Professional Bodybuilding (Pro Bodybuilding) has become a joke in the modern world of 2000s. Lets look at the “progress” of Pro bodybuilding to see where this sport went wrong, maybe we can throw up at that point.  The 1st picture (the 2 guys posing) is Ronnie Coleman vs. Jay Cutler, 8 time Mr.Olympia vs. 2 time Mr.Olympia.  Below them, the blond guy, is Wolf, an upcoming pro Bodybuilder from Germany thought to be the next Mr. Olympia.  They all look nasty.  Let’s face it, professional bodybuilding is a joke.  So, let’s use maximum anabolic steroids, Human Growth Hormone, IGF-1 and so on, and get as big as we can, jump on stage and almost break it.  Now let’s check out the last picture, that’s Frank Zane, a pro bodybuilder from the 70s and a 3 time Mr. Olympia, now who looks better, the monsters in the 1st 2 pics or Frank Zane?  that’s the problem.  Today, Mr. Olympia judging is making the sport nastier and nastier.  Instead of getting more mainstream, Bodybuilding and especially Professional Bodybuilding is getting more underground.  if these monsters started being judged based on the frank zane look, 99.9% of them would lose, and this would eventually bring Professional bodybuilding to the level of being somewhat mainstream.  Don’t say it can’t be done, because MMA was made mainstream through proper cleaning up of the sport by the UFC.