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Saturday 13, Nov 2010

  Most sore throat patients do not need steroids

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Most sore throat patients do not need steroidsAccording to a new review of studies, most individuals afflicted with sore throat don’t need to ask their doctors for steroids such as prednisone.

Study co-author Dr. Brian H. Rowe of the University of Alberta in Edmonton told Reuters Health that there has been “a bit of a push” for using corticosteroids to treat sore throats based on the inflammation-quelling powers of the drugs.

Rowe said that steroids work fast for known strep throat but their benefits aren’t enough to justify widespread use to treat sore throat.

Friday 27, Aug 2010

  Sore throat pain can be effectively managed with steroids

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Sore throat pain can be effectively managed with steroidsA single 10 mg dose of the steroid, dexamethasone can be useful in terms of safety, efficacy, and affordability for treating bacterial or viral pharyngitis (sore throat), as per a Mayo Clinic study published in an edition of Laryngoscope.

In a study involving 118 patients, it was revealed that patients given dexamethasone in a shot or a pill form reported pain relief four hours sooner than patients on placebo in pill or injection form.

Sixty seven percent of patients administered with steroids returned to normal activity in 12 hours and 84 percent returned to normal activity in 24 hours.

Thursday 13, Aug 2009

  Steroids found to be beneficial for relief of sore throat

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Steroids found to be beneficial for relief of sore throatAccording to a research conducted by Dr. Matthew Thompson of the University of Oxford, corticosteroids in combination with antibiotics can effectively and rapidly treat pain and inflammation associated with sore throat than with antibiotics alone.

The study involved adults and children who all had symptoms of sore throat. They were given both corticosteroids and antibiotics. Results showed that those who received this combination therapy had total pain relief after 24 hours than those who received placebo. Effects on pain, however, were less evident after 48 hours. This led the researchers to conclude that a single dose of corticosteroid is enough to alleviate pain associated with sore throat.

Furthermore, researchers observed that this positive effect was only evident among adult patients and those receiving oral corticosteroids. After numerous trials, it was also found that simple painkillers and corticosteroids exhibit similar effects.

The authors concluded that pain relief can be effectively achieved by using corticosteroid in conjunction with antibiotics. It can reduce the average time to pain relief. However, there were some limitations to the study. Further research needs to be conducted on the effects of corticosteroids independent of antibiotics. Possible harmful effects on the use of steroids in sore throat were also not established.

According to Medical News Today:

A study just published on bmj.com reports that when treating adults with severe sore throat, a single dose of corticosteroid drugs together with antibiotics can alleviate pain more rapidly and effectively than with antibiotics alone.