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Thursday 12, May 2011

  Chiropractor admits ordering steroids for personal use

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Chiropractor admits ordering steroids for personal useDouglas Nagel, a chiropractor who treated Washington Capitals players and has been linked to an admitted steroid dealer, was recently senteneced to three years of probation by a Florida judge.

This was after Nagel pleaded guilty to attempted possession of a controlled substance.

Nagel received shipments of steroids from Thomas, who pleaded guilty in November to a federal count of possessing anabolic steroids with intent to sell, according to an affidavit signed by a Polk County sergeant.

Saturday 07, May 2011

  FBI informant tells McGwire used steroids to bulk up

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FBI informant tells McGwire used steroids to bulk upThe efforts of Mark McGwire for reducing the extent of his decade-long doping program seem to be as inauthentic as his home run records.

The records of McGwire are under scrutiny ever since a California steroid dealer handed Mark McGwire a sophisticated array of super-potent anabolic steroid almost twenty years ago.

Insisting on anonymity, the informant of FBI revealed McGwire’s regimen was one-half cc of testosterone cypionate every three days; one cc of testosterone enanthate per week; the veterinary steroids Equipoise and Winstrol V, one quarter cc every three days, injected into the buttocks, one in one cheek, one in the other.

Friday 07, Jan 2011

  Wrestler actor charged for drugs

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Wrestler actor charged for drugsScott Siegel, the actor who played an anabolic steroid dealer in Oscar contender The Wrestler, has been charged for steroids by a New York Court.

Siegel is being held without bail on drug dealing and assault charges after police seized 1,500 bottles assumed to contain steroids.

Siegel was charged in court in White Plains, New York.

Sunday 11, Oct 2009

  ‘The Wrestler’ actor admits he was a steroids dealer

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The Wrestler' actor admits he was a steroids dealerScott Siegel of New Rochelle, who played the role of a steroids dealer, pleaded guilty this Friday to distributing anabolic steroids and confessed that he tried to run down the agents who arrested him.

It is expected that the confession would bring a prison term of approximately five years.

This episode has once again highlighted the fact that steroids and most of the celebrities share a relationship, which is often untalked. The news, which surprised many, is expected to add to the dark cloud that had been created by the recent accusations and admissions that steroids are a part of many celebrated lives.

Wednesday 28, Jan 2009


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underground-steroidRyan Shooltz, a 25-year old ex-steroid dealer, was given a chance to resubmit letters of support for his cause. He is hoping that U.S District Judge Michael Ponsor would give him a lighter sentence in consideration of his changed lifestyle since an incident indicting him several years ago. In 2004, one of Shooltz’s friends died of methadone overdose in the defendant’s Amherst apartment. They had to call in police at that and the officers found several doses of anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, vitamins and unknown pills in the scene of the crime. Since then, it was considered that Shooltz and his friends were planning to distribute the drugs illegally.

Shooltz pleaded guilty last October but is hoping that Ponsor would also look at the fact that he has reinvented himself since the incident. He has a lucrative job as a salesman, his own apartment and even a long-term girlfriend. At present, Ponsor is considering to give him a sentence of 6 months in community confinement and the judge also noted that Lesser has not submitted letters of support for Shooltz. Thomas Lesser of the defense said that he didn’t think it was needed. Even if Ponsor admitted to rarely giving second chances to gather support for defendants, he told defense to compile as much for Shooltz’s hearing so that he can review the files before the sentencing on late February.

Wednesday 17, Sep 2008

  Steroid dealer pleads guilty in Newark

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According to a report by the Daily News, a New Jersey resident pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute anabolic steroids last Tuesday in a federal court in Newark.

Thirty-five-year old Anthony Scarpa reportedly manufactured steroids at his Sayreville home. He also pleaded guilty to an unlawful possession of firearms by a felon in court. Apparently, Scarpa has two previous felony convictions. Daily News provides the details on this news.

When Scarpa was arrested at his home on Sept. 20, 2007, according to a criminal complaint, FBI and DEA agents found “a substantial, active and ongoing laboratory used for the manufacturing of steroids.” Authorities say Scarpa, who lived in an upscale home on a quiet cul-de-sac, operated out of a basement filled with chemicals, tubs and vials. The agents found labeled and finished steroid products, raw steroid powders and a plastic receptacle containing more than 10,000 tablets of steroid products.

The agents also seized a .40-caliber Glock Model 23 semi-automatic pistol and a .40-caliber Springfield semi-automatic pistol.

Scarpa, who will be sentenced on Dec. 16, could be sentenced for up to five years in prison on the steroid count and 10 years for the firearms offense, said Robert Kirsch, the assistant United States attorney who prosecuted the case.

The now deceased David Jacobs had also operated his huge steroid production from his home in Plano, Texas. He had also owned a Glock .40 caliber automatic, which he used to kill himself after fatally shooting his on-again, off–again girlfriend on June 5, 2008. During the police investigation of the suicide-murder scene, authorities seized for Jacobs’ home 146 vials of steroids, a plastic jar containing suspected steroids, and three jars of clear liquid believed to contain steroids. Incidentally, Jacobs’ nickname was ‘Bulletproof’.

Sunday 15, Jun 2008

  Steroids dealer, co-conspirators sentenced to probation

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David Jacobs steroidsDavid Jacobs, of Plano, Tex., was sentenced to probation on May 1 for selling anabolic steroids. Jacobs pleaded guilty last year in federal court to conspiring to possess with intent to distribute anabolic steroids.

There are other six co-defendants, who have also pleaded guilty to charges against them. Two other co-defendants were sentenced together with Jacobs. Their probation came with monetary fines.

Jacobs got three years’ probation with a $25,000 fine. Amber Jarrell (Jacob’s former girlfriend), 37, also of Plano, got three years’ probation and a $1,000 fine. Matt Williams, 39, of Dallas, who helped bottle and store the steroids, also got three years and a $10,000 fine.

The other four co-conspirators are Andrew Schenck of Dallas; Juan Carlos Ballivian of Houston; Brandon Mark Smith of the Dallas area; and Jamie Mongeau of Wichita, Kan. All four are awaiting sentencing.

Right after his sentencing hearing, Jacobs was very vocal about his willingness to help clean up the professional football league. “I want to help them understand the loopholes, how I was able to help people beat the tests, and how prevalent steroid use is,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs was a former bodybuilder who confessed that he had taught a couple of NFL players on how to exploit NFL loopholes concerning anabolic steroids use and testing policies. According to Jacobs, he had advised several NFL players on how to elude drug screening. He said to the athletes that they should ask their team doctors to prescribe them finasteride, a drug used to treat baldness. Jacobs said, “The excuse they did it under was that the players were losing their hair because they were taking their helmets on and off.” Finasteride is not among NFL’s banned substances.

According to a New York Times article, Jacobs has sold about a thousand of his own bottles of steroids and another thousand kits of human growth hormone smuggled from China to dealers across the United States. According to Jacobs, among the dealers he supplied were two NFL players, one who of which was offensive lineman Matt Lehr. The two players would then supply a number of other NFL players with the banned substances.