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Thursday 03, Sep 2009

  Anti-doping tests done by the World Anti-doping Agency

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Anti-doping tests done by the World Anti-doping AgencyThe World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) is the independent body that monitors, controls and fights drug use in sport.

It has identified six different classes of prohibited substances: stimulants; narcotics; anabolic / androgenic steroids; diuretics; peptide hormones and other performance-enhancing drugs.

Currently, there are two methods available for steroid testing and only method used for HGH detection.

The first is through urine testing, which is by far the cheaper of the two. It is non-invasive, which means people with needle anxiety prefer this method of testing. It also has fewer complications compared to blood testing.

The second is blood screening. With this method, more banned substances can be detected and is proven to be sensitive compared to urine testing. Blood screening results are harder to “masked”.

HGH detection on the other hand, can only be done through blood screening.

A new kind of urine test is currently being developed by the George Mason University. It uses nanotechnology, which makes urine testing more sensitive. It can also detect HGH in urine for a longer period, up to two weeks time. However, it is still in the process of being approved by the World Anti-doping Agency.

Monday 31, Aug 2009

  Woden High School on probation due to protocol violation

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Woden High School on probation due to protocol violationEarlier this month, Woden High School received a public reprimand and was put on one-year probation by the University Interscholastic League (UIL) State Executive Committee. This was due to a protocol violation on steroid testing.

According to Woden ISD superintendent Brent Hawkins, a coach lost one of the testing consent forms of a female basketball player. The player also competed in the track and field and was required to join the testing program.

Hawkins further added that the situation was embarrassing; however, it did not affect any of their athletic programs, nor did it kept their athletes from competing.

The consequence was “heavy-handed” in his opinion, considering that only a single piece of paperwork was lost. He stated that there were no positive tests found during the testing program. He also added that their athletic program was a success since many of their students participated in sports over the last years. He tried proposing to UIL that the district will shoulder the expenses for the student’s testing, but UIL refused.

Woden High School was one of the four schools put on probation by the University Interscholastic League due to violation of procedures. The other three were Lewisville High School, Anthony High School, and North Forest High School.

According to the Daily Sentinel:

Woden High School was publicly reprimanded and placed on probation for one year earlier this month by the University Interscholastic League (UIL) State Executive Committee for a protocol violation concerning steroid testing.