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Thursday 12, Nov 2009

  How to minimize steroids side effects

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How to minimize steroids side effectsSteroids, specifically, corticosteroids are considered wonder drugs in the world of medicine. Certain types of illnesses and conditions can be treated solely by corticosteroids. It works by suppressing inflammation and the immune response of the body from certain allergic reactions. Steroids are even use to treat certain respiratory conditions like asthma.

Since steroids, when used for prolonged periods of time causes side effects, it is important that you follow proper dosing guidelines. Use no more than what is needed and never stop steroids abruptly.

Make sure to get a flu or pneumonia vaccine since steroids can weaken the immune system even after a year of stopping the medication.

Damage to the digestive tract can be minimized, if not prevented by taking the medication with or after meals or with an antacid.

Steroids can also cause insomnia, so to prevent this from happening, take the medicine early in the day.

Osteoporosis is probably the most common side effect of steroids. To prevent or slow down the weakening effects of steroids to the bones, take Calcium and Vit. D supplements.

Have your blood pressure checked regularly. Stay away from alcohol, quit smoking and observe a healthy diet. These are just simple ways of minimizing steroid’s side effects.

Friday 07, Aug 2009

  Effects of Anabolic steroids to your heart

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Effects of Anabolic steroids to your heartAnabolic steroids seem to be a staple when it comes to bodybuilding. Many athletes take anabolic steroids to increase their muscle mass and maximize whatever gains they have obtained. For those who join bodybuilding competitions and strive to win prestigious awards, they are willing to use insane amounts of growth hormones and insulin. Sometimes, users tend to justify their AAS use one way or another.

Numerous studies have already been conducted to establish the ill effects of steroids use especially in long term cases. Some of the short term effects include increased aggressiveness or “roid rage”; acne; faster hair loss; changes in libido; impotence; decrease in sperm production in men; gynecomastia and bloating. These short term effects, aside from the hair loss are usually reversible upon stoppage. It could also lead to stunted growth of bone plates in adolescent users.

Its long term effect to the heart is something to ponder upon before starting on any steroid cycle. Heart muscles tend to grow faster upon AAS use. However, heart vessels could not keep up with this rapid growth and this would eventually cause death to heart muscle tissues. Aside from this, increased water retention could cause hypertension which could lead to heart attacks.

Thursday 07, May 2009

  Hysteria And Hype Surround Steroid

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Hysteria And Hype Surround SteroidThe Congress is now being alarmed by the multiple scandals on steroids. According to U.S. Reps. Elijah Cummings, teenage suicides, death and other crimes are caused by the various effects of steroids. According to the Reps. Cummings, it is part of the Congress’ duty to protect the American’s public health.

The Representative’s views on steroids are seconded by Dr. Gary Wadler. The doctor said that steroids do horrible things such as the suicide of Taylor Hooton, a teenage baseball star; and the crime committed by the wrestler, Chris Benoit. However, Dr. Wadler was not definite of the claims, even the relation of brain tumor and heart attacks to steroids.

However, these notions about steroid were contested by Dr. Norman Fost, a bioethicist at the University of Wisconsin. He said that the various anti-steroid movements or organizations are just filled with hype. Doctor Fost also noted that there is no direct link between injectable steroids and brain tumors.

Doctor Fost added that he did not mean steroids as safe drugs but side effects such as acne, hair loss, testicular atrophy and the development of man boobs would be reduced if steroids are legal.

Friday 27, Feb 2009


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father-calls-on-a-rode28099s-supportThe name Dan Hooton is not new in news about steroids. No, he is not an athlete who was found using steroids nor is he a drug dealer who was recently busted by the cops. He is not related to baseball or wrestling or the NFL. Dan Hooton is a father and he could have been just your regular dad except that six years ago, his son died from steroid use. Taylor Hooton was a pitcher for his high school baseball team back when he was 17. Because he wanted to become bigger and stronger, Taylor took anabolic steroids and was found by his mom hanging in his room after seven months of use. The suicide was caused by the side effects of the steroids and Dan Hooton has never forgotten that since. Dan Hooton has been an anti-steroid advocate ever since Taylor died. He established the Taylor Hooton Foundation addressed to informing the youth of the negative effects of these performance enhancing drugs and hopefully, prevent future “Taylors”. Recently, he had contacted Alex Rodriguez in hopes that the baseball superstar, who had lately been in the news for his steroid use, would join them in their advocacy.

Dan Hooton goes around the country telling everyone the different forgotten stories of the youth that had used steroids and the story of his son, Taylor. Dan Hooton doesn’t really care about the professional athletes that take steroids, as a matter of fact. But he cares about the youth and the young ones who look up to their idols and see those using steroids and start thinking that it’s okay when it’s not.

Wednesday 25, Feb 2009


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survey-suggests-other-indirect-side-effects-of-steroid-useA recent survey done on the use of anabolic steroids in the athletes of the National Football League revealed that the drugs are correlated with various injuries and medical problems later on in life. The survey was sent to 3,693 members of the NFL Retired Players Association and about 20.3% of the players from the 1980′s admitted to having used steroids during their careers. That time, it was still accepted to take steroids since testing for performance enhancing drugs in the NFL started only in 1987. Most of those who used steroids were offensive linemen and defensive linemen, and they also registered with the highest rate of injuries including problems with joint ligaments and cartilage.

While there is no information on the type, duration and dosage of steroids these athletes used, researchers claim the finding to be a “snowball effect”. This means that after the joint problems have occurred, other disease entities developed directly or indirectly due to the injuries. These include inactivity, osteoarthritis, depression, obesity and diabetes. Indeed, if you look at the natural history of these diseases, they are related to one another. Many respondents claimed that they have also suffered from these effects after they had been injured due to steroid use.

Wednesday 26, Mar 2008

  Truth about Anabolic Steroids

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This video about steroids is an eye opener.  For all those who are bias against steroids, watch this video and realize the truth about steroids.  They have a 70 year old steroid user who’s done steroids for 40 years, he’s perfectly fine and health.  All the major studies about steroids show NO life threatening side effects.  Anabolic Steroids do have some side effects, like Acne and Gynecomastia, but nothing like the media reports as like threatening.  Steroids do NOT kill people, let’s face reality!