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Tuesday 23, Aug 2011

  Bodybuilder pleaded guilty to drug charges

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Bodybuilder pleaded guilty to drug charges A bodybuilder who told police after his June arrest that he had a plan to kill officers if his apartment were raided by law enforcement has pleaded guilty Friday to drug and gun charges in federal court.

Damon Bruce Beshears, the 38-year-old, made the plea after reaching an agreement with federal prosecutors that stipulates Beshears serve five years and one month in prison.

U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks, who set sentencing for October, must approve that plea agreement.

Monday 28, Mar 2011

  Chinese steroid suppliers sued by slain woman’s family

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Chinese steroid suppliers sued by slain woman's familyThe family of Amanda Jo Earhart Savell, the fitness competitor killed by convicted steroids dealer David Jacobs two years ago this month, has filed a lawsuit against Chinese steroid suppliers of Jacobs.

The family said their products contributed to his “steroid rage” that led to her death.

Steroid raw materials were received by Jacobs from contacts in China that he mixed and then sold in North Texas and around the country.

Wednesday 01, Dec 2010

  Trevor Graham guilty of lying to agents

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Trevor Graham guilty of lying to agentsThe controversial US-based coach, Trevor Graham, was recently found on one of three charges of lying to federal investigators about his association with a steroids dealer. Graham could face a retrial after the jury was unable to reach a verdict on the other two counts.

Graham, who guided the careers of the sprinters Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery, had been charged over false claims about his relationship with Angel Heredia who admitted supplying performance enhancing drugs.

William Keane, the court-appointed attorney of Graham, said he would probably file a motion for an acquittal on the one charge that was found proved.

Sunday 11, Oct 2009

  ‘The Wrestler’ actor admits he was a steroids dealer

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The Wrestler' actor admits he was a steroids dealerScott Siegel of New Rochelle, who played the role of a steroids dealer, pleaded guilty this Friday to distributing anabolic steroids and confessed that he tried to run down the agents who arrested him.

It is expected that the confession would bring a prison term of approximately five years.

This episode has once again highlighted the fact that steroids and most of the celebrities share a relationship, which is often untalked. The news, which surprised many, is expected to add to the dark cloud that had been created by the recent accusations and admissions that steroids are a part of many celebrated lives.