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Wednesday 09, Feb 2011

  Doping war declared, US in shock

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Doping war declared, US in shockFor Darren Campbell, Britain’s highest-ranked sprinter at one time, a court appearance in San Francisco of Dwain Chambers‘ coach Remi Korchemny on charges of distributing performance enhancing drugs added further to his suspicion that his rival had not acted alone.

“Whether he knew [he was taking drugs] or not, I never believed Dwain was solely accountable. I like Dwain, but I’m upset with the whole thing . . . it’s just dirty,” the silver medalist in the 200 meters in Sydney.

Ex-President George Bush said, “The use of performance- enhancing drugs like steroids in baseball, football and other sports is dangerous, and it sends the wrong message: that there are shortcuts to accomplishment and that performance is more important than character.”

Saturday 09, Oct 2010

  No end to controversy over steroids in baseball

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No end to controversy over steroids in baseballThe steroid era in baseball may have been an amazing black eye for the sport but it seems like that there is no end to the growing popularity of anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs in baseball.

All this surely suggest that steroids were and will be a part of baseball and other sports in the future as well. Athletes don’t mind using their body as a tool for putting them at top of the sports mountain to stay close to name, fame, and recognition and the doping policies are often ineffective, to say the least.

More and more sportsmen are expected to join the lucrative world of steroids as they make an athlete feel a sense of being superhuman and benefits of steroids surely outweigh all factors that could have possibly inhibited the use of steroids.

Thursday 27, Nov 2008

  Barry Bonds scored points in his doping-related case

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barry bonds steroidsBarry Bonds’ defense team got five of the 15 pending charges dismissed against their client, and for the controversial slugger, that’s way better than scoring several home runs.

The home run king, however, is still facing 10 criminal counts and that number could reach 11 since prosecutors are seeking a new indictment, intending to correct the charge containing the typo.

Each of the criminal counts carries a potential maximum penalty of five years in prison; however, some legal observers say Bonds could get a lesser sentence with just 2 ½ years in prison.

Illston is known to hand lenient verdicts, such as in the case of cyclist Tammy Thomas. The judge sentenced Thomas to six months in home confinement, not anywhere near the 2 ½ -year prison term prosecutors had sought.

Saturday 18, Oct 2008

  Self-confessed steroid user Jose Canseco faces misdemeanor charge

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Jose Canseco steroidsControversial former MLB player Jose Canseco was charged in federal court Tuesday with a misdemeanor offense. His infringement? Apparently, Canseco was attempting to bring human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) across the border from Mexico.

During his initial court appearance, which reportedly took only five minutes, Canseco did not address the court as he was charged with Introduction into Interstate Commerce of a Misbranded Drug. U.S. Magistrate Judge Ruben B. Brooks read the charge to Canseco.

If proven guilty, Canseco can get the maximum sentence of one year-imprisonment and $1,000 fine. Canseco remained silent after leaving the courthouse, not offering any comment to reporters waiting for him outside.

After his court appearance, Canseco was whisked away to the U.S Marshal’s office where his fingerprint and mugshot were taken.

It was last Thursday that Canseco was detained at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement for almost 10 hours after border officials found HCG in his vehicle. HCG is a female fertility drug available only through prescription. HCG is also used by athletes who use anabolic steroids during or after their steroid intake (referred to as cycling) to stabilize or compensate for the testosterone production in the testes.

The former slugger, who played with the New York Yankees and Chicago Sox, is scheduled to appear again before the court Nov. 4 at 9 a.m.

Monday 21, Jul 2008

  F.P. Santangelo admits steroid use

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F.P. Santangelo SteroidsIt seems that now F.P. Santangelo is being treated as a hero for admitting steroid use. The former Giants baseball player was caught in the Mitchell Report (a waste of government taxpayer dollars) as a steroid user. He did something no baseball player has done, the told the truth. He came out and said he used anabolic steroids, and he was sorry for it. Everyone makes mistakes, and we give great honor to F.P. Santangelo for having the courage to face the public misguided ignorant wrath about his steroid use.

The fallout from the Mitchell report continues. Barry Bonds can’t find a job. Roger Clemens is embroiled in lawsuits. The responses from those implicated have been familiar: (1) file a lawsuit, (2) claim you took a tainted supplement and (3) above all, deny, deny, deny.

But at least one person managed the mess differently. F.P. Santangelo has provided a tutorial to baseball on what to do when caught in a steroid scandal.

Here is his shocking tactic:

“Just tell the truth.”

Sunday 06, Apr 2008

  Shane Mosley suing Victor Conte over anabolic steroid claims

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Shane Mosley steroidsShane Mosley is filing a lawsuit against Victor Conte. Victor Conte is claiming he saw Shane Mosley injecting steroids, and using the clear anabolic steroids provided by Victor Conete ‘ s BALCO labs. Shane Mosley has won a good number of world titles, in 3 weight divisions and is the only boxer in history to beaty Oscar de la Hoya 2 times. He could be a good candidate for steroid use, and he probably was using anabolic steroids at some point of his career, most boxers have. It’s just a shame that Victor Conte is using private information to slander athletes. Telling people someone using anabolic steroids and you saw it, is just as good as being a rat. What goes around, comes around! His lies about steroids will come back to him.

….Shane Mosley has filed a law suit against Victor Conte in federal court. According to the report, Mosley is accusing Conte, a convicted dealer for steroids, of slander. Mosley is upset at the fact that Conte told the media that he saw him knowingly inject steroids.

Mosley accuses Conte, the founder of the infamous Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, for falsifying the statements to boost book sales. Conte is planning to write a book about the steroids scandal he is wrapped up in.

….Conte is standing by the comments he made to the media . Associated press further reports that Mosley said he unwittingly used steroids produced by BALCO.

Saturday 05, Apr 2008

  What do USA Taxpayers think about Steroid Investigations in congress?

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steroids-in-baseballThere has been a lot of interest lately into finding out what the average mom and pop taxpayer thinks about steroid investigations in congress. Let’s face it, almost 8 years of ongoing investigations into who stuck a needle full of testosterone into Barry Bonds’ ass gets old even to the biggest patriot. Well, with the latest gloom and doom scenario in the USA economy, and people losing jobs left and right while losing their house and going bankrupt, people really started to pay attention to steroid probes in congress, but not in a positive way for sure!

Now, in case any of you think we are bias in favor of steroids (we are guessing the domain name isteroids .com gave it away), here is real people talking about real issues. This is from the opinions page of the Pocono Record (a Pennsylvania newspaper, very mainstream):

I find it funny that Congress is worried about Roger Clemens and others who take steroids.

Why don’t they bring these company CEOs in front of Congress?

Let them be accountable for this predatory lending practice that has been going on. Those who use steroids will only hurt themselves. These lenders have hurt millions of homeowners. Where are your priorities? Our Congress better wake up, now we have to bail them out.

Stacy Venetos


As you can see the USA taxpayers want USA congress to investigate the economy and, of course, War in Iraq NOT investigate whether steroids are used in baseball!

Congress certainly gets sidetracked with things they have NO BUSINESS getting involved with. The only reason these lenders can get away with their predatory practices is because of the Federal Reserve and their flawed policies. They offered loans of new fiat money at extremely low rates of interest, which caused the housing “bubble”, which caused the market to inflate prices which unscrupulous bankers took full advantage of. Then, when everything crashes, they pump more of their fiat money, created out of thin air, backed by nothing except the “full faith and credit” of the US government – in other words, we the taxpayers – which only creates more inflation by diluting the number of dollars in circulation. It’s a vicious cycle which is bound to crash. Oh, excuse me, it already has. Please vote for Ron Paul. He is the only candidate with real common sense and the courage to do something about it, like abolishing the Fed and the IRS.

So what does the USA taxpayers want, more investigations into who stuck a needle with steroids into Roger Clemens’ bad shoulder when he was playing baseball OR investigations into the economy and war in Iraq? why not let the taxpayers and voters decide!

Friday 04, Apr 2008

  Bodybuilding: 2008 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic winner Dexter Jackson

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Dexter Jackson is probably one of the more reasonable looking bodybuilders of today, at 5’6, 220lbs. competitive shape, he’s pretty well rounded. Of course, he should be about 200-205 lbs., as he was before he became witness to the monster that is Ronnie Coleman. The truth is that in modern day bodybuilding, Shawn Ray is the closest thing to a normal human looking bodybuilder, at 5’7, 205-210 lbs. he was a good example of more mainstream bodybuilder. Dexter Jackson should strive for the Shawn Ray look and not the nasty Ronnie Coleman look. In due time, steroids and HGH wont matter anymore and bodybuilding will be judged on pure mainstream look!

Dexter Jackson Arnold Classic 2008 Posing:

Sunday 30, Mar 2008

  Jose Canseco continues steroid allegations

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jose-canseco-steroidsJose Canseco continued his non stop steroid allegations. He is now calling out Alex Rodriguez and Magglio Ordonez as 2 guys who used anabolic steroids during their MLB career, but when he was on ABC Nightline he could not produce a source for these allegations. All Jose Conseco could say is: “The timing’s not right.” Meaning he can go an accuse people of steroid use just because he was stupid enough to write a book on steroid use in baseball. No one cares anymore Jose, and no one gives a shit who used steroids in baseball (except maybe congress).

Just look at this joker, Jose Canseco is wearing a see through shirt trying to show off how retarded he can be by looking like a woman. Mr. Canseco please shut up already, no one wants to hear your dirty allegations about anabolic steroids or HGH and no one wants this waste of taxpayer dollars for USA citizens to go on (i.e. steroid investigations by congress).

Wednesday 26, Mar 2008

  Does Jay Cutler use steroids?

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We trying to understand this! can someone please explain to us why Jay Cutler says he’s not using steroids but more like creatine, protein and MuscleTech? please Jay, if you’re on TV at least cut the bullshit and don’t make bodybuilders look stupid.  It’s not enough that Pro Bodybuilding is a joke, but you need to make bodybuilders look like idiots too?

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