STEROIDS WORK FOR MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS TOOExtensive studies have showed that using steroid is a better treatment for multiple sclerosis rather than just being dependent on the drug named interferon beta-1a. The steroid – methylprednisolone when added to the treatment along with interferon gives a 38% more improvement than the one undergoing just with the drug.

This combination is generally advised if the patient is suffering from acute case of multiple sclerosis. This reduces the activity of disease to spread at a lower rate. They also improved on the MS disability test and placebo scores were also decreased. During the evaluation of studies, the participants were seen every three months for some improvement.

During the process of undergoing treatment it was seen that the lesions in the brain were smaller in size as compared to the patients who were just under the effect of interferon. The combination of steroid and drug was working. After many clinical trials it was proved to be beneficial in many ways. As stated by author Mads Ravnborg, MD, of the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Research Center at Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark, “The steroids and the drug work together in a synergistic manner and gave favorable result.”

Also to make a much more effective dose for curing multiple sclerosis, this combination was prepared since interferon does not fully respond to everyone an effectual manner.