities, hundreds of dollars worth of anabolic steroids were found in his home in Stoney Creek Drive. Last May, deputies and federal agents set up an entrapment delivery of a package with contraband sent from overseas.

Records show that the packages came from various countries such as China, Russia, Iran and other Middle Eastern countries.

Federal agents initially intercepted a suspicious package in May 21. The package came from Slovakia. It was addressed to “Mahlon” Thomas in Lakeland.

Polk County Sheriffs wired the package with an electronic beacon so they would know if the package was opened. Thomas told authorities that he was the biggest steroids provider in Central Florida. He claimed to have supplied steroids to some of the players from Washington Capitals Hockey team and Washington Capitals baseball team.

Books about steroids, blister packs of Valium, packaging labels, firearms, a digital scale, and bodybuilding photos and trophies were also found in Thomas’ home during the search.

According to NY Daily News, MLB is also conducting their own investigation regarding Thomas’ claims.


Thursday 28, May 2009

  Polk County Couple Faces Multiple Steroids Charges

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Polk County Couple Faces Multiple Steroids ChargesA couple from Polk County was arrested Tuesday night for allegedly trading large-scale steroids. Richard Thomas and his wife Sandra are now facing 10 counts of possession of anabolic steroids with intention to sell and deliver; one count of possession of a firearm in commission of a felony; 10 counts importation of anabolic steroids into state of Florida; and one count of maintaining a residence for selling drugs.

According to Polk County officials, they were able to seize an estimated $200,000 in illegal steroids and various kinds of weapons. The officials considered the incident as the biggest seizure of steroids in Polk County history and one of the largest in the region.

Polk County officials and investigators are skeptical on the statements of Richard Thomas in which he claimed that he is the biggest steroid supplier in Central Florida. He also told investigators that he sold steroids to most professional athletes including Washington Capitals hockey team and Washington Nationals baseball team.