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Thursday 21, Jun 2012

  Sailors gets sacking over drug use

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Five sailors of the navy have been sacked for steroid abuse and other serious offences and five more would be facing dismissal. This was after a major investigation into drug trafficking at Sydney’s Garden Island base.

One of the accused sailors has also been convicted of drug-related offences and the second had a positive test for anabolic steroids.

Navy chief Vice-Admiral Russ Crane said all of the accused sailors had been dismissed and the navy has a zero tolerance policy on use of illicit substances.

Monday 30, Jan 2012

  Lawal Tests Positive for Steroids

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One of the top competitors in Strikeforce’s light heavyweight division, Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, has tested positive for steroids.

Lawal tested positive for Drostanalone that is a banned steroid, according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Lawal’s manager Mike Kogan believes the whole thing was a mistake.

Thursday 25, Aug 2011

  Moustache cream blamed for failed steroids test

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Moustache cream blamed for failed steroids testWorld Cup hopeful Ryohei Yamanaka has been banned for two years for a positive steroid test.

The leading Japanese rugby player blamed the failed test on a cream he was using to help him grow a moustache.

It may sound hilarious but this is surely a warning to those who resort to magical potions to accelerate their facial growth.

Monday 22, Feb 2010

  Steroid testing to be cut down by Texas

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Steroid testing to be cut down by TexasAfter two years of steroid test sampling, Texas may stop testing high school athletes for steroids.

Texas is one of the three states in United States that presently has a provision for testing high school athletes for steroids.

The fact that only 19 tests were positive out of more than 45,000 tests has led to this decision.

It is clear that steroid use in sports is not a big concern as portrayed by many. The decision will also make sportsmen carefree about their performance as some of them have often been too careful about using any product that can put them under the scanner.

Monday 17, Aug 2009

  NNSA guards tested positive for anabolic steroids

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NNSA guards tested positive for anabolic steroidsGuards at the US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) were found to test positive for anabolic steroids use. The four guards were assigned at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Tennessee. According to reports, a union challenged Wackenhut Services Inc., the security contractor, to terminate the guards.

Because of this incident, the agency is currently reviewing implementation of random drug testing for contractors operating across the enterprise. According to NNSA spokesperson, Damien LaVera, drug testing is not part of their employee screening process but if certain situation warrants such requirement, then tests can always be conducted.

According to Randy Lawson, head of the International Guards Union of America in their Oak Ridge branch in Tennessee, the only nuclear site where employees were screened for steroid use is in the Oak Ridge Facility. LaVera was yet unable to confirm the claim, although Wackenhut backed the assertion.

The United States National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is under the United States Department of Energy. Its missions are to provide effective military propulsion plants, promote nuclear safety, reduce any global danger caused by weapons of mass destruction and support the United States leadership in science and technology.

From Global Security Newswire:

The U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration is studying the use of steroids by personnel at the nation’s nuclear-weapon facilities, the Knoxville, Tenn., News Sentinel reported Sunday (see GSN, Aug. 6).

Saturday 11, Jul 2009

  New Steroid Test Based On Oil Exploration Technique

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New Steroid Test Based On Oil Exploration TechniqueResearchers at the University of Nottingham have developed a new, highly sensitive, anti-doping steroid test using hydropyrolysis. It’s a technique that has previously been used for oil exploration. The technique is also used to refine current radio carbon dating processes using carbon 14 isotope.

The process uses high pressure environments to investigate the chemical structure and make-up of a sample. It is refined at the University to develop highly accurate tests for detecting levels of illicit steroids in urine.

The same process can be used to detect the presence of illicit steroids in the urine of athletes - and racehorses. The test procedure is already in the process of being commercialized and is expected to be ready for use in the 2012 Olympics.

Friday 26, Jun 2009

  Latest Steroid Test makes use of Oil Exploration Methods

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Latest Steroid Test makes use of Oil Exploration MethodsResearchers at the University of Nottingham have formulated a highly sensitive anti-doping steroid test that makes use of hydropyrolysis which was used in the past for oil exploration.

Hydropyrolysis is a process that makes use of high pressure environments to identify and investigate the chemical structure of a sample to detect levels of illicit steroids in urine. This test is expected to be used in the 2012 Olympics.

The study was funded by the Natural Environment Research Councils Ocean Margins LINK program. Colin Snape, Professor of Chemical Technology and Chemical Engineering at the University, remarked that though steroids are naturally produced in the human body, they tend to have a varying carbon 13/carbon 12 ratios to those introduced in an illicit manner.

Snape further remarked that researchers can investigate and come with an accurate test to identify the presence of illegal steroids in bodies of athletes and racehorses via refinement of measurement of the carbon 12 and carbon 13 isotopes.