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Monday 11, Jan 2010

  Steroid testing under dark clouds

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Steroid testing under dark cloudsThings are pretty much under dark clouds as far as the growing popularity of steroids is concerned as more and more people are making use of prescription drugs, steroids, and performance enhancing drugs than ever. These trends are especially alarming in the segments of bodybuilding, professional sports, and aging community.

It seems like almost every one was on steroids till steroid testing measures were introduced by the anti-doping fraternity. This can be easily evident from the fact that more and more individuals are using steroids despite tall claims from the anti-doping officials.

The fact that steroids help individuals to realize their long-cherished dreams without much effort and on a consistent basis is something that has long been alluring one and all towards steroids.

Monday 14, Dec 2009

  Steroid testing truth revealed

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Steroid testing truth revealedSteroid testing truth revealed The worlds of professional sports and celebrities are often being accused of sharing a relationship with anabolic steroids. While not many of them come openly to admit this relationship, the truth is that more and more people are using steroids and without a medical prescription.

The purpose of using steroids may be anything from improving performance and stamina to looking young and from developing body strength to adding solid muscle gains, but the popularity of steroids is on a high despite claims of doping and government officials.

While some think that steroids should best be legalized so that they are not abused in lack of medical advice, many others feel that steroids should be completely banned. While banning steroids may not be helpful in any way, legalizing them can be an option.

Friday 25, Sep 2009

  The Truth about Steroid Testing

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The Truth about Steroid TestingWith news coming almost on a fortnightly basis about a professional sportsmen or celebrity using steroids for attaining lean muscle mass and/or staying ahead of the competition, things are surely under a dark cloud as far as the usage of steroids is concerned.

In the worlds of professional sports and bodybuilding, the use of steroids is not new. It almost seems that every one was doping until the steroid testing protocols came into the picture. Despite tall claims by doping testing, more and more sportsmen and individuals are using steroids to get that feel of ‘invincibility’ even today.

It is high time that either steroids be allowed or banned as a middle path just do not seem to work any more. Moreover, it will allow steroid users to “enjoy” a level-playing field.