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Saturday 26, Feb 2011

  Retired star admits to use of steroids

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Retired star admits to use of steroidsThe former St Louis Cardinals, Mark McGwire, has rendered a public apology after saying that he did used steroids for health reasons and not for performance improvements.

McGwire has admitted using steroids when he was a player, including in the year 1998 when he broke the single-season home run record.

The 46-year-old said an admission applauded by Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig that he used steroids during his playing career.

Tuesday 25, Jan 2011

  MLB’s biggest cheats has McGwire as the new addition

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MLB's biggest cheats has McGwire as the new additionThe former St Louis Cardinals slugger, Mark McGwire, as decided to come clean after years of rumor that he used steroids.

McGwire, the one-time “home-run king”, recently became baseball’s confessed steroid users and said, “It was absolutely the most ridiculously stupid thing I’ve ever done in my life. I regret it totally”.

It seems like baseball players are making valiant attempts to rewrite a history that they had already rewritten before with mendacious intent by their use of performance enhancing drugs.

Sunday 28, Nov 2010

  Former Cardinals slugger McGwire admits steroid use

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Former Cardinals slugger McGwire admits steroid useMark McGwire, the former St Louis Cardinals slugger, has admitted using steroids when he was a player including in the year 1998 when he broke the single-season home-run record, but denied they improved his performance.

The 46-year-old recently said in a statement that he did used steroids during his playing career and rendered an apology for the same.

The statement of McGwire was applauded by Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig.

Monday 02, Nov 2009

  Former FBI agent thinks McGwire’s comeback sent a bad message

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mark-mcgwireAccording to retired FBI agent Greg Stejskal, McGwire’s hiring as hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals sent off a bad message.

Stejskal used to be the investigating agent during the major steroids investigation in the early 90s. The investigation showed strong evidence that McGwire used steroids.

However, according to Commissioner Bud Selig, he is delighted that Mark McGwire is returning to Major League Baseball. Selig referred to McGwire as a very fine, fine man. The Cardinals should be applauded, added Selig.

Stejskal worked with fellow retired FBI agent Bill Randall in the early 90s in a steroid investigation called “Operation Equine”. The operation uncovered further steroids use in gyms and among weightlifters, as well as bodybuilders and fitness trainers. Two names from the baseball league surfaced during the investigations, one was Mark McGwire and the other was his fellow Oakland A player Jose Canseco. More than arresting individual steroids users, Operation Equine was created to catch steroids suppliers and distributors. Operation Equine actually snared a net 70 convictions.

After Equine, both Stejskal and Randall received solid evidence that McGwire was on steroids. Stejskal’s reliable source was no other than McGwire’s steroid supplier, Curtis Wenzlaff, a previous California resident.

Saturday 26, Sep 2009

  These Latin American baseball prospects

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These Latin American baseball prospectsBaseball is not only famous in the US, but also in Latin American countries such as the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Incidentally, many baseball prospects come from Latin America. With so many issues plaguing Latin baseball prospects, from falsification of documents to doping, it is not a wonder that the league has become stricter. DNA testing and steroid testing is now regularly done for top prospects, especially those who will be signing million dollar contracts.

However, 16-year-old prospect, Wagner Mateo’s case differ from the rest. During a medical check-up, Mateo was found to have a 20/30 vision affecting his right eye.

In July, he was rewarded a signing bonus of $3.1 million with the St. Louis Cardinals. He was on his way to fulfilling his dream of pulling his family from an impoverished life. However, with the issue on his vision, the Cardinals made their decision Tuesday night. They decided to void Mateo’s contract. According to the Cardinals, the reason for the contract voiding was due to “physical defect”.

Adam Katz, an agent plans to file a grievance in behalf of Mateo against the St. Louis Cardinals for terminating his contract.

Right now, Mateo is looking forward to try-outs and showing people that his vision does not get in the way of making him the next big thing in baseball.

Monday 16, Mar 2009


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MCGWIRE KEEPS MUM OVER STEROIDSRetired baseball slugger Mark McGwire, had rarely been seen in public or made any comment since he appeared at a Congressional hearing on steroids. Recently however he agrees to an interview with the New York Times as long as it doesn’t touch on the easy about the allegations that he had been using performance enhancing drugs.

Since his retirement in 2001 he retreated to a more private life. The more he did so when Jose Canseco’s book linked him to steroid use. When he was asked he neither denied nor confirmed it saying he was not going to talk about the past.

McGwire has expressed his interest in coaching in the Major Leagues. He almost had a chance to attend the spring training in 2008 in lieu of Tony La Russa, his former manager. But there had been a family situation that he had to attend to. He is currently the hitting instructor for Holliday and Crosby for the Oakland A’s and Schumaker and Duncan for the St. Louis Cardinals. He says he enjoys his time with the guys and talk to them about hitting which he seldom did while he was still playing.

Thursday 22, Jan 2009


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tony_larussa-steroidsMark David McGwire had his shot at becoming part of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, this dream was shattered when a fellow teammate, Jose Canseco, claimed that he had personally injected McGwire with anabolic steroids. Although McGwire was not named by The Mitchell Report, the accusation has caused his name a lot of damage. McGwire did admit to taking androstenedione which is a steroid-precursor and is a legal over-the-counter performance enhancer. McGwire has been artfully dodging questions about his steroid use even when he was under oath. This has puzzled many fans and critics alike. Some stay at McGwire’s side, however, like his manager, Tony La Russa.