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Thursday 05, Jul 2012

  Hugo Lopez puts steroid scandal behind him

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Second-year Eskimos defensive back, Hugo Lopez, a member of suspended University of Waterloo football program has put the Waterloo steroid scandal behind him.

The Nicaraguan-born defensive back opted to take his game to the University of Toronto, where he capped off his four-year university career with the Varsity Blues. Lopez is looking forward to his second CFL season after experiencing action in three games last season following a six-game stint on the injured list and nine games on the reserve list.

Lopez said the steroid scandal is behind him and he is concentrating to get a Grey Cup with the Edmonton Eskimos.

Lopez took advantage of a CIS ruling that allowed Waterloo players to transfer to another school and play immediately.

Friday 07, Jan 2011

  Steroid case against Floridan pharmacy dismissed

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Steroid case against Floridan pharmacy dismissedA state judge has dismissed a criminal case against the operators of a pharmacy in Florida, in a sharp rebuke of the Albany County district attorney, at the center of a national steroid scandal that implicated major sports figures.

The judge, Stephen Herrick of Albany County Court, noted in dismissing the case that the company (Signature Pharmacy) operators, were pursuing a civil lawsuit against the district attorney, P. David Soares, in which they accused him and his office of committing federal civil rights violations stemming from the criminal case.

It is worth noting here that Mr. Soares had said that Signature Pharmacy was at the center of a nationwide ring of shady Web sites and unethical doctors who had made steroids and other controlled substances easy to obtain over the Internet.

Friday 03, Dec 2010

  Bonds still the undisputed King of the City

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Bonds still the undisputed King of the CityBarry Bonds is one player that cannot be out of action for long and was recently seen in San Francisco looking fit in his familiar No. 25.

Even though the undisguised contempt by national news media for Bonds is well known, the Giants took pride in inviting Bonds back as he is San Francisco’s baseball hero.

The game of baseball has been left tarnished by news breakouts of baseball sluggers suspected of, or admitted to, using or receiving steroids or HGH during their time with the team but fans still admire their idols who have provided enough entertainment to them.

Wednesday 13, Oct 2010

  Roger Clemens indicted in baseball steroid case

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Roger Clemens indicted in baseball steroid caseThe former New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox baseball pitcher, Roger Clemens, has been indicted for allegedly lying to the US Congress. This was after it was found that Clemens lied while testifying before a congressional committee that he had never taken steroids or human growth hormone.

The name of Clemens was mentioned 82 times in a report by former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell that detailed the sport’s problem with steroids in 2007.

The statement of Clemens in the past is a “self-inflicted wound”, as per former Rep. Tom Davis, the top Republican on the House of Representatives panel at the time of Clemens’ testimony.

Thursday 07, Oct 2010

  Canadian football player tested positive for HGH

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Canadian football player tested positive for HGHA Canadian college football player whose team was suspended for the 2010 season because of a steroid scandal is the first athlete to test positive for HGH (human growth hormone) in North America.

One of the 20 blood tests collected from the University of Waterloo team came back positive for human growth hormone, according to the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports (CCES).

The Waterloo case, in which the school tested the entire team after a player was arrested in the spring and charged with possession and trafficking of anabolic steroids, is considered to be the most significant doping case in the history of Canadian college sports.

Monday 05, Oct 2009

  Ortiz latest on drug scandal

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Ortiz latest on drug scandalDavid Ortiz, the Boston Red Sox slugger, is the latest baseball star to be implicated in the ever-growing drug scandal list after he acknowledged that the union of players confirmed that he tested positive in 2003.

Ortiz responded to a story on the web site of the New York Times that he and his former teammate Manny Ramirez had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs about six years ago. This revelation came immediately after Ortiz led Boston Red to a victory against the Oakland with a margin of 8-5.

It is interesting to note here that 104 major leaguers tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, way back in 2003. The results of this steroid scandal were supposed to be anonymous and are now under court seal.

Wednesday 22, Jul 2009

  Steroid Scandal brought disciplinary action against 11 Boston Officers

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Steroid Scandal brought disciplinary action against 11 Boston OfficersIn a scandal that brought bad name to the police department, eleven Boston police officers have been reprimanded for their alleged role in context to steroids.

This scandal has forced senior officials to tighten and revise their drug policies and resulted in prison time for four involved patrolmen.

Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis said that he was not happy with the action taken against the eleven culprits in the uniform. Seven of the eleven officers who admitted to steroids at some point in their careers were asked to give a written reprimand to a suspension for 45 days without any pay. However, none of the guilty officers were fired and will not be facing any criminal charges against them.

All of the eleven officers will be subjected to drug tests for their entire careers.