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Sunday 29, Apr 2012

  RCMP charged three men for steroid imports

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The RCMP has charged three men from the Halifax area after an investigation into the conspiracy to import and traffic anabolic steroids.

Andrew Paul Scott, 27; James Douglas Rae, 30; and Kevin John O’Keefe, 29, have all been charged with conspiracy for trafficking in different anabolic steroids and six counts of conspiracy of importing various anabolic steroids into Canada.

All three men are scheduled to appear in court in Halifax on June 19.

Wednesday 11, May 2011

  Former trainer of Bonds could face jail time again

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Former trainer of Bonds could face jail time againThe former trainer of Barry Bonds, Greg Anderson, could face jail time again as perjury trial of his childhood friend and former client, Barry Bonds, finally gets underway.

Anderson is expected to appear in Judge Susan Illston’s U.S. District Court for answering questions about whether he will testify about his relationship with Bonds and whether he supplied the home run king with designer steroids from the Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative (BALCO).

Anderson will appear on whatever dates he is subpoenaed, but he will almost certainly refuse to answer prosecutors’ questions, according to his attorney.

Sunday 20, Feb 2011

  NJ man sentenced for giving steroids and cocaine

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NJ man sentenced for giving steroids and cocaineAnthony M. Cuppari, an East Hanover man, who wanted to be a medical doctor like his father has been given a five-year prison sentence for giving anabolic steroids to a high school athlete and cocaine to his girlfriend.

Cuppari pleaded guilty and apologized to his family and the community for distributing cocaine and distribution of anabolic steroids in liquid form to a juvenile, a 17-year-old, in 2007.

Cuppari will be on probation for the next five years, must perform 300 hours of community service, and pay a $2,000 fine, according to the sentence imposed by Superior Court Judge Thomas V. Manahan in Morristown.

Monday 06, Sep 2010

  Barry Bonds could have used steroids

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Barry Bonds could have used steroidsAccording to a lawyer representing the American baseball superstar, Barry Bonds, steroids in the form of unknowingly used creams and oils may have been used by Bonds.

It is being claimed that Bonds made use of these substances out of blind faith on Greg Anderson, his personal trainer and long-time friend.

It seems that there is no respite for the game of baseball, which has been haunted by accusations of steroid use by some of the biggest names in history of the game.

Tuesday 27, Jan 2009


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rd1-steroidsA local of Sayreville, New Jersey has been sentenced for manufacturing more than a thousand doses of anabolic steroids right in his own residences. Alfred Scarpa was found as a result of an investigation known as “Operation Raw Deal“. Federal agents were able to arrest and charge over a hundred drug dealers across the country. Last September 20, 2007, Scarpa’s house was raided and federal agents managed to seize 40,000 doses of steroids, 2 guns, and cash worth $56,000. They also found that part of his house was turned into a steroid factory and was used to produce his own stocks.

Scarpa was charged with illegal possession and manufacturing of steroids with the intent to distribute them, and possession of firearms. The man pleaded guilty to everything and has now been sentenced to 33 months in prison. The authorities are waiting and expecting Scarpa to surrender himself voluntarily by March 23 to face his sentence.

Scarpa has been part of several drug distribution schemes. In 2000, he was convicted for illegal distribution of cocaine in Monmouth County. In 2003, he was arrested in Union County for distributing ketamine

Friday 12, Dec 2008

  Former wrestling coach now behind bars to await trial for steroid distribution and other charges

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wrestling-steroidsA former wrestling coach in Virginia, who has been running from the law for many months, is now back behind bars to await his trial.

Ben Walter Hunter, 40, is now facing 31 criminal counts in Lancaster County, including steroid distribution and child abuse. Hunter was indicted by Rockingham County grand jury in January 2006. Said indictment was based on the allegation of a Lancaster boy whom Hunter had reportedly molested in April 2005.

Hunter, however, was allowed to post bond and visit his parents in Oklahoma. He never came back to face his crimes.

It was only on Oct. 10, 2008, Hunter was apprehended in Phoenix, Arizona. On Nov.17, he was returned to Virginia to face his crimes.

His capture was largely due to the “America’s Most Wanted”, where he was featured several times. A background on Hunter’s case from “America’s Most Wanted” site:

Lancaster County cops and the Virginia State Police say Hunter was a volunteer wrestling coach who turned his attention to one of his young wrestlers. He told the boy that if he wanted to be a state champion, he would need to step up his efforts.

According to investigators, Hunter convinced his victim to take supplements in order to enhance his physical strength. Police determined the so-called “supplements” were actually anabolic steroids.

Police say Hunter cultivated a friendly relationship with the boy’s father, and in this way, had unfettered access to the child. At one point, he even gave the family a computer — a seemingly generous gift. But cops say the real reason for the gift was so he could stay in close contact with the boy.