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Thursday 11, Aug 2011

  Disgraced athletics coach denies allegations

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Disgraced athletics coach denies allegationsAthletics coach Yuri Ogorodinik on Tuesday, facing the sack after six of his trainees returned positive, termed the development as a “dirty trick”.

Ogorodinik defended himself by claiming that he had no role in the doping program.

“I cannot believe the girls tested positive for the same anabolic steroid. I am not to blame for it. You better ask the federation how it happened,” the coach told TOI in Patiala.

Saturday 06, Aug 2011

  Hamden Supplement Store Owner Found With Steroids

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Hamden Supplement Store Owner Found With SteroidsThe owner of a Dixwell Avenue supplement store was arrested in front of the store after he was found to be in possession of steroids, hypodermic needles, and Oxycontin.

Raymond O’Connell, 30, of Victoria Lane, Stratford was arrested in front of his store, Supplement King at 1423 Dixwell Ave.

Officers found 3.5 grams of Oxycontin, a small quantity of Suboxane (an opiate medication), seven 50 mg Stanozolol pills (anabolic steroids), hypodermic needles, and $2,919 in cash.

Saturday 21, May 2011

  Crackdown by FDA on tainted products

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Crackdown by FDA on tainted productsThe FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is cracking down on manufacturers of specific weight loss, bodybuilding, and sexual enhancement supplements that contain potentially dangerous ingredients.

Some manufacturers are deceptively labeling products to hide that they contain ingredients known to cause adverse health effects, as per the FDA.

The FDA also said other supplements contain ingredients that should only be available by prescription.

Friday 29, Apr 2011

  Two athletes on doping suspensions won Olympic golds

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Two athletes on doping suspensions won Olympic goldsTwo eastern European women who have served doping suspensions won Olympic gold medals after women’s world hammer champion Mihaela Melinte had been escorted from the arena for failing a drugs test.

Ellina Zvereva, 39, of Belarus became the oldest woman to win a track and field gold and Olga Shishigina of Kazakhstan, who has served a two-year drugs ban, won the 100 metres hurdles in front of sentimental favourite Glory Alozie from Nigeria.

Shishigina’s fiance was killed by a car in Sydney before the start of the Games.

Thursday 28, Apr 2011

  Geraldine Hendricken receives a lifeline

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Geraldine Hendricken receives a lifelineThe career of Geraldine Hendricken received a lifeline thanks to a lab in Cologne.

The athlete from Ireland sent the laboratory two samples of the dietary supplement she had been taking prior to her out of competition positive dope test and it seems that one of them contained enough anabolic agents to provide a positive test.

Traces were found of metabolites similar to 19-Norandrosterone, a precursor to the anabolic steroid Nandrolone that produced positive test for the athlete.

Wednesday 23, Feb 2011

  Openness to creatine advised by sports expert

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Openness to creatine advised by sports expertDr. Gregory L. Landry, a pediatrician who specializes in sports medicine at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, recently said that pediatricians should not condemn all performance enhancing drugs.

Landry said physicians should take a more neutral attitude toward creatine since it has been linked with little risk than toward more dangerous substances such as anabolic steroids.

Dr. Landry said at a pediatric update sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics California Chapter 9 that creatine is low risk when compared to other risk taking behaviors.

Sunday 09, Jan 2011

  Not all natural medications safe for use

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Not all natural medications safe for useA dozen of herbal supplements that are presently banned in places like Asia, Canada, and Europe are widely available in the United States. These supplements can result in mild to severe health complications ranging from kidney damage, cancer, or even death.

A Consumer Reports magazine has revealed that not all natural medications can be termed as safe.

The FDA has sent warning letters to 16 dietary supplement manufacturers, in the past, for making misleading claims over the Internet for weight loss products.

Thursday 25, Nov 2010

  Research can skew with children’s supplements

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Research can skew with children's supplementsA new study has found out that health researchers do not take into account the fact that more than 3 out of 10 American children take dietary supplements while trying to get a snapshot of the nation’s nutritional habits.

Researchers from the federal government and RTI International, a research institute, said the most common supplement was multivitamins.

The findings were presented in an issue of Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

Wednesday 20, Oct 2010

  Study finds herbal supplements have traces of contaminants

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Study finds herbal supplements have traces of contaminantsInvestigators have been able to find that nearly all of the herbal dietary supplements tested in a Congressional investigation had traces of lead and other contaminants. It was also found that some supplement sellers have made illegal claims that their products are good enough to cure cancer and other health complications.

The report, which was prepared by the Government Accountability Office, was recently made public at a Senate hearing.

The release of this report is expected to initiate debate on a landmark food safety bill, which is believed to substantially increase the federal government’s authority over food manufacturers.

Monday 18, Oct 2010

  Suspensions of five NFL players blocked by Judge

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Suspensions of five NFL players blocked by JudgeThe suspensions handed down to five NFL players (Pat Williams and Kevin Williams of the Minnesota Vikings and Deuce McAllister, Charles Grant and Will Smith of the New Orleans Saints) for violating the league’s anti-doping policy was blocked, at least temporarily, by a federal judge.

U.S. District Court Judge Paul Magnuson said that he required more time for ruling on the case involving the five NFL players.

Magnuson wrote in his ruling that the case issues are complex and contentious and it is not possible in the two days that remain before the players at issue are next scheduled to take the field.

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