rd1-steroidsA local of Sayreville, New Jersey has been sentenced for manufacturing more than a thousand doses of anabolic steroids right in his own residences. Alfred Scarpa was found as a result of an investigation known as “Operation Raw Deal“. Federal agents were able to arrest and charge over a hundred drug dealers across the country. Last September 20, 2007, Scarpa’s house was raided and federal agents managed to seize 40,000 doses of steroids, 2 guns, and cash worth $56,000. They also found that part of his house was turned into a steroid factory and was used to produce his own stocks.

Scarpa was charged with illegal possession and manufacturing of steroids with the intent to distribute them, and possession of firearms. The man pleaded guilty to everything and has now been sentenced to 33 months in prison. The authorities are waiting and expecting Scarpa to surrender himself voluntarily by March 23 to face his sentence.

Scarpa has been part of several drug distribution schemes. In 2000, he was convicted for illegal distribution of cocaine in Monmouth County. In 2003, he was arrested in Union County for distributing ketamine