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Monday 28, Dec 2009

  Pakistan fast bowler feels betrayed for positive testing

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Pakistan fast bowler feels betrayed for positive testingMohammad Asif, Pakistan fast bowler, has claimed that he was unfairly treated for testing positive during steroid testing.

The Courier Mail quoted Asif, ““I had a very strong case, but they didn’t actually listen. Nobody was with me, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was on the back foot. I was just alone and had to handle the whole thing. I will tell everything when the time comes. It’s not the right time … It was a very difficult time for me,”

People who knew Asif suggested that Asif could be a serious menace to batsmen from Australia during the upcoming series between Pakistan and Australia. Asif vows that he will be at his level best against Australia as he is presently reaching peak fitness level.

Thursday 24, Dec 2009

  New identification test for illegal steroids in cattle

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New identification test for illegal steroids in cattleScientists in the United Kingdom have reported the development of a new test that has the potential to identify steroids with higher accuracy in the European beef industry.

It was remarked that this new test is more convenient and economical than conventional doping tests.

In this study, Rodat Cunningham and colleagues said that widespread abuse of steroids continues and remains difficult to detect despite the European Union banning use of growth-promoting agents in cattle.

The standard methods – mass spectrometry and gas chromatography – for detecting steroid abuse are expensive and not able to detect some of the newer steroid hormones.

Monday 14, Dec 2009

  Steroid testing truth revealed

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Steroid testing truth revealedSteroid testing truth revealed The worlds of professional sports and celebrities are often being accused of sharing a relationship with anabolic steroids. While not many of them come openly to admit this relationship, the truth is that more and more people are using steroids and without a medical prescription.

The purpose of using steroids may be anything from improving performance and stamina to looking young and from developing body strength to adding solid muscle gains, but the popularity of steroids is on a high despite claims of doping and government officials.

While some think that steroids should best be legalized so that they are not abused in lack of medical advice, many others feel that steroids should be completely banned. While banning steroids may not be helpful in any way, legalizing them can be an option.

Saturday 26, Sep 2009

  These Latin American baseball prospects

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These Latin American baseball prospectsBaseball is not only famous in the US, but also in Latin American countries such as the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Incidentally, many baseball prospects come from Latin America. With so many issues plaguing Latin baseball prospects, from falsification of documents to doping, it is not a wonder that the league has become stricter. DNA testing and steroid testing is now regularly done for top prospects, especially those who will be signing million dollar contracts.

However, 16-year-old prospect, Wagner Mateo’s case differ from the rest. During a medical check-up, Mateo was found to have a 20/30 vision affecting his right eye.

In July, he was rewarded a signing bonus of $3.1 million with the St. Louis Cardinals. He was on his way to fulfilling his dream of pulling his family from an impoverished life. However, with the issue on his vision, the Cardinals made their decision Tuesday night. They decided to void Mateo’s contract. According to the Cardinals, the reason for the contract voiding was due to “physical defect”.

Adam Katz, an agent plans to file a grievance in behalf of Mateo against the St. Louis Cardinals for terminating his contract.

Right now, Mateo is looking forward to try-outs and showing people that his vision does not get in the way of making him the next big thing in baseball.

Friday 25, Sep 2009

  The Truth about Steroid Testing

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The Truth about Steroid TestingWith news coming almost on a fortnightly basis about a professional sportsmen or celebrity using steroids for attaining lean muscle mass and/or staying ahead of the competition, things are surely under a dark cloud as far as the usage of steroids is concerned.

In the worlds of professional sports and bodybuilding, the use of steroids is not new. It almost seems that every one was doping until the steroid testing protocols came into the picture. Despite tall claims by doping testing, more and more sportsmen and individuals are using steroids to get that feel of ‘invincibility’ even today.

It is high time that either steroids be allowed or banned as a middle path just do not seem to work any more. Moreover, it will allow steroid users to “enjoy” a level-playing field.

Monday 14, Sep 2009

  NJSIAA planning to expand steroid testing next year

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NJSIAA planning to expand steroid testing next yearThe New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic association plans to expand it steroid testing for high school athletes after three consecutive years of low rates of positive test results.

No student tested positive for school year 2008 -09, and only 1 tested positive in each of the first 2 school years of testing.

According to Bob Baly, NJSIAA’s assistant director, he would like to see their testing program implemented throughout the school year.

Athletes might take steroids early in the season because they know that testing is only done before or during the state tournaments.

Baly believed that additional testing would add to the deterrent. However, their main concern lies with the additional expense. Currently, NJSIAA pays $50,000 from its own budget and $50,000 comes from the state.

Baly just hopes that additional funding would be provided. He already approached Senate President Richard Cody about requesting for additional funds from the state.

Only New Jersey, Illinois and Texas test high school athletes. However, due to budget constraints, Texas is planning to slash its testing this school year. Florida used to perform steroid testing among high school athletes but they also cut its program due to a tight budget.

Monday 24, Aug 2009

  More states conducting steroid testing in high schools

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More states conducting steroid testing in high schoolsFollowing the state of Illinois’ steroid testing program, New Jersey and Texas also conducted steroids testing among high school athletes. The biggest program so far is that of Texas, with the Texas government spending almost $6 million on the program.

Texas spokesperson Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said that test results clearly showed that the program is effective in preventing steroids abuse among high school athletes, due to a few numbers who tested positive. Dewhurst was the one who pushed the plan through the Legislature in 2007.

The initial round of testing was conducted from September to December of last year. Out of the 10,000-screened athletes, only four were found to test positive.

The second round of testing involved 19,000 athletes this year. It resulted to about the same outcome as last year, with only seven athletes testing positive.

Although the program showed as a deterrent in steroid use among high schools, several state officials think that the program is just a waste of money. Texas state Senator Dan Patrick referred to the program as a “colossal waste of money”. State lawmakers came to an agreement to slash the budget from $6 million down to $2 million within the next two years.

From The Eagle:

AUSTIN — The second round of steroid testing for Texas high school athletes found only seven positive results in nearly 19,000 tests, about the same outcome as the program’s debut last year.

The latest results, released by the University Interscholastic League on Friday, came from random tests on male and female athletes from September through December.

The initial round of testing in the nation’s largest high school screening program found only four cases of steroid use in 10,000 athletes. With such tiny numbers, some state lawmakers have questioned the value of the $6 million program. Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, has suggested it may need to be scaled down.

Friday 14, Aug 2009

  Steroid ban on Breeder’s cup expanded

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Steroid ban on Breeder’s cup expandedThe Breeder’s cup recently expanded its steroid ban to include drugs in two classifications for the two-day championships to be held at Santa Anita on November 6 – 7, 2009.

These drugs are broken down based on several criteria like its pharmacology, ability to influence the horse’s performance, and its therapeutic uses, if any.

Class 1 drugs include opiates and opium derivatives; synthetic opioids; psychoactive drugs; amphetamines and amphetamine-like drugs. There are 51 known drugs in this class of stimulants and depressant drugs.

Class 2 drugs include lidocaine, epogen, caffeine and snake venoms. There are around 350 drugs known under this classification.

These two classifications are an addition to the usual anabolic steroid testing, which only started last year, EPO testing conducted 10 days before the event and TCO2 or milkshake testing.

According to CEO and Breeder’s Cup president, Greg Avioli, these additions will help strengthen the preservation of integrity and protection of their athlete’s welfare at the world’s championships.

Trainers of horses found to test positive for these drugs will be suspended for a year from the 2010 event. Trainers who will commit the same offense three times will be permanently banned from participating in the Breeder’s Cup. The horses will also be ineligible to participate in the competition.

From The Canadian Press:

“The establishment of these new regulations strengthens our number one priority of preserving the integrity of our competition and protecting the welfare of our athletes at the world championships,” Breeders’ Cup president and CEO Greg Avioli said Monday.

Thursday 13, Aug 2009

  New house bill on steroid testing approved in Illinois

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New house bill on steroid testing approved in IllinoisMarengo Democrat representative, Jack Franks recently sponsored a new legislation, House bill 272. It takes effect immediately and is set to expire on July 1, 2011. It was signed last Friday, August 7 by Governor Pat Quinn. The house bill states that random steroid testing will be conducted on high school athletes during their sports’ playing seasons. Students who will test positive or who refuses to subject himself to such testing will be banned from playing for a certain period of time.

The test outcome will not be divulged to the public. Only the student, his parents and his coach will be notified of the result. The law requires that at least 1,000 student athletes will be checked per season.

It also requires high school coaches to undergo an educational program about preventing steroids abuse or other performance-enhancing substances.

The Illinois high school association already conducts such testing during state championships. Other schools are also on board with the new law. High school coaches are fully supporting the new law because they think that it would be a good way to prevent high school kids from substance-abuse and making bad choices in general.

According to Murphysboroamerican:

High school student-athletes will be subject to random testing for steroids and other banned performance-enhancing substances throughout the school year under a new law that Gov. Pat Quinn signed on Friday.

While the Illinois High School Association already conducts such testing during state championship competitions, the new law spells out that at least 1,000 student-athletes will be checked during their sports’ playing seasons.

Sunday 17, May 2009

  New Steroid-Testing Method Detects Steroids In Seconds

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New Steroid-Testing Method Detects Steroids In SecondsA new method for detecting steroids was developed by researchers in Indiana and China. This method is said to be more efficient and produces results faster. Although there are effective methods for detecting illegal steroids through the urine, the new developed method only takes a few seconds and sample preparation is not time-consuming.

The new steroid-testing method is a combination of two testing techniques called desorption electrospray ionization (DESI) and tandem mass spectrometry. This method was developed by the teams of Zheng Ouyang, and R. Graham Cooks who claimed that this method can detect steroid with just a drop of fresh urine.

The latest testing method was developed due to the growing problem of illegal use, especially in the world of sports.

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