kiev07-steroidsManuel Manchado was arrested for illegal trafficking of anabolic steroids. He and six other companions were sentenced to two years imprisonment. The local magistrates have offered Manchado and 4 others the possibility of freedom if they can post a bail of 5,760 Euros.

Manchado, Mr. Universe 2003, is a Spanish body builder who runs a local gym in the Leganes area of Madrid, Spain, an internet shopping site that sells performance-enhancing drugs, and a local store that sells sporting supplements. His products were being provided by a local company called Steromax Spain. Police found an average of half a million doses of illegal products in several of Manchado’s warehouses. Manchado claims that he had a contract with Steromax and was working as a distributor of the company’s products. Among these products are three types of drugs whose sales are unauthorized in Spain. Other than unauthorized distribution of drugs, Steromax was subsequently charged for counterfeiting prescriptions and for selling supplements with no medical or pharmaceutical value, contradictory to what the company claims. The court maintains that the company poses serious health risks to their buyers.

The court has considered the possibility that Manchado and the others that were arrested are members of an organized group whose activity is to import illegal substances, and to store these products in the country for future commercialization and distribution. Manchado’s arrest, as well as the arrest of several other traders of illegal drugs, was a result of the opening two parcels containing illegal substances such as steroids and cocaine back in 2003. This operation led to the discovery of many illegal activities within the country.