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Monday 21, Feb 2011

  Market for home based steroid diagnostic test among worried parents

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Market for home based steroid diagnostic test among worried parentsAn explosion of anabolic steroid use among teen boys has opened up a new market for worried parents desiring to find out whether their children are using the drugs.

A home-based steroid diagnostic test costing $200 is about to be launched in Australia amid claims that as many as one in 20 high school students in Queensland have used steroids to keep up the idea of looking buffed.

The steroid detector has been developed by the same US-based company that launched the popular HairConfirm that launches a probe into cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs.

Saturday 19, Jul 2008

  BUTTWEDGE for Steroid tests

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buttwedgeIt seems another genious has come up with a system to beat steroid tests or other drug tests, this is called the buttwedge (no joke). You ram this in your ass and then squeeze so urine comes out of this tube when someone is watching you piss. Interesting enough, most drug tests are done naked, how exactly is this going to work? We imagine the people watching you take the drug test will see a huge tube coming out of your ass right!

THE WEDGE A.K.A. BUTTWEDGE, As Heard On The Howard Stern Show. Has Proven Very Effective Under All Types Of Testing Conditions. Placing THE WEDGE Between Your Butt-Cheeks. ( NOT INTERNAL SILLY ! ) Allows You To Discreetly Dispense A Friend’s Clean Urine At The Correct Temperature, or Purchase Synthetic Urine Sample Below. Requires 4 ounces of urine.

Wednesday 28, May 2008

  Equine Director to Impose Stricter Guidelines and Steroid Tests

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horse_steroidsThe tragic end of champion filly Eight Belles recently has heightened the public awareness on the use of anabolic steroids on horses. It has also put pressure on horse race horsing authorities across the United States to curb this practice.

The recent hiring of Dr. Mary Scollay as Kentucky’s first equine medical director might be the response to that growing pressure. According to a release announcing the appointment, Scollay will “serve as a consultant on equine medication and health issues and make recommendations on strategies to enhance equine safety and to prevent illicit activities.”

Scollay’s duties include recommending how to prevent illicit activities in horse medication and implementing stricter review procedures for horse autopsies. Further, the Florida veterinarian ‘will help advise whether – and how – the state should impose steroid tests,’ according to Sports Illustrated article. Her appointment was announced on May 19 during a meeting of the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority (KHRA).

Scollay is a 13-year senior veterinarian at Calder Race Course and Gulfstream Park. She has been at the forefront in the national investigation concerning race horses’ welfare. She will begin her duties on July under a contract between KHRA and the University of Kentucky Research Foundation.

The incident of Eight Belles occurred at the 134th Kentucky Derby held at Churchill Downs on May 3. In said event, Eight Belles has finished second to Big Brown but has to be euthanized after she collapsed with two broken front ankles. The filly was euthanized on the track several minutes later.

The autopsy report on Eight Belles, however, showed she was negative for steroids. Same report said that she had no diseases or pre-existing bone abnormalities before her breakdown. The other 19 horses in the Derby were also tested for improper medication levels and the results came back negative.

Anabolic steroids are used on horses primarily to speed up recovery of horses suffering from illnesses, injury, or extreme stress. Anabolic steroids promote erythropoiesis (red blood cell production), protein synthesis as well as healthy appetite on horses.

Also, it seems the trainers decided to buy steroids from down south in Mexico! causing the initial investigation into steroid use.

Friday 11, Apr 2008

  Steroids in Olympics and Drug tests

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steroids-in-olympicsA new gene might help prevent athletes from testing positive for steroids, i.e. testosterone. It seems gene UGT2B17 can provide athletes a way to cheat the steroid tests and beat the system at the Olympics. It’s estimated about 10-20% of the population lacks this gene, making steroid tests on 2 out of 10 people possible false all the time. Who cares right? well, think about this. In the future the modification of the UGT2B17 or gene splicing will probably create the ability for humans to get around all tests for steroids / testosterone. Meaning, no matter if you make steroids legal or not legal, they’ll be untraceable.

As the World Anti-Doping Agency and Olympic officials prepare to crack down on steroids at the upcoming Olympic Games, they may face a larger problem than they were previously aware of. The lack of a particular gene, UGT2B17, may provide athletes a way to get away with cheating by beating testosterone tests.