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Friday 23, May 2008

  Barry Bonds Blacklisted for Steroids

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barrybonds-steroidsIt seems Barry Bonds is now blacklisted from baseball because of steroid use. But, really, what’s the reason the BALCO grand jury went after Barry Bonds? Bonds didn’t run BALCO, he didn’t sell their products, he didn’t even really know what they produced (the complexity of it all), but he used the “clear” steroids they provided. Why exactly then did the grand jury attention turn from investigating an alleged steroid dealer into a witch hunt into steroids in baseball? Well it seems that federal attention turned when they realized they can get more attention by attacking a famous baseball player with steroid investigations. Let’s face it, home many local crack heads who bought 1 rock are gone after when a cocaine cartel boss from south america is put in investigated? NONE!

Barry Bonds was just used as an example of the over reaching government power and the waste of taxpayer dollars on constant steroid investigations. USA Taxpayers want a better economy, lower gas prices and an end to the war in Iraq, not more investigations into which baseball player injected steroids into their ass.

Saturday 08, Mar 2008

  USA Taxpayers speaking out against endless steroid investigations in congress

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This a letter of a person who wrote in to an Orlando newspaper with his comments about steroids in baseball and the ongoing steroid probe.  Notice, this is an unbias view of the american taxpayer about steroid probes by congress.  If congress wants to be re-elected they better start paying attention to these important voters and their view about the money and time wasted with steroids.  Remember, if 1 person took the time to write into a newspaper, it means at least a 100,000 didn’t.  This is about the 10th or 15th letter of this kind we’ve seen, some much harder on congress about the time wasted in steroid probes. That would mean about 2,000,000 taxpayers in the USA feel that steroid probes into checking whether baseball players used steroids are useless, a waste of taxpayer dollars and are making the voters very angry.  The voters will get more angry so long as these steroid probes into baseball continue.  (fyi, he is a bit ignorant about steroids as a drug, but that’s ok, at least he voiced his view.  Steroids do NOT kill you)

OK, I am as sick of the steroids issue as everyone else.

It happened. Will still happen. Everyone needs to get over it.

Purity just isn’t a word that Americans can hold by anymore, and I can’t say I fault players all that much.

It is a personal choice, and a stupid one.  Yes, it is dumb to take steroids. But, not because of me, the fan, but because they will kill you and rob you of time with your friends and family later in life.

Baseball isn’t the victim here, they have profitted from it. Actually, Bud Selig owes his job to the likes of Brian Roberts, Miguel Tejada, Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Their personal choices brought excitement to the game and put butts in the seats. And, baseball is a business. And, just like any owner, you do what you have to to make a profit.

No, this doesn’t make these players a good role model for your 5-year-old. But, should a baseball player be taking that role anyways? Look at yourself and realize that you, the parent, should be the role model. Don’t hand off responsibility.

That’s exactly what Bud Selig has done…handed off responsibility for what he knew was going on.

And for Congress to get involved while we have thousands of our young men and women overseas is ludicrous. Prioritize people. Baseball is entertainment, and every game provides an escape from everyday life for the fans. Instead of worrying about steroid use, come up with a way to get our troops home.

Then again, no one wants to take responsibility for that, either.

Wednesday 05, Mar 2008

  Roger Clemens and Steroids – FBI Probe

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clemens-steroids-baseballSteroid Nation recently brought up a great question. “How many governmental agencies does it take to unscrew a light bulb?” It seems now that congress has spent countless taxpayer dollars on useless steroid probes, they have forced the FBI and IRS to get involved. How exactly does Roger Clemens possibly lying about steroids warrant a tax audit? On top of this, it seems the FBI has been forced into dealing with this steroid issue. It’s evident that the FBI clearly doesn’t want anything to do with anabolic steroid probes, they have other things to worry about, like terrorism. However, our guess is that congress has pushed the FBI into dealing with anabolic steroids, rather then keeping on their regular track. We consider the FBI a very upstanding organization, with an amazing amount of dedicated individuals, so it is a shame to see them forced into a ludicrous investigation into whether Roger Clemens used steroids as a baseball star and then lied about it!

Sunday 02, Mar 2008

  Barry Bonds anabolic steroids and HGH Saga continues

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barry bonds steroidsIt seems the media wont leave Barry Bonds alone, the new topic is discussing the way back machine of what Bonds said in his Congressional hearings/steroid probe. Barry Bonds like any professional athlete had a lot of injuries and he went to his personal trainer to get help; after using DMSO and flaxseed oil, he realized that’s not going to work. Thus, he switched to using anabolic steroids and, possibly, human growth hormone. Is that bad? no, the guy was trying to recover from very bad injuries so you have to cut him some slack. Where did he buy steroids ? was the question asked many times. Turns out he bought from BALCO via his personal trainer. Again, not like he broke any rules! MLB did not ban steroids or HGH until after the steroid scandals.

Barry Bonds Testimony to congress at the steroid probe:

Asked whether Anderson had ever gave him human growth hormone or something that had to be taken with a syringe, Bonds said: “Greg wouldn’t do that. He knows I’m against that stuff … he would never jeopardize our friendship like that.”