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Monday 31, Aug 2009

  Steroid smuggling intercepted in UK airportsteroid

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Steroid smuggling intercepted in UK airportParvez Atta, a resident of Darnall, eastern Sheffield was found guilty of importing illegal steroids into the UK.

Atta arrived at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 3 from Karachi, Pakistan. He was caught by customs officers during a search of his bags. He initially told custom officers that he has nothing to declare, however, when he was told that his bags would be searched, he retracted his declaration and admitted to

A total of 14,000 vials were found in his possession containing 35 kilograms of testosterone. Estimated street value totaled £40,000.

According to Parvez’ official statement in the Isleworth Crown Court, he had bought the substance from a man in Pakistan for only £6,000.

He claimed that he did not know that the substance was banned. He was planning to sell the vials in South Yorkshire for a few hundred pounds profit.

According to UK Drug Classification, steroid is a banned Class C drug and Atta will be receiving his sentence next month.

Hardeep Mohan, a custom officer said that the drug was found in ampoules, a small sealed vial used to contain a sample, usually a liquid. Modern ampoules may be in plastic form or made of glass. They are most commonly used to protect chemicals from air and contaminants.

According to The Star:

A SHEFFIELD man has been found guilty of smuggling thousands of pounds’ worth of illegal steroids into the UK.

Parvez Atta, aged 37, of Main Road, Darnall, was found guilty of trying to smuggle the drugs into Britain in two holdalls.

Friday 19, Dec 2008

  Steroid smuggling foiled by a K9

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border-steroidsA K9 dog named Shadow played a major role in a steroid bust that took place at the El Paso port of entry. According to the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) 150 vials of anabolic steroids were seized from an American citizen attempting to smuggle the drugs into the US.

It was early Friday evening when a 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer approached the downtown Paso Del Norte international crossing from Mexico. A CBP officer became suspicious when the driver of the vehicle acted nervous during a preliminary inspection of the vehicle. During the secondary inspection, Shadow the dog alerted the officer to the dashboard of the vehicle. Upon further search, CBP officers discovered a stash of anabolic steroids concealed at the dashboard compartment.

“The CBP mission is anti-terror but the drug smuggling threat remains high as demonstrated by the recent seizure activity,” said Patricia Aveitia, CBP acting Port Director of the El Paso Port of Entry. “Traffic at area ports is very heavy however CBP officers remain focused on keeping bad things and bad people from entering the U.S.”

In a period of eight days, the CBP at this entry point has made three drug busts, including the one involving the Chevy Trailblazer. Other two drivers were nabbed attempting to smuggle large amounts of marijuana.