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Tuesday 11, May 2010

  High doses of steroids not always the reason behind bone loss

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High doses of steroids not always the reason behind bone lossA study has suggested that children administered with steroid drugs for treating a kidney condition called nephrotic syndrome do not suffer from bone loss, which is a common steroid side effect in adults. This study shed light on the mixed effects of steroids.

Childhood nephrotic syndrome, which affects 3 out of every 100,000 children, is one of the most common chronic kidney diseases among children. Though this disease does not affect kidney function, it does weaken ability of the body to remove salt and water from the blood to result in swelling in the legs, belly, and around the eyes.

Pediatric nephrologist Mary B. Leonard, M.D., of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, lead author of the study, said nephrotic syndrome can be resolved quickly when treated unlike other diseases of children that are treated with steroid drugs.

Monday 20, Jul 2009

  How to solve side effects caused by steroids

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How to solve side effects caused by steroidsTopical steroids, a form of steroid used to treat various skin conditions from itchiness to inflammation are effective, however, prolonged use may cause new problems. This medication used to treat skin irritations ironically, causes skin thinning. Nonetheless, this side effect is only temporary and will stop as soon as you discontinue its usage. Thankfully, this side effect can also be treated by certain methods.

First is by applying Vitamin C to the skin. It tends to plump the skin and with regular use, collagen production is enhanced. Vitamin C can be found in a variety of lotions, creams and serums. Second is by the use of Retin-A which encourages skin production. It is available in ointment, cream or serum forms and may need a doctor’s prescription. Third, massage you skin daily. Using firm pressure to massage the area will help increase blood circulation and nutrients readily reach the area to better nourish the skin. Massage the area twice daily for at least 90 seconds. Lastly, Vitamin E helps promote a thicker and healthier skin. Puncture a Vitamin E capsule and just squeeze out the contents onto you skin. Spread evenly to ensure full coverage to the affected area.