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Tuesday 25, Mar 2008

  Roger Clemens and Steroids in Baseball are back

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congress steroidsCongress has now release 2 different reports on Roger Clemens and whether he used steroids or not. At this point, steroids are becoming a partisan issue, with Democrats supporting Brian McNamee (Clemens former trainer) and Republicans supporting Roger Clemens with his claim that he didn’t use steroids but thought he was getting B12 shots (right!). The truth is that Roger Clemens used steroids and human growth hormone, that’s obvious. The other side of the coin is, it’s none of the government’s business. Dealing with steroids in baseball should be left to the MLB, and steroids in sports to the respective professional organizations such as NFL and so on. Having congress waste time and money to find out whether Roger Clemens used steroids is so far out of reach, it’s ludicrous.

This brings us to our next point, why is the USA congress wasting so much time and taxpayer money on hearings to find out if Roger Clemens used steroids? It’s amazing the American taxpayers who are in such deep economic problems are still putting up with this, but do they have a choice? Let’s face it, in the USA you can’t vote for your laws, you can vote for your representative, who end up spending all your taxpayer dollars on bullshit. Let’s look at the story below. Both Democrats and Republicans released reports, 100s of pages wide, on Roger Clemens and his steroid use in baseball. They wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on a debate that is so idiotic that people in other countries are taking a hilarity notice. Many in Europe are drawing funny cartoons of congress investigating steroids while the USA economy is collapsing behind them and people standing in soup lines. Obviously, EVERY single god damn minute the US congress spends on steroid investigations should be spent on fixing the USA economy and war in Iraq to start, then move to health care!

A month after House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform chairman Henry Waxman, D-Calif., released a memo questioning whether former ballplayer Roger Clemens lied to Congress about his alleged steroid use, Republicans fired back Tuesday, releasing a report of their own that disputes some of the Democrats’ prior conclusions and likens the Democrats’ report to a “prosecutorial indictment” of Clemens.

The Republican rebuttal dismisses as irrelevant the Waxman memo’s outline of “seven sets of assertions, made by Mr. Clemens in his testimony, that appear to be contradicted by other evidence before the committee, or implausible.”

“The Democratic staff memorandum’s characterizations and conclusions regarding these other matters is simply not relevant to the core question of whether Clemens knowingly lied about using anabolic steroids and human growth hormone (HGH),” the minority report said.

The 109-page Republican report includes new testimony about Clemens’ former trainer Brian McNamee’s allegations that Clemens attended a 1998 party at then-teammate Jose Canseco’s house, Clemens’ statements that he received vitamin B-12 injections from McNamee, and McNamee’s accusations that Clemens developed an abscess on his buttocks, an injury that could have been the result of steroid injections.

It is the latest salvo in a bitterly partisan issue dating back to the pitcher’s contentious Feb. 13 hearing.

Tuesday 18, Mar 2008

  Athletes and Bodybuilders show no benefit from Human Growth Hormone (Stanford Study)

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jintropin-hghThe latest study on Human Growth Hormone (HGH) out of Standford University shows that it’s not possible to use HGH for performance enhancing reasons. It is more likely that long term HGH use will actually cause pains and hardships to the body – which would decrease athletic performance.

People who took human growth hormone, also called HGH, were more likely to develop joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Their fitness for an endurance bicycle race may have worsened and they had higher levels of fatigue-inducing lactate in their muscles, according to the study.

On top of the facts above, it’s clear that you can’t gain the muscle and strengh thought to be gained by baseball players in the steroid probes – the baseball players using anabolic steroids + HGH. It seems any muscle gains are all over the body and NOT in any specific parts, such as biceps or chest.

Healthy people from ages 13 to 45 who took human growth hormone gained about 4.6 pounds (2.1 kilograms), according to the study. That bulk didn’t translate to either stronger biceps or quadriceps in the two longest studies the researchers examined.

In fact, the latest study is showing that Human Growth Hormone may have actually hurt the career of baseball players who used it past the time they wanted to heal injuries. Thus, their talent was what made them great baseball stars, not HGH. Lesson learned, don’t use HGH, stick to good old anabolic steroids.

Sports stars linked to the use of human growth hormone, such as former New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens, may have risked their reputations for nothing, according to researchers who found the drug may not improve athletic performance.

Monday 10, Mar 2008

  The most popular drugs in universities today: Adderall / Marijuana / Alcohol

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David Rabie wrote this article, a university student.  He’s not expert on steroids, and of course his ignorance about steroids is vast, but he is a smart man and knows the real abusive drugs.  Adderall is quickly becoming the most abused drug on university campuses , just after Marijuana and Alcohol!  Steroids are NOT even on the list, no joke.  The top 5 drugs on university campuses are as follows:

1) Alcohol

2) Marijuana

3) Adderall

4) Cocaine

5) Ecstacy
Notice something?  Anabolic steroids aren’t  on the list, why is that? simply because  people just don’t use steroids! really, it’s true.  Only a TINY portion of americans use steroids and  almost all of them are educated, white collar  males in their 30s.  Anabolic steroids are used to help with their look and get them in shape in the local gym, NOT as “performance enhancers.”

I could delve into a psychological analysis as to why there has been such a proliferation of stimulant use in the 21st century, but I will concentrate on what I believe is a bigger problem: the use of certain prescription drugs by students without prescriptions. This has recently gone through the roof. The most popular drugs are amphetamines such as Adderall, which helps a person stay awake and focused. Students buy these innocuous-looking pills from other students who, rightfully or not, have a prescription entitling them to use the drugs.

The pills are cheap, the short-term side effects are minimal, and the effects are undeniable. In the frenzied pace of the University of California quarter system, where finals and midterms are everything, popping an “Addy” can be the quickest way to an A.

There are no punitive short-term side effects that would inhibit students from taking the pills without a prescription, and the nonchalance with which some take them is frightening. The effects are so beneficial that even if there were strong side effects, these might not deter students from taking the pills. America as a society has no idea how far-reaching the abuse of these pills is. They know that pills for attention-deficit disorder are over-prescribed, but they fail to realize that students abusing them without prescriptions is an equally serious problem.

Can Adderall in schools be discussed on the same plane as steroids in sports?

Steroids are a performance-enhancing drug; they give an unfair and illegal advantage to athletes who take them. What better way to describe Adderall than a performance-enhancing drug?

Neither Adderall nor steroids has been studied enough to safely say that long-term side effects are minimal.

I believe it is both illegal and unfair for students without a prescription to take these drugs. Students who do not take Adderall but still study for hours have a right to feel they are being cheated.

It’s time students and faculty alike realize that stimulant use among students has gotten out of hand. Adderall abuse is just the worst face of it. We are living in a world in which taking a caffeine pill is often easier than buying a cup of coffee and where consuming 24-ounce Rockstar energy drinks with 75 grams of sugar is considered the safer alternative to pill-popping. We need to publicize the problem and start doing something about it.

Saturday 08, Mar 2008

  USA Taxpayers speaking out against endless steroid investigations in congress

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This a letter of a person who wrote in to an Orlando newspaper with his comments about steroids in baseball and the ongoing steroid probe.  Notice, this is an unbias view of the american taxpayer about steroid probes by congress.  If congress wants to be re-elected they better start paying attention to these important voters and their view about the money and time wasted with steroids.  Remember, if 1 person took the time to write into a newspaper, it means at least a 100,000 didn’t.  This is about the 10th or 15th letter of this kind we’ve seen, some much harder on congress about the time wasted in steroid probes. That would mean about 2,000,000 taxpayers in the USA feel that steroid probes into checking whether baseball players used steroids are useless, a waste of taxpayer dollars and are making the voters very angry.  The voters will get more angry so long as these steroid probes into baseball continue.  (fyi, he is a bit ignorant about steroids as a drug, but that’s ok, at least he voiced his view.  Steroids do NOT kill you)

OK, I am as sick of the steroids issue as everyone else.

It happened. Will still happen. Everyone needs to get over it.

Purity just isn’t a word that Americans can hold by anymore, and I can’t say I fault players all that much.

It is a personal choice, and a stupid one.  Yes, it is dumb to take steroids. But, not because of me, the fan, but because they will kill you and rob you of time with your friends and family later in life.

Baseball isn’t the victim here, they have profitted from it. Actually, Bud Selig owes his job to the likes of Brian Roberts, Miguel Tejada, Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Their personal choices brought excitement to the game and put butts in the seats. And, baseball is a business. And, just like any owner, you do what you have to to make a profit.

No, this doesn’t make these players a good role model for your 5-year-old. But, should a baseball player be taking that role anyways? Look at yourself and realize that you, the parent, should be the role model. Don’t hand off responsibility.

That’s exactly what Bud Selig has done…handed off responsibility for what he knew was going on.

And for Congress to get involved while we have thousands of our young men and women overseas is ludicrous. Prioritize people. Baseball is entertainment, and every game provides an escape from everyday life for the fans. Instead of worrying about steroid use, come up with a way to get our troops home.

Then again, no one wants to take responsibility for that, either.

Wednesday 05, Mar 2008

  Roger Clemens and Steroids – FBI Probe

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clemens-steroids-baseballSteroid Nation recently brought up a great question. “How many governmental agencies does it take to unscrew a light bulb?” It seems now that congress has spent countless taxpayer dollars on useless steroid probes, they have forced the FBI and IRS to get involved. How exactly does Roger Clemens possibly lying about steroids warrant a tax audit? On top of this, it seems the FBI has been forced into dealing with this steroid issue. It’s evident that the FBI clearly doesn’t want anything to do with anabolic steroid probes, they have other things to worry about, like terrorism. However, our guess is that congress has pushed the FBI into dealing with anabolic steroids, rather then keeping on their regular track. We consider the FBI a very upstanding organization, with an amazing amount of dedicated individuals, so it is a shame to see them forced into a ludicrous investigation into whether Roger Clemens used steroids as a baseball star and then lied about it!

Monday 03, Mar 2008

  Steroids #1, Kids Education #132804824

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Priorities of congress seem out of this world.  Steroid probes are ongoing and non stop, with constant investigations of baseball players and daily waste of taxpayer money on anabolic steroid argument.  But, something is forgotten about this hearings; the MANY other REAL issues congress is not talking about: example, US Economy, War in Iraq, Children’s Education!  Let’s just forget the top priorities of the US taxpayers and citizens, and move into steroid probes followed by investigations of baseball players – FORCING the FBI to figure out if Roger Clemens lied??!??! (who cares right?)

Robbin Griffin, a Board of Education President, spoke out against the non stop steroid probes:

 “I am just going to say it: my great frustration these two weeks have been turning on the TV and watching our federal government engaged and talking about steroids and baseball players and not dealing with No Child Left Behind,” Mrs. Griffin said during Tuesday’s meeting of the board of education. “It angers me. I think their priorities are kind of screwed up, but that’s just me.”
Mrs. Griffin urged members of the school board and the community to contact U.S. Congressman John McHugh and U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton and urge them to support the reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act.

Thursday 28, Feb 2008

  Is it legal to buy steroids for use in sports?

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There have been a lot of questions about the legality of steroids in particular sports.  On the main firing range has been baseball (a dying sport), and whether steroid use was legal in baseball.  Did you know that anabolic steroids and human growth hormone were NOT banned in baseball until 2004? it means you could buy steroids legally with a prescription and use them legally as a baseball player.  However, that all changed when Barry Bonds was bought to trial for steroid use.  The truth is that Barry Bonds didn’t break any rules.  He might have broken a steroid usage law, but he had no steroid possession nor did he ever sell steroids – on top of this, Barry Bonds followed the steroid and HGH rules and bylaws of the pre 2004 MLB! He used steroids when steroids were legal, so why was he attacked?  Purely for attention and media hype.  Barry Bonds is as guilty as a guy who had a car accident and didn’t tell the whole truth to the police, or the 16 year old caught with the marijuana joint.

Tuesday 26, Feb 2008

  Roger Clemens and steroids in baseball – does anyone care?

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clemens-steroids-baseballRoger Clemens is once again being used by congress as a punching bag in a non-stop steroid investigation. Interesting that this steroid investigation has people pissed off. That’s right, the common mom and pop voters are starting to get upset at congress for wasting time and taxpayer money on meaningless steroid investigations. Recent independent polls showed that, 58% of Americans are concerned about the economy, 46% are concerned about the war in Iraq, and 0% brought up anabolic steroids and human growth hormone (hgh) as the concern in their life. When the government cannot close the USA borders, or fight internal corruption, why are steroids on the front page? Why is the topic of steroids that important when 400,000 people per year die from cigarettes and 50,000 from alcohol, and 0 (zero) from steroid use.

Let’s see, where would you as the taxpayer in the USA would like to spend your tax dollars? On steroids in baseball investigations, or on finally putting a stop on the real problem like economic failures or wars. Let’s face the facts, the drug war is a failure, the economy is dead and the war in Iraq is a huge failure…forget steroids, start concentrating on the real issues and not baseball.

Wednesday 20, Feb 2008

  High School Girls on Steroids?

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steroids high school girlsIt’s kind of a shame, but just when the media was getting our positive thumbs up for reporting the truth about wasteful steroid investigations by congress, the media let us down with an idiotic story about high school girls on steroids. It seems they wanted to report about the 1-2 girls (that’s right 1-2 girls) in a school of over 1000 students that used steroids. The girls were so stupid as to just pick up anything and use it, they didn’t care to research anything. Women shouldn’t use steroids, just like men don’t use tampons! it’s just common sense. The news fail to mention the 200+ girls in the same high school that are estimated to use marijuana almost on a weekly basis, and at least 450 girls who have been caught smoking and drinking alcohol almost daily. Methamphetamine use in the school was ignore , estimated at least 50 girls in the school use it. Instead of all the real problems in this high school and high schools all over the nation, the media decided to do an article on the 1 girl who was using steroids, come on!

So, the girl said, she had to buy steroids from her football team buddies then she took them to look lean and great. Probably injecting some testosterone without even thinking for 10minutes or using her brain. She did absolutely no research about anabolic steroids, and had no brains to go to www.google.com and type in effects of steroids, let’s give her some help in researching steroid abuse:


From iAnabolicSteroids.com:


Women experience a different range of steroid side effects. The first is virilization which is the appearance of male secondary sex characteristics in females such as increased body hair, clitoral hypertrophy and a deepening of the voice. Another steroid side effect for women is a ceased or decreased menstrual cycle.

Let’s face it, this girl not only didn’t know about steroids but also had no clue about life. She didn’t bother to research anything and jumped in the water, but let’s ask, where are the parents in this? why didn’t they raise the daughter to understand how to deal with life. Anabolic steroids get blamed on a lot of nonsense, when in reality the steroids had nothing to do with the problem related.

So, she took what seemed to be an easy route to a better body: she began using anabolic steroids. “It seemed like the ultimate answer,” she said, adding that the drugs — bought, she said, through a friend on the school football team — were “ridiculously easy to find.”

can you ask her how much easier is it to find Methamphetamine or marijuana that’s rampant in her school? we rest our case!

Monday 18, Feb 2008

  Baseball: Steroids timeline

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steroids in baseballThe timeline of the steroid probe by congress is very interesting indeed. It starts in 2002, right around BALCO and keeps dragging on with endless steroid investigations into 08.

Steroids timeline looks something like this:

Summer 2002: US Federal agents, DEA mainly, began investigations into the steroids in BALCO

Winter 2003 (Dec): Barry Bonds tells a grand jury that he never KNOWINGLY used steroids or HGH but rather was in the mindset that he was taking (not anabolic steroids but) flaxseed oil and some joint creams.

Start of 2004: US Justice department has decided to go after steroids in baseball and issues indictments for steroids in baseball, i.e. for the users and producers

Start of 2005: House committee on steroids in baseball decides to question Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco

End of 2005: Victor Conte the owner of BALCO, who provided Barry Bonds secret steroids, gets almost 1 year in jail for steroid distribution

Start of 2006: Former Sen. George Mitchell launches more inquiries into steroids in baseball, led by none other then congress

Summer 2006: Personal trainer of Barry Bonds, Greg Anderson is facing jail time and is locked up for refusing to testify against a long time client and friend Barry Bonds -so Barry Bonds can get put in jail for steroid use

End of 2007: Barry Bonds gets indicted on perjury charges and faces jail time for his steroid use (but more so that he lied about steroid use)

Last month of 2007 (Dec): 86 players are listed as steroid users and possible HGH users by the Mitchell Report, with Roger Clemens being the UNLUCKY scapegoat for the next 10 years of steroid probes in congress.

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