suffolk-va-police-officer-badge-patch-steroidsLast Saturday, Officer Steven H. Lepre, a 13-year veteran of the Suffolk Police Department, was arrested and charged of illegal possession of anabolic  steroids with the intention to sell the performance enhancing drugs. Before the arrest, he was on sick leave and was under investigation by the internal affairs bureau and narcotics sections of the said police department.

There is still a lack of information on why Lepre was in sick leave, what his health condition is and why he had the steroids in the first place. Lepre pleaded not guilty in front of the First District Court and is currently out on a bail of $2,500. He has been suspended from his position and wouldn’t be receiving any time soon.

Lepre held the position of “Cop of the Month” in 1998 after his excellent service. He has helped several members of the community during his service