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Monday 28, Mar 2011

  Chinese steroid suppliers sued by slain woman’s family

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Chinese steroid suppliers sued by slain woman's familyThe family of Amanda Jo Earhart Savell, the fitness competitor killed by convicted steroids dealer David Jacobs two years ago this month, has filed a lawsuit against Chinese steroid suppliers of Jacobs.

The family said their products contributed to his “steroid rage” that led to her death.

Steroid raw materials were received by Jacobs from contacts in China that he mixed and then sold in North Texas and around the country.

Friday 17, Jul 2009

  Steroid abuse can lead to smaller brain

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Steroid abuse can lead to smaller brainApoptosis, a condition wherein cells commit “ suicide” was found to occur when cultured brain cells were exposed to high levels of testosterone. It is a process wherein cells are programmed to die even without any acute injury to the cell. This process is normal during fetal development like during the formation of fingers and toes. Cells in between our digits need to apoptize in order for our fingers and toes to form normally. This condition is also associated with several neurologic diseases like Huntington’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. Large doses of steroids can help increase muscle bulk but it can also cause catastrophic brain cell loss. This study which lead to the theory of brain cell loss was conducted by Professor Ehrlich’s team.

Furthermore, high levels of testosterone can lead to heightened male aggression, which they commonly refer to as “ steroid rage”. Another study conducted to test the heightened aggression associated with steroids, used adolescent placid hamsters, and it was found out that after administration of anabolic steroids, the animals were observed to be more aggressive than normal. They continue to bite and chase intruders even two weeks after the drug was withdrawn.