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Tuesday 04, Aug 2009

  Harness horse testing in New York lagging

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Harness horse testing in New York laggingNew York horse owners were recently discouraged to discover that drug tests were not performed on the racehorses despite the fact that they were paying a 10$ fee for each thoroughbred that runs in New York. The program is supposed to be conducted at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University.

According to Dr.Michael Kotlikoff, the college’s dean, they were not provided with sufficient funds by the New York State Racing and Wagering Board. Racing Board officials opposed with Dr. Kottlikoff statement that the state is not providing the University with enough money. Rather, the problem has to do with the increased fee of drug testing in the said university. Kotlikoff said that they have to raise drug testing fees in order to cover the deficit from the costs incurred by the drug-testing program in the past years. Added to that, the building where the testing is conducted is in a state of damage that they may have no choice but to close it in the future. If this happens, then drug-testing would be done outside New York which would cost three times more than what they are charging.

The test should be conducted in order to detect the use of anabolic steroids in horse racing and to detect the use of “milkshake”. Milkshake is a combination of baking soda and other substances that delays the onset of lactic acid in horses.

According to New York Times:

“I was told they were testing for steroids and that they were testing everywhere for the milkshakes,” said Kim Crawford, director of the United States Trotting Association, who is also a trainer and driver at Saratoga Raceway. “The state is getting the $10 per horse from us and that amounts to a lot of money. Now, we find out they’re not doing the testing they’re supposed to be doing.”

Thursday 30, Apr 2009

  Teenager’s Public Service Announcement on Steroid Won First Place

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Teenager’s Public Service Announcement on Steroid Won First PlaceIn Blissfield Michigan, Travis Babbitt was awarded first place for his public service announcement about steroids and sports. The audio and video production that he presented in Lenawee Intermediate School District Tech Center was entered in a completion through the help of Michigan Association of Broadcasters Foundation. The media production was a result of the 30-to 60-second commercial assignment given to students.

He did a 30-second video containing some footage of his classmates lifting weights. He also included the facts on how steroids can affect people who use them.

Travis Babbitt said that he, himself is involved in sports. He is the defensive lineman for the football team of the Blissfield High School. He also added that his inspiration came from the on going issue in Major League Baseball.

According, Melissa Conklin, Travis’ teacher on audio and video production, that she really insisted every student to join the contest. She also added that the competition will give students, especially if they win, the opportunity to talk with professional broadcasters when they win and attend the award conference.

Travis Babbitt said that he was excited upon knowing that he won the competition. He added that he had pulled out his phone and started sending text messages to his parents and friends. Babbitt will come back and pursue his independent study next year.

Friday 24, Apr 2009


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LOCAL HIGH SCHOOLS INITIATED A STEP TO FIGHT STEROIDWill C. Wood and Vacaville High Schools are among the beneficiaries of the $30,000 fund from the Atlas and Athena program of the National Football League. The kick-off ceremony which was initiated by the program’s co-founder, Dr. Linn Goldberg, was held last Monday at the Wood C. Will. She showed and exposed some of the worse results of using regulated drugs such as steroids. This program will create awareness among students and athletes. It will also promote healthy alternatives such as healthy nutrition and proper training to increase strength and performance.

Vacaville Unified School District Superintendent John Aycock and Mr. Frank Marrero, the father of the late Efrain Anthony Marrero, were also present during the occasion. Most who witnessed the presentation of Dr.Linn were surprised to see how both young men and women sorted to using steroids to enhance muscle build-up, strength and performance. Through this program, these local high schools will make a curriculum that will educate students and athletes about the adverse effects of steroids.

Wednesday 04, Mar 2009


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alternative-to-steroidsRip Esselstyn, a writer and the author of The Engine 2 Diet, gives us a view of a more potent performance enhancing drug that anabolic androgenic steroids. According to him, the secret to truly showing your true prowess in the field is eating vegetables. Vegetables have similar functions to steroids and more. They can have strengthening and protective effects, and they don’t produce the side effects that steroids do. There have been many athletes who have proved the effectivity of vegetables in the diet.

So how to vegetables work? First of all, they provide you with nutrients and minerals needed to regulate bodily function. This leads to increase in physical strength, boosts of energy and increase in muscle mass. They help with losing weight and turning flabs into hard, toned muscles. They prevent diseases caused by anabolic steroids such as high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Moreover, they are also anti-aging agents that make the body healthier and more alive.

Saturday 17, Jan 2009


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youth-steroidsMost parents would find it disturbing when they find out that they kids are smoking tobacco, drinking alcoholic beverages, using illegal drugs, and even using performance enhancing drugs. In most cases, the community depends on parents of athletes to be responsible for any  steroid use in sports by their children. Not only does reprimanding the young on steroid use teach them about their responsibility in working hard to improve their performance but it also helps them maintain clean and high quality health practices. Apparently, this is not the case for a father in Gilbertville, Iowa.

The teenage boy was found out after he assaulted his own mother at her residence last November 19. Investigations on the 14-year old started after that. Local Gilbertville police found several prescription steroids in the boy’s bedroom— a syringe and 105 pills.

According to his court statement, the boy claimed that his father provided his supply of pills and gave him the steroids one time during his weekend visit. Instead of denying the issue, the father admitted to giving his son the needle and pills that were found. To make the evidence stronger, a local drug test from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation revealed that the pills the father gave his son were anabolic steroids. Officials fail to release what specific type of steroids these were though.

Sunday 20, Jul 2008

  Steroid user vs. Steroid Loser

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steroids fallacyOn the right you see a world class sprinter who most likely uses anabolic steroids, and the guy on the left is a world class nobody who doesn’t use steroids and doesn’t eat a lot. Who is the person who’s the least healthy? The guy on the left or right. The guy on the right is in better shape, better lifestyle and a lot more healthy then the guy on the left.

What’s a better lifestyle? being anorexic, skinny and do little exercise, or be buff, muscular, keep a healthy lifestyle and good level of cardio and fitness.  98% of steroid users are white collar male workers who have jobs paying over $50,000/year and work full time with a good family (wife/kids).  They life a healthy lifestyle and just try to use anabolic steroids to look better and stay in better shape.  On average these men workout at least 5hours per week and do at least 45min of cardio per month.  This is of course an amazing achievement for western society where most time is spent watching TV and eating chips and dip on the couch.

Steroid use vs. no steroids  ? you make the choice!

Wednesday 20, Feb 2008

  Hank Aaron: “steroids don’t work”

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hank-aaron-steroidsHank Aaron, although a bit out of his league with reality, is pretty much saying steroids don’t work. From the real understanding, there is an idea that steroids help your performance, but that’s marginal. The truth is that the best steroids in the world wont make you a GREAT athlete, that comes with talent, heart, training and ambition. Hank Aaron is saying that anabolic steroids or even HGH have nothing to do with being great in the game. Psychological factors like being better might come into play, but reality always shows that anabolic steroids only help you marginally, the rest comes from your inner struggle to be the best in any sport. In any sport, whether it’s baseball, football or even golf, 90% of who you become is your training and dedication, the rest can be attributed to just about anything.

“If somebody can tell where it says if you take steroids it will help you hit a baseball, I wish they would tell me,” he said.

“I don’t think it does. I just don’t know what it does.”

Monday 18, Feb 2008

  Media against Steroid Hearings in Congress

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It seems even the media has been fed up with steroid hearings.  They are now against steroid hearings and probes in congress.

The Mitchell Report, conducted by former Sen. George Mitchell, was done at the request of Major League Baseball, not Congress. Whether or not Clemens is telling the truth or lying about his steroid use is a matter for Mitchell and the commissioner of baseball to fret over.

Yes, Congress does have a role in establishing the laws when it comes to drug use, but this hearing wasn’t focused on public policy. It was simply a high profile “he said, he said” confrontation involving one of the best and most popular baseball players in America.

Friday 08, Feb 2008

  International pact against steroids in sports ???

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steroids in baseball and sportsThanks to Barry Bonds and other steroid jockeys who used steroids while playing baseball, it has become policy to target anabolic steroids in government probes for great media attention. The truth is that NO ONE will ever get rid of steroids, HGH or other performance enhancing drugs from sports. So long as there is fame and fortune to be won by being the best, steroids, HGH, clear, THG and so on, will keep seeing their way into sports. In fact, only 1% of anabolic steroid users are athletes, 99% of steroid users are just plain regular JOs looking to get fit and stay fit. We are not even mentioning the 100,000s of people with medical conditions such as AIDS or Cancer, who are helped daily by steroid use.

The International Convention Against Doping in Sport was drafted under the U.N. and has been ratified by more than 70 countries. It urges nations to promote anti-doping controls for international competition, like the Olympics and Pan American Games.