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Friday 31, Oct 2008

  Operation Jellybean suspect pleads guilty to steroid-related charges

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canada_steroidsJellybean suspect Mark Anthony Haig, 38, of Chance Harbour pleaded guilty to five conspiracy charges of trafficking anabolic steroids and banned drugs under Canada’s Food and Drug Act. His sentencing hearing was set January 15 next year.

Haig was one of the individuals arrested during the culmination of ‘Operation Jellybean’ in January last year. Jellybean was a two-year combined law enforcement crackdown on organized crime operation that allegedly distributed cocaine, anabolic steroids, marijuana and other illicit drugs in the areas of Brunswick, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Haig’s alleged co-conspirators Spencer Gordon Court, 32, of Maugerville and Ontario resident Vincent Gemmeti face 31 and 27 charges respectively as a result of the Jellybean investigation. Gordon and Gemmeti are scheduled to stand trial on those charges in various trials in the coming months.

Operation Jellybean commenced in 2005 and resulted in 275 suspects being questioned and 41 search warrants being executed to gather 1,600 documents. Also during said operation authorities seized 0.5 kilo of cocaine, 25 kilos of marijuana, $359,000 in cash, marijuana plants, anabolic steroids, counterfeit prescription drugs and restricted guns.

Saturday 24, May 2008

  Steroid bust for a football player

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football_steroidsIt seems that former high school quarterbacks are targets of government ‘serious’ investigations into steroid abuse. The problem of cocain, crack, meth, ecstacy, alcohol, smoking and obesity have already been fixed by the governments’ every so efficient system, now it’s time to concentrate on STEROIDS! It seems government officials set up a sting where some rat snitch wanted to buy steroids , so he called Jared Foster asking for steroids (entrapment?). It seems Jared Foster was induced into selling steroids via governments’ use of his friend. Using other people as bait is illegal, no matter what the courts have ruled.

A former Madison County high school quarterback has been indicted on charges of selling steroids.

Nineteen-year-old Jared Foster of Madison was released on $5,000 bond after an appearance in Madison County Circuit Court. He entered a plea of innocent and waived arraignment.

Prosecutors say the case will likely go to trial in September.

Foster was arrested in Oxford in January after allegedly selling anabolic steroids to an informant on Oct. 5, 2007. He was dismissed from the University of Mississippi football team in January.

The former Madison Central High School standout had played in 2007 at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. He had been enrolled in classes at Ole Miss and was informally working out with the team.